Upcoming bot! He'll be in my Underworld tournament, the Jek Tourney, along with other bots.


Armor: 81/100

Speed: 60/100

Power: 70/100

Intelligence: 89/100

Special: 81/100

Overall: 380/500

RedBot: History and Facts

RedBot is a robot designed for the WRB. He was quite close in getting the top WRB title, but was quickly disgraced by title holder Rubicon. RedBot was known as one of the best in his generation, but not so much nowadays. He was created by Vinzer Kakashi's brother, Edwin (who sadly died by cancer).

After Edwin's death, RedBot was scrapped, unlike his other creations. However, a person named Luke Arkansas finds him in Haystack Vale, and rebuilds him into championship form. Though he may never be great like the old days, RedBot is still a worthy contender for the Jek Tourney champion.


  • He is named "The Blocka" because his intelligence of moves and combos. He tends to block often.
  • He's one of the smartest Gen 2 robots of all-time.
  • Despite being the best contender Edwin has ever made, he claims that RedBot was his least favorite bot.
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