Real Steel is a game available to the IPad, IPod, and IPhone.

Game Modes

The game is divided into various game modes :

  • Arcade: Face a series of challenges. After each boss, the conditions change. There are two challenges per battle: one is the general condition, the other the single battle condition. You have to clear both conditions to unlock the next battle. After a certain point before the boss, you can skip the remaining battles and go directly to the Boss Battle. Completing the whole mode is rewarded Gridlock Gold.
  • Challenge: Any single character in the game (including the Golden versions and custom-made robots) have a total of 10 missions each. Each mission has 3 conditions (3 stars). Collect as many stars as you can to unlock more Golden robot parts. Still to be updated as Nitro, Gridlock, Axelrod Gold and Shogun are missing yet.
  • Tag Team : Defeat all the robots in all tiers in 2vs2 or 3vs3. Completing all 4 tiers in 2vs2 will unlock Noisy Boy Gold. Completing all 4 tiers in 3vs3 will unlock Six Shooter Gold.
  • Tournament: Defeat a roster of robots, each more dangerous than the last. There are 5 battles per difficulty, and 3 difficulties per tier. Finishing it all difficulties is rewarded Atom Gold.
  • All Stars: An alternate version of the tournament. As always, you gain points by doing different damage. The more you gain points, the more are the chances to get all 3 stars in battle. There are 5 battles per difficulty, and 3 difficulties per tier. Collect as many stars as you can to unlock more Golden robot parts.
  • Survival: Try to survive in an endless series of bots beating each bot, each stronger then the last. Defeating 21st Fight (Medium Tackle) will let you obtain Twin Cities Gold.
  • Free Sparring: Join a free exhibition battle against a CPU robot. Available difficulties are practice (the bot has never-ending life and stands still), easy, medium and hard. Complete various missions to unlock Ambush Gold.
  • Multiplayer


Playable Robots

Circuit Fighters

The circuit fighters will be your standard bots throughout the game. They are :

Champion Fighters

Various WRB bots can be purchased. They are :

Golden Fighters

  • Atom Gold (Complete all tiers in Tournament mode)
  • Ambush Gold / Ambush 2.0 (Complete all missions related to Special Moves, Combos and Rip Off in Free Sparring mode)
  • Noisy Boy Gold (Complete all tiers in 2vs2 Tag Team Mode)
  • Six Shooter Gold (Complete all tiers in 3vs3 Tag Team Mode)
  • Albino Phantom (Unlock his parts with stars)
  • Danger Zone Gold (Unlock his parts with stars)
  • Twin Cities Gold (Defeat 16 opponents in Survival mode)
  • Blac Jac Gold (Unlock his parts with stars)
  • Axelrod Gold (Unlock his parts with stars Also all tier Tournament All star mode)
  • Gridlock Gold (Complete Arcade mode)
  • Fat Boy Gold (Defeat Arcade Bosses 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12)

Special Features

NOTE : These must be bought.

  • Gallery
  • Build Your Own Robot- If you buy the pack, it comes with the two junkyard bots. (Armor 60/100, Power 60/100, Speed 60/100 for both)



These are the arenas that are in the game :

  • Parking Lot
  • Ranch
  • The Zoo
  • Crash Palace
  • WRB Ring
  • Rodeo Ring
  • Cruise Deck
  • Las Vegas
  • Gridiron Arena
  • Creepy Hollow
  • Dustbowl
  • Steel Bowl



  • The pictures of The Sarge (original) were took from Robot Combat League. But RelianceGames copied a fan made story version. The Sarge, likley not knowing its relation with the RCB and likley being legal due to the show's closure.
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