Relentless Assault is a Tech Move in the Real Steel video game where the robot does a huge uppercut to the opponent's body. This tech move is a Finishing Move, which means that if it lands right, a cutscene will be activated where the enemy robot is pushed into a corner, and the robot using this attack punches its opponent's body and shoulders constantly with both fists. Zeus did this to Atom in the movie.

Usage Stats:

Normal Hit Grapple
Hit Area High --
Class -- Head Destroyer
Power Used 600 300
Temporary Damage 270 330
Lasting Damage 67 82
Body Damage 60 60
Head Damage 60 60
Left Arm Damage -- --
Right Arm Damage -- --
Left Arm HP Loss -- 3
Right Arm HP Loss 5 3

Purchase Conditions:

Unlocked After WRB Lv2
Offense 77
Speed 60
Guard 60
Performance 72
Destruction 80
Price 130000
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