Rick O' Shay
Rick O' Shay
Vital statistics
Title The Mini-gun Massacre , The Super-Reflective Robot
Generation 2
Bot Type Blitz Cannon
Status Damaged Beyond Repair

NAME: Rick O' Shay, "The Mini-gun Massacre", "The Super Reflective Bot"


BOT TYPE: Blitz Cannon Level 3

HANDLER: Devan Huxley


Overall Stats

Strength: 78/100

Speed: 80/100

Intelligence: 67/100

Special Moves: 43/100

Total Battle Rating: 4982

Made in: Canada

Signature Moves: "Incoming", "The Napalm Combo", "Air Superiority"

Specialties: Interior Kevlar Coating (Reduces shock preventing Rick O' Shay from being knocked over).

Handler: Devan Huxley


Not much is known about Rick O' Shay.  Even his creator is mostly anonymous. Stories say that he was constructed in the frigid cold of Northern Canada during a snow storm. Others say that his creator built him out of a destroyed predator drone. Some even go as far as to say that he was made out of the scraps of ex-WRB fighter Rubicon. Either way, he was well known for his lighting fast speeds in the underground rings, as well as for the amount of places he's been. From Germany to Brazil, he's been almost everywhere, battling local bots. Rumor has it, that he actually beat Axelrod in Allemagne before the "The Wheel-Spinning Fist-Fighter" was ever was known by the public and in the WRB. Whatever his story at one point or another his creator, Devan, getting bored of Europe and Asia, decided to tour the Western part of th

Swashbuckler vs. Rick O' Shay, in California

e globe. (Please note that this reason is pure speculation, no one knew Devan personally, or has any proof that Rick O' Shay was even in Eurasia. This is just hearsay, but it is is accepted as true by

 the vast majority of underground boxing fans.) When he arrived his first stop was Chihuahua, Mexico, where took on a couple of junkyard bots, made from G1s and G2s, and even one oddly tall, modified, slaughterbot. After winning some money he bought a car and decided to make a name for himself by driving to California and battling in a one on two. It was Swashbuckler and Aftershock, versus Rick O' Shay who was out numbered and out powered, but with his amazing speed he destroyed them both in the second round.

Fame and Fortune

Rick O' Shay in his prime

For a while Rick O' Shay was untouchable in the underground.  Even battling Midas to the point of which the mohawked-bot surrendered completely in fear of losing. Rick O' Shay set up a permanent base on the Vegas Strip. It was here where other owners would bring their bots in an attempt to say they "brought down Rick O' Shay". However most if not all failed in these attempts. Devan made a fortune here, as anyone who wanted to take a shot at Rick O' Shay had to pay. While here, Rick O' Shay became well known to robot-handlers all around the western United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Rick O' Shay did occasionally lose to 'bots that challenged him such as Oneway, but those cases were still rare. 

The Last Fight

As you can imagine, Devan was enjoying himself quite a bit.  Making money and not having to move, along with the free entertainment of other bots getting destroyed.  Though his idle was put to an end as an up and coming bot known as The Sarge appeared on the strip.  Devan wasn't intimidated by this bots huge build.  While impressive, Devan had seen equally well-made bots before and was quite jaded.  He gladly accepted the challenge thinking of him as the other bots he's destroyed, a grave mistake.  Towards the end of the fast-paced battle, The Sarge used his famous move "Sherman Strike" which is a straight strike down to the other bot with a bit of a running start.  Rick O' 

Rick O'Shay

Shay lost an arm, exposing his weak armor-less insides.  The Sarge executed an inward hook destroying Rick O' Shay's primary hydraulic-fluid pump, leaving him motionless.  With a final uppercut The Sarge destroyed Rick O' Shay completely. The Sarge's owner than claimed his adversary's arm as a prize, and left without paying.  


Devan, shocked by his defeat, decided to go into hiding to avoid the media.  He was never heard from again.  Many Robot boxing afficiandos wished to know what made Rick O' Shay's armor so impenatrable.  So they took him to a lab, ripped him apart, and reverse-engineered an exact replica of him digitally.  Their most important find was the thick layer of kevlar coating the inside of his armor, absorbing almost all force and shock.  Another find was Rick O' Shay's highly advanced hydraulics, which in an assymetric pattern would ballance eachother out.  This would keep him standing straight up as much as possible.

The replica of Rick O' Shay, clearly showing his asymmetric hydraulic design, and endoskeleton

  They also discovered different factor adding to Rick O' Shay's success, an endoskeleton.  As apposed to being controlled by an external force like most bots, he had an artificial muscular and skeltal system on the inside cauing him to move in more natural ways.  The scientists eventually created a working replica of Rick O' Shay to scale.  This is on display at the Museum of Robot Boxing in San Diego, California.  Rick O' Shay, although out-dated, was an advancement for the boxing world.  Some of his special design were carried over to Noisy Boy and, by extension, Zeus .       

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