Please note that this bot is overly OP, and it is meant to be. I'm just practicing storylines. Delete this if you want, admins. Anything that happens here doesn't affect ANYTHING


Name: Ring Closer

Height: 8'8"

Weight: 1547 Lbs.

Owner/Handler: Jamie Johnson

Origin: Antarctica

Important Info

Made From: Oil well scraps

Signature Moves: Deep Drive (Smashes right hand into robot's head, and crushes the bot to the ground), Sky High (right uppercuts opponent's head and sends them flying upwards), No More Robot (Smashes right hand through robot's core, and decapitates robot)

Special Moves: Death (grabs robot's head, and crushes it), Doom (Tears out core and steps on it)

Stats Robot
Power 350/100
Intel 100/100
Strength 4500/100
Speed 500/100
Armor 500/100
Overall 5,950/500
Core HP 10,000
Core HP Regen. 120
TBR 60,700


Jamie came out of her base, and walked until she found a broken oil well, she dismantles it which takes hours, and rebuilds it as a robot. She goes to the US and goes to her first fight.

Jamie's Bot Vs. Midas

Jamie's bot smashes Midas's head with a right overhand, and Midas' flattened head slides across the ring. Jamie decides to call her bot, "Ring Closer", and the attack, "Deep Drive".

Ring Closer Vs. Metro

Ring Closer and Metro get into the ring, the bell rings, and both bots advance towards each other. Metro tries to use Mallet Smackdown, but gets right uppercutted up and flies upwards. It takes a few seconds before Metro comes crashing down in a massive boom, dismantled and parts scattered here and there. Jamie decides to call this attack, "Sky High".

Ring Closer Vs. Twin Cities

The bots meet in the ring, and Jamie wants to get a good first impression by beating Twin Cities no sweat. As Twin Cities prepares to attack, Ring Closer penetrates Twin Cities body and pulls out the core. Ring Closer drops it. Jamie calls this move, "Doom."

Ring Closer Vs. Zeus

The bots meet in the ring, and Zeus goes for Relentless Assault, but Ring Closer grabs Zeus' head and crushes it. Zeus falls, and Jamie calls the attack, "Death".

Ring Closer Vs. The Destroyer of Bots

Annihilator and Ring Closer meet in the ring of Bing Arena. The bell rings and the bots advance towards each other. Annihilator goes for a right hook to the head, is deflected and countered with a right jab straight through the chest, and decapitates Annihilator with a left jab. The head flies, and hits Ben in the face, and he goes unconscious. Ring Closer takes its hand out of Annihilator with the core, and drops it and steps on it, making it shatter. Jamie calls this move, "No More Robot".

Ring Closer: The Ultimate Bot

Jamie has no competition. No robots to fight. No one to challenge. Everyone's robot has been beaten. Jamie wanted to be a strong robot fighter, but not invincible. So in her despair, she stuck 20 dynamites inside and around it, and blew it up.

But Ring Closer is still there. She takes an AGTM (Anti-tank Missile), and launches it at Ring Closer. The explosion blows up some buildings around it, but since Ring Closer was made with incredible metals, that it is virtually unbreakable.

Ring Closer still lives on. Years after years. The centuries go by. Ring Closer still exists.

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