Chapter 1


''Noooo! Mom, you're not getting it!'' Ryder said. He was walking toward a location in the dirty streets of some area in New York City. Ryder most likely grew up here as he had a bit of a Bronx accent in his voice.

Ryder was far from the actual city as he was in some trash-littered street walking toward a junkyard-like area only a few miles away from a shipping dock.

On his appearance, Ryder had a slightly chiseled chin, brown hair slick back, a leather jacket over a white tank top, cheap dark brown slacks, and ended in a pair of black and white modern sneakers. He wore a pair of black sunglasses over his eyes, was carrying a heavy plastic bag in one hand, and at the moment, he was on the phone with his mother.

''Okay. Listen. I talked to this guy and we're currently about to dual it out at the New York Dock Arena.'' Ryder said, getting frustrated. ''NO! WE'RE NOT ACTUALLY FIGHTING! IT'S ROBOT BOXING!''

''Of course, I have a robot! I bought some cheap one from the market named Scarhead. He's pretty good!'' Ryder said, spotting his location and nearly tripping on some litter. ''Mom, now you're just talking down about me.''

''No! Don't mock me!'' Ryder said, starting to yell. ''No one asked for Daniel to get skin cancer! And it's not my fault this is the only current way to get some cash to help him out!''

''...What? NO! YOU HONESTLY THINK I'M GOING TO WORK IN SOME BORING OFFICE JOB AND HATE MY LIFE!'' Ryder said, now full-on yelling. ''Hello? Mom?''

He looked at this phone. His mother hung up and stopped listening. Angrily, Ryder stuffed his phone in his pocket as he approached the New York Dock Arena, a place where robots duel it out to the death.


Ryder approached the arena's parking lot, outside of the arena. His home? Barely a home. When he had been sent out to move to New York just for a few months to earn some cash, he received a hand-me-down from his father. It was a truck connected to a trailer.

No, the truck wasn't from his father. Ryder spent forever earning up for it. The truck looked pretty good while the trailer looked like garbage. When buying the truck, Ryder received one himself. Kind of.

This trailer was very small, a half the size of the hand-me-down trailer. Ryder crawled opened the second trailer and entered, revealing it to be stripped of furniture and was instead being used as a living space for another host. Scarhead.

Scarhead sat in a corner, crowded with various parts like empty cargo crates, a metal desk with a laptop on it, some cheap lamp, and a small couch on one side that could barely Ryder's entire body on it, and a couple empty soda cans on the floor.

Scarhead looked pretty damn well. He was visibly battle scarred with a wicked scratch on the right side of his stomach. For a $20,000 robot, he was a decent offer.

Scarhead resembled a skinless human, exposing painted-on flesh, fake veins and organs, and even a couple of fake scabs, scars, and blood stains here and there. His head was pretty humanoid with a bald and smooth scalp, a pair of milky white eyes that were currently dark, his mouth was contorted in a small neutral-looking frown, and his ''nose'' was absent to reveal two slit-like nostrils that were obviously painted-on.

Scarhead's frame was human-like with a muscled torso, medium length arms tipped with large hands curled into permanent fists, and long but human-like legs with spikes made from ''bone marrow'' running down his back. He obviously had bones as his ribcage, spinal cord, and the bony spikes were visible. Small bony spikes ran down Scarhead's scalp to the bottom of the back of his head like an extended mohawk.

Ryder checked his watch and was startled. ''Damn it! It's 5:47!''

The fight was at 6:00 PM. Ryder grabbed a Generation 2 remote that was detailed espesically for Scarhead, having fake painted-on veins and bony spikes on the back of it.

Ryder activated the screen and almost mashed the button ''ACTIVATE.'' to death. Instantly, Scarhead's eyes lit up to a soft glossy white. Ryder began to punch in commands as Scarhead slowly walked out of the trailer, jumping down and almost falling over.

''Easy, Scar. You don't want to die before the fight even starts. Even though you won't lose.'' Ryder mumbled to himself. ''Ah, what the hell. Am I talking to a tin can all of a sudden?''


Ryder walked toward the arena, seeing audience members sitting down. He was instantly greeted by Gabrielle. Oh god.

Gabrielle was a lanky dark-skinned and an almost gothic chick with a nose piercing, two earrings, and a tongue surgically split into two like a reptile. She was wearing black clothes that were obviously over a bikini and a pair of contact lens, giving her reptile-like eyes with narrow pupils and green irises. She was weird. Really weird.

''What's good, Ryder? Ready to get spanked?'' Gabrielle said, gripping another Generation 2 remote.

''The only thing here good is going to be me when I spank YOU,'' Ryder said, viewing a quick glance at Gabrielle's robot, Betsy.

There goes Ryder's appetite. Betsy was UGLY. Made out of scrap and scratch, she had a huge left arm tipped with a large fist and a slightly skinnier right arm tipped with a spiked mace. Its right leg was really short but leveled by oversized elongated hydraulics that completely reduced the crookness of Betsy's slanted and wide pelvis and its left leg had a lot of armor along with being the perfect length.

Betsy's face... Uh, actually, faces as she appeared to have two of them stuck together. One was a makeshift G1 head with a creepily humanoid face on it that appeared to be frowning and the other resembled some generic G3 robot. Its torso was huge and bulky but appeared lopsided as the left side had slightly more armor. Its back was heavily plated with what resembled a spine and thin wire mesh as armor in some spots.

''Ain't she pretty, honey buns?'' Gabrielle said, whispering in Ryder's ear. Ryder, gawking, responded with a quick ''Fight's starting soon. Let's go.''

While walking away, Ryder mumbled to himself ''Pretty ugly.''

An obese man with a triple chin came up in the middle of the arena. He wore crude black clothing with a dented and rusted fencing mask and held a microphone that was wired to a set of two AMP speakers nearby. They were so cheap, the announcer and the referre are the same person.

''LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!'' The man yells out, coughing briefly but continues. ''YOU READY FOR THE DOCK'S FIGHT OF THE AFTERNOON?''

The crowd roared as the announcer/referee continued talking. He pointed to Betsy's corner. ''GIVE IT UP FOR OUR CURRENT CHAMPION, IT'S THE RING'S LITTLE EXPERIMENT! STRAIGHT FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL'S JUNKYARD, IT'S... BETSY!''

The crowd roared again as Betsy staggered from her corner, banging her mace fist against the side of her head. The referee pointed to Scarhead's corner. ''BETSY'S CHALLENGER IS NONE OTHER THAN THE BLISTERED BRUISER WHO WILL LEAVE IN STITCHES! GET A DOCTOR BECAUSE YOU'VE BEEN HIT WITH A SEVERE CASE OF... SCARHEAD!''

Scarhead charged out of his corner, landing a right cross and taking a threatening battle stance. ''LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! LET THE FIGHT BEGIN IN 3... 2... 1... TEAR EACH OTHER APART!''

The man jumped out of the way as Scarhead and Betsy charged straight into each other, swinging their arms and spinning their fists.

Oh boy, that's when it happened.

Chapter 2

Betsy staggered back as she was toppled with Scarhead's First Blood, a dynamite right hook to Betsy's dome followed with a huge right jab to her gut.

Betsy went for a right cross but was interrupted with a massive left uppercut, causing her to topple back. The announcer went ballistic. Ryder knew her skinnier arm was weaker but had that devastating mace fist.

Scarhead held his upper-hand, landing left crosses to Betsy's mangled head. Betsy interrupted one of the left crosses and pinned Scarhead's left arm but Scarhead showed no mercy, performing a Cranium Concussion, headbutting Betsy into the ropes.

Scarhead turned toward the audience as Ryder got cocky, swinging his fists toward the audience. Betsy slowly rose and staggered toward Scarhead but she was obviously not holding up. Scarhead performed his special move, Guts and Glory, mashing a huge left uppercut to Betsy's face and slamming both of his fists into her stomach, causing Betsy to turn and fall to a knee.

With a loud clank, Scarhead landed a ravaging rabbit punch to the back of Betsy's neck, causing her to fall over. The audience roared as Scarhead performed yet another cocky fist-swinging move. Betsy slowly got up, revealing one of her eyes to be cracked. Scarhead slowly turned and was caught off guard by Betsy.

Betsy landed her special move, Magnum Opus, her first actual blow to Scarhead. Magnum Opus consisted of a barrage of right crosses, a right hook, and a left uppercut. Ryder gritted his teeth and mashed the controls.

Scarhead attempted to land a left jab to her face but was interrupted by Betsy's Blast Back, kicking Scarhead into the crates that made up a majority of the arena's ropes. Ryder visibly saw Scarhead's right cheekbone go into a corner of the crate, damaging it.

''UP! GET UP!'' Ryder shouted as Scarhead slowly got up. Betsy began to swing her right arm and charged toward Scarhead, who had just got up and started moving. Scarhead was blown back by a massive right uppercut. Something landed on the ground and took a second to see what it was. A majority of the right side of Scarhead's face.

Betsy began to violently assault Scarhead with rapid and powerful shots. Scarhead attempted to step out of the way but was blown back by a huge left hook, causing him to collapse.

The man entered the arena and Betsy ceased movement. The audience chanted the countdown. ''10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4...''

Scarhead lunged up. Practically all of one side of his face was absent to reveal the inner pistons and endoskeleton and hydraulic fluid was spilling down his dented nostrils.

Betsy landed a massive right downward punch, causing Scarhead to stumble back. Ryder was yelling out commands as Scarhead staggered around the arena, managing to avoid or dodge a few of Betsy's hits.

Eventually, a left hook landed Scarhead, followed by a series of left and right jabs to the chest. Scarhead was blown back and landed in the ropes in-front of Ryder. Scarhead hopped up and began to struggle his way toward Betsy.

Scarhead reeled his left arm back but was meant with a right roundhouse punch, his shoulder exploded and sent everything below flying off into a heap of metal. Scarhead's left arm went flying into the ropes, banging against them and hitting the ground.

''God damn it! Scarhead, back up! Wait out the timer!'' Ryder said but Scarhead was miserably failing. The crowd was now chanting for Betsy as Scarhead attempted to land a flimsy right swing but was interrupted by a straight right kick to the stomach, causing him to crash into the ropes. Scarhead struggled yet again to rise but was interrupted by a furious stab of blows from Betsy.

Finally, a left uppercut caused the now-dented robot to soar out of the ring. Ryder moved as his robot crashed face-first into the metal ground. Scarhead's remaining eye as the other had shattered by an uppercut from earlier faded to gray as he lost power. The referre and audience shouted something that Ryder despised to hear. ''OUT OF THE RING! RKO! BETSY'S THE WINNER!''

Ryder dropped his controller on the ground and yanked whatever was still hanging in the ring out. Midway through, Ryder was forced to enter the ring to interrupt an audience member from stealing Scarhead's severed arm.

At least an hour went by until Ryder could clear his head again. He had lost $15k and his robot was reduced to nothing. By now, he was on the road, driving his truck on some old highway that went straight for miles. That ugly smile from Gabrielle as she retrieved her winning money was bugging him back.

Speaking of Scarhead, his torn up and garbled remains were resting in the trailer, completely useless now.

He suddenly heard a soft ring in his pocket. It startled him for a second as it broke the silence but he ignored it.

It rung again, louder and made Ryder realize it was his phone's ringtone. He pulled out and looked at his phone.


Ryder frowned and hit No. He didn't have the strength to put his phone away and just tossed it on the seat next to him. He proceeded to blankly stare on the road for a few minutes before spotting something on the highway that got his attention.

It was a billboard, covered in thick dust and weathered away by nature but Ryder could make out something. The words managed to read ''LITTLE ANGEL VS. SLEEPY-HEAD. DETROIT, MICHIGAN. STARFIRE ARENA. AUGUST 18TH 2028, 8:00 PM CENTRAL.''

Little Angel. Those two words. That name was so damn familiar. Then it hit him after a few minutes. Little Angel's handler... whatever their name was... was his idol.

Chapter 3

(Coming soon.)

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