Real Steel (Original Motion Picture Score) is a soundtrack album containing the musical score of Real Steel, composed by Danny Elfman.


  1. Charlie Trains Atom
  2. On The Move
  3. Into The Zoo
  4. Why We're Here
  5. Meet Atom
  6. It's Your Choice
  7. Safe With Me
  8. Atom Versus Twin Cities
  9. ...For A Kiss
  10. Get In The Truck
  11. Bonding
  12. Twin Cities' Intro
  13. Parkway Motel
  14. This Is A Brawl
  15. You Deserve Better
  16. Into The Ring
  17. Taking A Beating
  18. Final Round
  19. People's Champion


  • The tracks "Why We're Here" and "Parkway Motel" feature vocals by Poe.
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