Real steel: Hijack survival is an upcoming fan story that stems with the SL-2 mystery and the R0-t incident. It's the aftermath of numerous robot kidnappings and rampages that have happened across the globe. The group in the story, IX-9, is a group of one of the most formidable robots (and their handlers) that have fought from the underworld (Examples: Twister, Chinzaemon, Ragnarok). The group is a shot at trying to solve the events that have occurred around the world.

IX-9 members

These are the human members of IX-9.

  1. Janise Keri. I joined IX-9 to stop these rampages, and to avenge Ragnarok. Survival equipment: Grenade launcher, Turret, AK-47, Standard war bow
  2. Tapenata. I joined IX-9 to search for Kaitoa. Survival equipment: EMP grenades, high reflexes, Mini gun, cross bow.
  3. Raymond Santiago. I joined IX-9 because I want to put and end to the rampages. Survival equipment: G3A4 Battle Rifle, M82A1 Anti-Material Rifle, M9A1 Handgun, T62 CEW Taser (Don't ask where I got them all from.)
  4. John Maxwell. I joined because...I don't even know why lol. Survival equipment: Knuckle Duster, Taser X26C, LumiTact G700, Degtyaryov MG
  5. Paul Evanworth. I joined because not to save the people in need, but the rampages to go on. I want to see the world burn and nothing will stop me. Survival equipment: High-powered prosthetic left arm made from bullet-proof steel, sledgehammer, chainsaw, pipebombs, Tactical Sawed-Off shotgun, and Glock pistol.
  6. Vinzer Kakashi: I came here cuz I came here. :P Survival Equipment: Glock 18, AWP Sniper, HE Grenade, Smoke Grenade and Meme Bomb. XD
  7. Bleu: I came here because Kakashi needed a hand. Literally. Survival Equipment: M9 pistol, Smoke Grenade, AR-15 rifle and technician tools.
  8. Lance Reynolds: I joined to blow stuff up. Hopefully not my fellow members. Survival Equipment: M249 Squad Assualt Weapon, RPG-7, Sawed-Off Shotgun, X26 Taser, Deagle

IX-9 Robots

These are the robot members of IX-9.

  1. Ragnarok. Handler: Janise Keri
  2. Rost. Handler: Tapenata (Until he finds Kaitoa)
  3. Twilight. Handler: Raymond Santiago
  4. Ambush 2.0. Handler: John Maxwell (Who else?)
  5. Amalgamera. Handler: Paul Evanworth (WRB gone bad.)
  6. ShockTrooper. Handler: Vinzer Kakashi (Charlie Kenton allowed Kaka to borrow it).
  7. TripleG. Handler: Bleu
  8. Shredder. Handler: Lance Reynolds


YES! You have heard me right. Did you think that Hijack Survival was gonna be a no song fan story? You can throw in your songs below. They go in order, from 1 to 20. Mark if your song has lyrics or not and apply them below the song title (ADD DETAILS FIRST!!)

1. Till I Collapse -Eminem. Because it's a Real Steel OST song and it kinda fits with the not-gonna-give-up-resistance-theme of the collab. (w. lyrics) -Noisy

2. Seven Nation Army (original) - The White Stripes: We're pretty much fighting a nation filled with challenging and bone-crushing machines. -TheLastOfficial

3. 我不歸去 -譚嘉儀: A Chinese song for one of our greatest stories. It would be perfect for romantic scenes. Here's my favorite version and a translation I made myself. (w.lyrics) -Ambus

4. Pompeii-Bastille: This song represents the torn world due to the robot rebellions. The lines "The walls came tumbling down in the city that we love.." And "Grey clouds roam over the hills, bringing darkness from above.." Represent the destruction caused by the robots. -TRSF

5. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?-Creedence Clearwater Revival: This song represents the hopeful end to the robot war and peace throughout the world. -TRSF

Trailer One

The camera dawns on a ravaged city, fires burning and bodies scattered. A scratched WRB logo lies on one of the buildings, and a robot rises from the ashes. It turns to the camera, and a single slit of red lights.

The screen turns black, and some static rises with it. "We were once a united force, now we live as survivors" said a voice. The camera then cuts into a whole field, Robots beating the crud out of humans and soldiers. Gambit and Blacktop clones charge for a huge titanic mech, which manages to shake them off, but is destroyed by an Atom clone.

One gambit clone breaches the human base and almost cuts off each and every one of the human's mechs, when we hear a cocking of a shotgun. The gambit clone turns, then get's blasted in the stomach and another at the face. The clone falls to reveal his destroyer: Janise Keri. "Bet's off, robot" She spat, mostly as a wise crack, but a pun to the clone's name.

Janise keri walks out of the room as soldiers rush around, she activates a com link and directs it to forces on the front line "Zeta one alpha, keep those bots at bay, we need all troops in the escort ships. Make sure no clone breaches the base like the last one." Silence, then Janise responded "Get Raymond on the line, we got Midas clones coming in at the right flank. Get that destroyer online" More silence. Then a male voice spoke. "I see the clones, Janise. They're coming in hot and we only got so much guns. Twilight and Ragnarok are holding up but they could fall like the rest."

Janise cursed, then shut off the com link to join the battle. She ordered the pilot to get her near the Midas clones, and the drop ship leaves.

A female voice speaks, but it's not Janise's. "War has been caused since the chain of robot kidnappings and Rampages, IX-9 has been doing what they can but many fear that the battle is lost. Unless they travel to the base of the clones"

The camera rises to the sunset, and the words Real steel: Hijack survival appear. Then static. A robot holds an orb in his hand and chuckles, with a little edge of wheezing and choking. "Project Extinction is going as planned, they will fall."

Trailer Two

"All units, Todos Santos has fallen. London is under attack and we have lost Westminster Abbey. IX-9 is losing the war" A gruff voice announced, as the camera flashes between a burning London and a collapsed America.

Raymond Santiago watched over the entire battle, IX-9 was definitely losing. Clones were starting to leak into the base and get near the core. One clone nearly tore through the entire army. Raymond then got a message from com link: Twilight was severely damaged, a huge tear through the chest and right arm. He rushed to the repair bay.

He was met with a broken Twilight on Ragnarok's arms. His eyes flickered, as power struggled to flow through to his mother board. Twilight was too damaged to be repaired, Ratcher (an upcoming bot) was still repairing him. But when Raymond asked for a report, he got this: Twilight's memory chip was damaged beyond repair, and he wasn't able to even remember all of his better moves. Just jabs and straights. and midnight mode was deactivated. Their current tech couldn't repair Twilight. The clones were stronger and noticed the weak spots on Twilight.

Janise entered the repair bay and said something that made Raymond's face light up a bit. She could do a temporal repair, but it could only recover midnight mode, and only boost his stats up 193. Raymond accepted, and Janise got to work.

Raymond came back to the repair bay and found Twilight back to normal, but John broke the news to him: Twilight's Midnight mode couldn't be saved. But Janise was able to recover some of Twilight's moves.

Chapter Zero: A matter of Lance

"Uh Oh" was the first thought that crossed Lance Reynolds's mind as he noticed the cargo door of his big rig was wide open. A quick look inside confirmed his worries. Shredder was gone. "F**K!!!" yelled Lance as he noticed it. Then he recovered his senses. He knew he had to track down the bandits. Lance knew it was those no-good robo-nappers again. Couldn't have been anything else. He looked at the mud around him for tire tracks or footprints. Instead, he was met with the sight of a HUGE footprint, bigger than any human footprint. "What?" he thought. Maybe Bigfoot had decided to eat his 'bot? No, the print had a familliar feel to it. Then it hit him. The footprint was Shredder's.

Lance's vision went red with anger. Not only had the outlaws stole Shredder, but they had made his beloved bot walk to their safehouse or warehouse or cave or wherever these lowlife vermin lived. Cursing, he hopped into his rig, took his trusted Deagle (Short for Desert Eagle) pistol, and tracked Shredder using Shredder's onboard GPS system, installed for exactly these kind of situations. Shredder was still moving, heading to the outer parts of the city. He gunned the engine, not bothering to call anyone. No time nor the need to do so. The truck accelerated down the street, shooting past buildings.

Twenty minutes later

Lance parked his rig a few hundred meters away from where Shredder had stopped, about ten minutes ago. Not wanting to tip off the robbers, he quietly entered the complex. The rusted sign over the gate read: WRD: Production Line and Warehouse No. 18. Barely noticing it, Lance entered the compound. Lance went straight for the building Shredder was supposed to be in. While going there, he noticed that there were a lot of clone bots, all powered down but in seemingly new condition, just lying around the warehouse. Also, most of the factory production robot arms looked like they had been used recently, with no dust on them. Maybe the villains had made use of them. Anyways, he slowly entered Central Warehouse West, where Shredder was supposed to be in.

Shredder was inside the building. Turned off, along with a couple dozen of what looked like Six Shooter and Blacktop clones. He pressed the POWER button on his holo, and Shredder slightly shuddered, as he had done a hundred times before....then his eyes flickered on. But they weren't green. They were red. "Wha.." said Lance as his controller holo chirped. It read: SCANNER ONLINE. But Shredder was looking at him. Lance backed up, as the holo displayed another line of text. WEAKNESSES FOUND. ENGAGING. Lance knew what the weakness was. The scanner searched for rusted or hollow points of whatever was in Shredder's vision. The hollowest part in a person: His cranium. Lance ducked as a not-so-frinedly-Shredder threw a hook combo. The one he had coded into him.

The first words that came out of Lance's mouth and mind would not have been suitable to say in front of any setient being. Including his voice-operated, AI controlled robot. But Lance decided him (and his kind robot) would make an exception this time as Lance picked up his fallen pistol. He didn't want to shoot the big guy. He knew all the places where it could go through, but that also meant that he might have to rewire Shredder for days. So he was looking for alternate ways to neutralize his 'bot. So far, waving it in Shredder's face didn't help the way it would with humans.

Then he saw the huge pieces of super-heavy damascus steel hanging from corroded chains. He quickly darted back. Shredder followed, and Lance led Shredder directly under the biggest piece. Then he fired at the chain. The freed metal dropped down, but, as expected, Shredder managed to catch it. However, he could see Shredder straining with the overload. Shredder managed to slide the steel to the ground and get up. But it was too late. Lance had already found the time to pick his holo and send out a single command: TERMINATE ALL CONTROL MODULES. Since the control modules were the only bit of code connected to anywhere else, specifically the holo, his headset and the mic in his phone, it should have been where the virus had gotten in. Terminating it would hopefully kill the virus, but it also meant that he had to control Shredder manually with the holo. But he didn't see any choice. He pressed the OK button and instantly Shredder collapsed.

Lance ran toward his fallen bot. Prirority was to secure Shredder's central systems. After that, he thought he should cut all connection from Shredder to the outside world. After checking the status of the core systems, which were thankfully near perfect, he turned off his phone, the holo's Wi-Fi connection, and Shredder's Internet modules. Didn't matter. He would be in Global Mech HQ in 20 minutes. Or so he thought, because right then, the twelve Six Shooter and Blacktop clones woke up with red eyes.

"What?" grumbled Lance as he instinctively flipped Shredder on-the old analog way. He activated the onboard AI and picked up his pistol. He might not have shot his bot, but he had no remorse shooting these ones. Shredder attacked first, slamming a Steelfist into the first clone and sending him crashing into a forklift. Lance fired three rounds into the fallen bot, sending him down for good. He ducked as a Blacktop clone fired off a jab. The only good thing that was coming out of this situation, as far as he could see, was that he could try out all the stuff he had installed in Shredder but had been banned from using. With one hand he activated the Electrofist system. With it, he made fast work of the clones and made his escape. But Lance didn't know that there were over a hundred more in the complex. He also didn't know that he would never return to Global Mech HQ for a long time.

Chapter One: The Barricade

After many incidents and mechanical failures, robots have gotten control of themselves, and have only one goal, to destroy everything (maybe even themselves!). The WRD factories are now hacked and supplied with endless amounts of hijacked bots. Hundreds getting killed each day. However, there is hope, because a team called IX-9 is ready to protect the world using their own arsenal of robots. It's time to fight fire with fire, guys...

Janise aimed her bow at a group of terrors. They were watching the perimeter, guarding a cache of weapons. The terrors surveyed throughly, their retinal scanners sweeping through the flora. Janise pulled the string back, and released. The arrow pierced the eye of one of the terrors and it fell to the floor.

Raymond charged in and fired his G3A4 rifle at the other terrors, dwindling their numbers. 3 terrors remained and tried to beat them down. They were sent to the scrap pile thanks to Ragnarok's Hammer down.

"Weapons secured, let's get back to Outpost 6 to crack it open" said Janise, hauling the heavy casket on her back. Raymond hauled the other caskets onto the jeep and they set off to Outpost 6

The Outpost itself is not much to look at, but it is fully functional and is the one that gets the most action. The duo dumped the jeep in the garage and let the other work on the caskets and set off to there destination.

Paul enters the scene, his face gritty and his left arm actually absent with bandages wrapped around the stump.

"What happened to you?" Raymond says, examining Paul's face and missing limb.

"Don't talk to me," Paul says, bumping into him and walking away.

Going through a series of hallways and metal, they found themselves in the repairing bay.

“Hey Nethan, any progess on Twlight?.” A man crouched right next to Twlight lifted his safety helmet, “Nah, barely.”

Janise swore she saw a black cloud hovering above Raymond.

“Let’s just go see John first, alright?”

“Nah, I’m just right here.” a tall man strolled into view, judging by he unshaved chin, it seems that he's in his thirties. “So, whassup?” Janise frowned, “Be serious, it’s a war, don’t act lik-“ “Yeah yeah, okay. So, why the big visit?” “We are going to propose a plan to raid the WRD.”

John looked surprised, and Nethan fell over in shock. “Umm, when did we have a plan?” Raymond muttered. “I thought about it in the jeep.”, snapped Janise. “I think we ought to hold a meeting. We don't have enough equipment and we need to tell people about it.”

Roughly an hour later, a bunch of people sat around a table.

"So!" John started, since he hosted the meeting, 'Lemme introduce the people around the table. (He pointed to a short man with a goatee.) This is General Crux, who's in charge of this base, if you don't know already. (He pointed to another man, he's a bit fat) This is Mr Vaughan, a scout from the government. Mr Crux, Mr Vaughan, these are members of IX-9, this is Nethan Tapenata, this is Vinz-" "IX-9?" interrupted Vaughan. 'Isn't that the group that uses fancy robots to make fame for themselves? No offense of course." John scowled a bit. "So now, let one of our members, Miss Keri, propose her plan."

Janise stood up and taped a few papers on a board nearby. "So, here's the plan. We'll first break through the barricade the robots have created in front of us. They created it right between these two hills, and going around them takes too much time. We need some equipment right here first."

"And what equipment you require?" asked Vaughan. Janise paused " that can repair our bots, some guns an-" "And what parts you exactly require?" challenged Vaughan. Janise froze. "See? These people don't even know what they want! They are just showoffs? No military training. Lack of discipline. I bet they never even touched a firearm." "Well, I know five fat people." Jaime responded. "What does it have to do with this?" "Because you're three of them." The angry voice of Vaughan is drowned in a sea of laughter, even General Crux snickered.

Vaughan left the room with curses and Crux rearranged his face to a serious one. 'So, with Vaughan gone, I doubt we have enough equipment. You'll have to get your own. You'll have to plan this operation alone. I'll leave this for now. I have more important things to worry about."

Then the members of IX-9 sat down and discussed.

"It was cool seeing Vaughan getting roasted, but I still think that raiding WRD isn't a good idea." began Nethan. 'It's to risky and we don't have enough equipment." Bleu, handler of TripleG, nodded his head. "'s the only way to win! We would succumb eventually if it continues like this! I call for a vote." Janise said."To hell with the vote!" Bleu shouted, "If the raid fails, we will succumb instantly. I will not take this risk until the government watches our backs." "Maybe we'll be dead before the government even notice our whining!" Raymond shouted back. "Nethan," said Janise softly, yet dangerously, "If I were you, I would agree to have a raid." Nethan replied firmly, "No, I will not take the risk, the chances of faili-" "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! IT'S OUR ONLY CHANCE!" Janise demanded, "THE CHANCES OF LOSING YOU IS TOO MUCH! YOU'RE THE ONLY FAMILY I'VE GOT! WAKE UP!" Nethan yelled, slapping Janise on both cheeks.

Stunned, Janise touched one side of her face, red from the slap. She stood there for a moment, and pounced on Nethan like a tiger and started World War JVT (Janise vs Tapenata).

"WHO LEFT THE BAG OF IDIOTS OPEN!" roared John, waking up from his sleep a few moments ago, "We will divide into teams, anyone who disagrees can get the sack."

A moment of intense team dividing later

"With a load of people out of the game, now where do we get extra equipment?" grumbled Raymond shortly after the meeting. "Chill out," Jaime said casually, "Maybe Paul can provide us some."

In the distance, a loud boom is heard. One of the little shacks used as a living area shudders before letting off a wave of black smoke. A man bursts out from the shack, coughing and wheezing before spraying a fire extinguisher into the inside of the shack.

"Damn it! IT HAPPENED AGAIN!" The man yelled. He had a gruff voice and almost sounded slightly congested. His appearance was nothing to look at. He had dark-brown hair slick to the right, a makeshift gas mask mixed with a respirator pulled over his head like a welding mask, brown eyes that seemed to be tinted with a shiny crimson color, dark brown slacks, and a dark-green jacket covering a white tank-top. One noticeable feature was the fact he was an amputee as his left arm was absent halfway down his upper-arm as it was covered with a cheap prosthetic arm made from darkly-colored steel, hydraulics, cable-like wiring, and was tipped with a four-fingered claw-like hand.

"Paul, what happened?" Vinzer said. Paul dropped the empty fire extinguisher, failing to hide his anger.

"All I did was open up one of those No Joke clones. Its power core overheated suddenly and blew up in my face. But it doesn't matter. I got this." Paul said, pulling out a cigarette and a lighter.

"Smoking, Paul? Seriously?" John demanded, attempting to snatch the cigarette out of his mouth. Paul quickly resisted and lit the cigarette. He took it out of his mouth to speak.

Smoke rose from the tube and Jaime pulled his shirt over his nose and mouth. Janise handed him a filtration mask due to his drug sensitivity. Jaime was sensitive to almost any drug, and second-hand smoking increases his risk of a smoker's effects more than the smoker himself.

"Hey, I don't get all snappy when I see you polishing THAT ugly Ambush clone!" Paul shouted, his voice cracking loudly on That. Janise held back a snicker but was obvious for Paul and John to see.

Janise mumbled that she would pass a regulation against using drugs like opium, cocaine, crack, and tobacco. "If you don't mind, we're leaving this room." Jaime said through the mask.

"'Oh, laugh all you want, chumps. John, take this." Paul said, opening John's hand open and putting something in it. It was a strange device with exposed circuits and have the base of a G2 controller.

"What is this?" John said, confused as Paul let out a puff of smoke from his cigarette and followed it with a series of coughs. "That is a hacking 'device'. It'll screw with the inferences of robots. Note that it might not get through Generation 3"s."

John activated it, revealing a brief MS-DOS screen before it enters a screen similar to the move selection menu of a robot. It had different selections such as SEARCH FOR SIGNALSS.

"There is only two S in Signals..." Vinzer corrected as Paul barked back. "Maybe don't make me stay up working on this, dimwit!"

Paul dropped his smoke and stomped on it, putting it out. "Well, I got you a little gizmo. Go screw with it, geniuses."

John gets a swift idea. "Let me try it out. Paul, go stand near that Shogun clone."

Paul turned, seeing a partially-active Shogun clone laying in a large metal cart used for bringing back robot clones to dismantle. He moved toward it. "Why the hell do I have to stand h-"

Midway through Paul's sentence, John used the device to enter Shogun's signal. The Shogun clone shook before swinging it its left arm at Paul, bonking him in the face and knocking him down to the ground.

The group burst into laughter as Paul got up, his hand on his eye. "YOU IDIOT! THAT WAS MY EYE!"

The group continued their howling laughter as the Shogun clone hit Paul in the back of the head. "NO! FORGET THIS! YOU GUYS GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!"

Paul snapped loudly, one hand on his eye and one on the back of his head. He dragged himself back to his living shack as the group continues laughing. The crew wipes the tears from their eyes and clears their throats.

"Dude should not have mocked my bot anyway.' John chuckled.

“So, here’s the plan.” Raymond announced, after a bit of Paul incident. Taking out a map, he started to talk ” We’ll go salvage some parts in the local bot graveyard for Twilight, then we can hitch a ride on that incoming payload. The payload includes some other equipment we can use. Once we repaired Twilight we’ll ready to go. Now about the rai-“”About the raid, we’ll discuss about it later.” Interrupted John, “Wait till after we scanned the enemy base.” He pointed a thick strip on the map. “What’s that anyway?” “That’s the barricade. We need to find a way since the nutheads back there ain't helping us." John grinned like a maniac. “Good, I just got some bullbars shipped in. Also, I got a call from an old friend. We can meet up with him after we got through the barricade."

Raymond grimaced, “Well, there are a lot of robots, so we’ll need some help to distract them, any ideas Janise?” “Well, Vinzer, guy doesn't seem too eager to stay at base, he might be able to provide an escort for us. His bot, Rook is a total powerhouse too and can open up a passage for us. Paul’s aresnal of bots are no joke too, and we’ll be taking Jaime too.” She paused. “What about him?” John and Raymond ask. Jansie looked at them for a moment. Blushing slightly, she stormed out of the room. Jaime looked in curiosity. John and Raymond looked awkward. “Err….so what’s that brown patch about?” “Just some gravy I had this morning.”

Janise and Jaime prepared for the breakthrough. Janise arms her AK-47 and reloads her custom- made sho gun while Jaime prepares his Katana and War mask (the same filtration mask Janise gave him). "...Um. Why did you want to hurry up with leaving the meeting room? You were blushing when you stormed out" Jaime interrogated. Janise hauled spare parts for her bike into a huge casket. "It's nothing Jaime." "Then, why the hell did you BLUSH?!" Jaime cut off Janise. Her cheeks glowed a vivid red as she shut the casket close. "What? It's not like I have feelings for you or anything" Janise replied. "Who said anything about feelings?!" Jaime shouted, loud enough for John and Raymond, who where near the door at the time, to hear. "OOH! Busted!" Whispered John. Janise paused, her face was hot and she was started to fidget with her fingers. "Can you at least tell me why you blushed?" Jaime asked.

2 minutes passed, Jaime got no response. He was about to leave when Janise responded. "It's because... your my crush..." Jaime and Janise locked eyes, Janise is still fidgeting. "Those two always try to expose my feelings for you... I should've told you earlier...." Janise muttered. "It's alright, I got feelings for you too." Jaime said, slightly blushing. Both got their stuff packed and headed for the truck. John and Raymond's jaws where piercing the core of the earth. They had just heard that both of them loved each other. Now to expose them.

Vinzer strolled into the armory, viewing a large variety of equipment. This is the place where vehicles are repaired, bots are fixed and weapons are issued. He called out to Paul, who was tackling a wiring problem on one of his hybrids, “When are we going out?” “As soon John finishes mounting his goddamned leg onto his truck and loads Janise’s bike onboard, I think we’re good to go.”

Within an hour, the team rolled out. The escorting team rode in the other truck, waiting to return to base after mission completetion. Next to them is the bullbar reinforced truck of John’s. Speaking of the guy, John spun the steering-wheel casually while Jaime sat nervously beside him. ‘Relax, it’s jus-whadda you reading?” “The bots detected at the barricade. Putting them into catergories, there is the Shield Charger with a shield for an arm and an enlarged other arm. This one is a Ravager, they’re very fast.” “What’s that one in front of me? The one with a load of teeth?” ‘They’re-wait what?” A robot appeared in front of them and bared its razor-sharp fangs. John steered slightly to the right and smashed the bot into smithereens. A hundred more appeared. Raymond yelled to the back,”Janise! They’re coming!” Janise grunted in reply. The side windows opened and her gun shifted into postion.

Vinzer let out a yelp and out went the Chess Giant. Rook gave out a big straight that sent a Fragile Speedster back to the scrapyard. A Demon Wall attacked him but Rook shook it off easily. Two Behemoths slowly advanced to him. “Um, a little help?” Vinzer yelled to no one in particular. One of Paul’s Hybrids shuffled towards him but got destroyed almost right afterwards. Paul cursed loudly. “This is the best fight I’ve ever been in!” laughed Janise, while blowing metal heads off with her AK. “Why did it have to be oil. That's like blood of robots.” Jaime said. “WHO IN AMERICA CARES!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!” Janise responded, between AK reloads.. The truck swerved and smashed a random bot into pieces. “Not out of the woods yet. Raymond, take hold of that M1918 Bar. at the back, Vinzer and Paul needs support. DON'T, TOUCH, THE DP-28." John barked. Raymond has been waiting for this line for ages, that M1918 BAR is a total beauty to get his hands on.The LMG is the ultimate metal scrapper. Bits of robots scattered on the floor. "Hang on! We're almost through this!" Vinzer shouted. And indeed they were, until a wall appeared. 'This ain't going to plan!" groaned Jaime. Paul grunted through the radio, "Get back unless you want to be a smoking piece of trash." A portion of Paul's army of trashy hybrids curled up to the wall. "Activating core meltdown!" The hybrids started to glow, some orange, some blue, some didn't. And by the force of a great fireworks display, the wall crumbled. John's truck quickly drove through it, in which the opposite side is bot-free.

An eruption of cheers filled the truck, followed by delayed cheers from the radio. Raymond punched his fist in the air. Vinzer rocked his seat back and forth. Janise and Jaime hugged in joy, unaware of John who's laughing at them in the cab of the truck. Paul allowed himself to have a small chuckle. Although in these desperate times, even though at any moment a robotic clone will come and bite their legs off, they allowed themselves to celebrate this small victory.

However, their celebration is cut short as they discovered a cliff ahead, by which their truck is heading towards at full speed!

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