• A total of 58 mean machines, including fan favorite superstars such as Zeus, Atom and Twin Cities. Now eight new contenders have entered the ring: Brawl as Touchdown, Hollowjack, Blockbuster, Bio War and more!
  • Championship, Time Attack, and Free Sparring three new diverse modes that will test your mettle and your metal.
  • Championship is back. Make all your robots champions!
  • Bigger, better and now social! Take on friends in live local WiFi multiplayer and fight your way up the Leaderboard!
  • Play Daily while connecting to the internet to receive a reward by winning in the Daily Exhibition.
  • Paint Shop is now improved and available.
  • Stack your bot collection with the new mystery card game and test your luck.
  • New Appearance for premium robots after upgrading in every Tier.



  • Unleash Oil Leak, Stun, Perfect Block, Corrosion and many more robot Abilities in battle
  • Overpower opponents with twin combat Abilities added for each Robot
    Update 1
  • Unlock robot’s 2nd Ability by reaching star level 2
    Update 2
  • Strategize to Victory - Certain robot’s abilities have an advantage over another.


  • Dodge or evade opponents Attacks: DOUBLE TAP on UP and DOWN arrow buttons and watch robots side-step to avoid being hit.

Featured Robots

Underworld I (UW I)

Underworld II (UW II)

World Robot Boxing I (WRB l)

World Robot Boxing II (WRB II)

World Robot Boxing Gold (WRB G)

  • Midas Gold (Premium)
  • Metro Gold (Premium)
  • Atom Gold (Premium)
  • Zeus Gold (Premium)
  • Tri-Gore (Premium and Champion)

Mystery Draw Exclusive

Events (Only Usable in Versus and VIP Challenges)


  • Thjorn
  • Ronin
  • Jack Hammer (URF) (Coming Soon)
  • Drago Gold
  • Ronin Gold


  • Although some nicknames of the bots aren't written in their profile cards, you can hear their nickname being called in their intro.
  • Dreadlord is the only one who uses a weapon in special attack.
  • Zeus, Asura, and Midas are all names from mythology.
  • 4 bots from the movie have a Gold version in this game.
  • Zeus, Zeus Gold, Atom, and Atom Gold are the only fighting bots in this game that cannot have their limbs and head torn off after successfully performing a rip-off.
  • Tri-Gore is the only bot that cannot be fought in Free Sparring mode.
  • Shogun and Fiend have a glitch in championship poses (posing for the Trophy and the WRB belt). Shogun can be seen without a neck.
  • Due to major updates, the camera intro for the robot you are using is messed up. This affects most players. However, this does not affect your AI opponent.
  • Blac Jac doesn't rip off the opponent's head after a successful ripoff, but he does rip off the opponent's left arm.
  • If you hold the down button on the moving buttons, and pressing the heavy hit button while your opponent is doing a dash move, you can actually knock them down and perform a taunt.
  • Metro and Metro Gold are the only bots that cannot do a side-step.

Video for new updates

Real Steel WRB Big Summer Update

Real Steel WRB Big Summer Update

Official Trailer

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Official Trailer-1

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Official Trailer-1