Fan Made!



  • Attack: 60/100
  • Speed: 200/100
  • Armor: 55/100
  • Intelligence: 80/100
  • Special: 70/100
  • Total: 465/500
  • Bot Type: Fragile Speedster, Level 5
  • Nicknames: "Speedy Stomper"
  • Intro: "Hastily making work of his opponent, the Speedy Stomper, here's Ringer!
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Generation: 3


Raymond, now a Global Mech member and legend in the Underworld, decides to create another robot. Purchasing parts at the local junkyard, he puts together a Fragile Speedster. He also decides to call it Ringer. At first, Ringer was a weak robot using old Generation 1 hydraulics. However, eager to fight, Raymond takes it to the Underworld to fight an exibition match against Midas. However, even if Ringer was fast, Midas still smashed him up. Raymond went home to do repairs. And make Ringer a better robot.

Chapter 1: Upgrade!

Seeing that Ringer wasn't holding his own, Raymond upgraded him. He replaced Ringer's outdated hydraulics with brand new hydrauclics he won from a bid. He also added a better motherboard. To make Ronger even lighter, Raymond decided to take off some armor plating on the torso. While this decreased Ringer's armor, Ringer was really light. Just then, Raymond saw Ida-Ten at Crash Palace. Raymond asked Finn if he could fight Ida-Ten. Finn and the owner of Ida-Ten agreed.

Chapter 2: Can You Capture the Ringer?

Ida-Ten, another fragile speedster, stood at the right corner. Ringer was on the left. Ida-Ten was showing off his quick punches, but then Ringer did punches thrice as quick. Everyone amazed by Ida-Ten turned their attention to Ringer.

Finn got on the microphone. "On the left corner..Hastily making work of his's....RINGER! To the right corner, the fast fighter, the 'bot with a quick 1-2, it's Ida-Ten!

Ida, using his normal strategy of going around his opponent and punching his back, tried to do it, but Ringer was faster and with a chop, stunned Ida-Ten. He quickly did a combination of 10 punches, ranging from jabs to double-uppercuts. Ida-Ten bursted a hydraulic and hydraulic fluid leaked everywhere, even on Ida-Ten's owner (He was not happy about that). As the hydraulic leaked fluid, it came to the point that Ida's arm could not move anymore. Having a disabled arm, Ida still fought valiantly. However, with a nasty hook, Ida-Ten's only good arm got ripped off. Not knowing what to do, Ida-Ten's owner tried head butting Ringer, but Ringer simply moved to the side when he got charged at. When Ida kept charging, he accidentally hit the chain wall. But since he was running so fast, the chain broke. Ida-Ten fell into a crowd of people, while not fatally harming them, but spraying them with hydraulic fluid and energy core fluid. It was an AKO for Ringer. Ida-Ten's owner cursed at Raymond. He quickly stormed away very mad. Raymond did have a good chuckle with the fluid incident though.

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