Real Steel: Ferocious Ferrous is an upcoming fan made fanfiction created by the (no-longer newcomer) user ''WTB''. It serves as the fan made sequel to Real Steel but follows none of the original cast. It is planned to be released late March or somewhere in April or May.


A cheap teaser I made. It says ''IT GOT REALER...'' at the top if you can't read it.


The year is 2031. 11 years after the declaration of the people's champion.

You thought it was bad in 2020? You're about to open your eyes all the way.

A young adult known as ''Ryder Ringlerwell'' is suffering.

He's living alone while his brother is suffering from skin cancer and expects to die within a year. He needs to make some money to support himself, his distraught family, and his dying brother. He discovers robot boxing.

Attempting to practice for the event, he purchases a cheap robot known as ''Scarhead'' and collides in a battle, only to lose instantly, leaving Scarhead destroyed and his head over a mantle.

While this is happening, an event known as the ''Manmade Worldwide Championship'' opens. Handfuls of robots enter and go around the world to collide in epic battles. The final two clash and decide the winner.

At this moment as well, a retired legend hiding under a fake identity is exposed as ''Jessie Kelaworth'', the owner of one of the most powerful Jack of All Stats robots from 2025 to 2028. The flame-spewing fierce, furious flattener. Little Angel.

The robot became a legend until another powerful robot known as ''Sleepy-Head'' knocked her down a peg and put Little Angel to sleep, sending her to retirement and the clearing of Jessie's career in fear of being mocked and teased by Little Angel's only loss.

Ryder and Jessie end up running into each other and find themselves on the topic of robot boxing. Ryder has a plan.

If Jessie can spare her old machine to Ryder and enter the MWC, he has a chance to win the champion prize AND if Jessie helps, she can regain her lost fame and possibly get revenge on Sleepy-Head.

Recovering and repairing the now-aged Little Angel, they team up and join the championship. Remember, one shot. If your robot dies, you lose. GAME OVER.


  • Ryder Ringlerwell
  • Ryder's currently unnamed brother
  • Ryder's currently unnamed family members
  • Jessie Kelaworth


  • Scarhead
  • Unknown defeater of Scarhead
  • Little Angel
  • Sleepy-Head

Chapter 1

Yeah. It's not here yet. I plan about 3-6 chapters. But keep your eyes open because I will update once in a while and will eventually release it.

Author's Note

At the moment, I'm wishing for feedback. It has been a dream of mine to create a fanfiction about one of the greatest movies I've seen.

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