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The male voice is now completely absent but faint static is still heard. This remains for a few seconds.

A new setting appears. It was a military base but completely destroyed. Rubble, trash, and various parts of machines are everywhere. Fires are clinging to the destroyed buildings.

It shows some of the rubble within a hangar. It shows a huge metallic foot with wide clawed toes smash its foot onto a helium tank, crushing it into two. Helium burst out of it of the tank as the camera moved up to a new robot.

The new robot's appearance was beyond the others. It was almost mutated with flat bubble-like boils covering its back. It resembled a feminine humanoid with small dents and chipped paint covering her body. Her face was bizarre with an underbite, three slits for ''nostrils'', and three horrifying buggy eyes that were placed strangely on her face. Two were in normal spots while one was above them on the lowest portion of its forehead. The placement of eyes was shaped like a line with a slight upwards dent in the middle of the line.

A helium tank was strapped to its back with thin hoses injected straight into the sides of its neck and back of its head. Its fists were large and bloated, almost resembling the size and shape of balloons.


The camera moves past the hangar and into the military base. Destroyed and damaged with flickering lights and broken walls. A figure began to take shape in the hallway as it came into view. Another robot.

The new robot's appearance was... unknown. Only its misshapen and twisted silhouette was visible. It had multiple limbs and what appeared to be two heads. The bottom of its lower jaws of both heads was fused together, giving it a strange appearance. Some limbs were misshapen like short tendrils and bone-like growths were protruding out in random places. Only a large hospital sheet covered its entire appearance.


The camera moves past the hallway and enters some sort of room with multiple computers all over the room. A scientist lab?

A strange silhouette exited from under a desk, revealing it to be another robot. Suddenly, another robot entered the room.

The new robot from under the desk was obviously techno-like. Its armor was black with various glowing neon-green patterns. The front of its large fists had objects resembling cooling fan computer parts. Wires were exposed in the small opening of each of its joints. Its head structure resembled Blac Jac's with its face partially resembling Danger Zone's face.


The new robot who entered the room looked mostly similar to Gameface but with a much different design and was instead colored dark-gray and dark-purple. It had a cluster of metallic spikes on the front of each of its fists in the shape of an ''X'' along with clawed feet and some sort of set of curved horns resembling that of a ram's. Its face partially resembled that of Gridlock's with an almost exactly correct mouthline.


The camera moved past this room and entered another hangar, which was mostly destroyed. Graffiti covered the floor with one of them being a pentagram with a face on it. A strange face. A figure approached and became visible. A new robot. The face on the pentagram belonged to this robot.

The new robot was visibly demonic and satanic, the handler of this robot was obviously some form of atheist. It had heavy armor on its body, colored glowing dark red, glossy black, and with a slight dark-brown hue resembling rock-like. Its lips were peeled back, revealing its hideous bared teeth that glowed dark red and its red eyes were lizard-like. It had demonic features, such as horns, a small pair of death angel wings, and a small tail. Planted on its sternum was a crucifix that appeared broken.


The camera moves past the hangar and reveals some sort of abandoned high-security prison. Multiple figures began to emerge from the prison. One of them became visible. Another robot.

This robot slightly resembled Dr. Vince, having similar hair but appeared completely bizarre. It had a huge overbite and wore a torn-open strait jacket. Its eyes were human-like and completely bloodshot red. Its pupils had strange minus symbols carved over them. Its legs were reverse-jointed, similar to Blockbuster as its hands and feet resembled that of a skinless human's. It was covered in small rips, tears, and holes along with braces stuck to its head, pulling its eye sockets and corners of its mouth back into a wide-eyed smile. Its fist was huge and almost spheric in shape like its fingers are stuck together.


Another robot emerged. This robot's suit was completely rotted and battle-scarred. Its chassis and mainframe were exposed on its left thigh and right foot. Its left eye was popped from its socket and appeared ''melted'' above the left side of its mouth. It had strange protrusions coming out of its chest, shoulders, and upper back that resembled sewage pipes while cables and wires were tangled around its limbs. Its knuckles were tipped with the pipe-like formations, used as some sort of set of huge knuckle dusters.


Another robot emerged. This robot looked mutated and horrifying with huge eyeball-like formations all over its body, some bloodshot, some sealed shut with huge metal stitches, some tearing up, and some even having a slight yellowish hue. Its face appeared malformed like a corpse with some sort of dangling open mouth and red paint running down from its eyes. A triangle-like formation was painted over its head's right eye, being an Illuminati symbol. Its suit was red with huge vein-like patterns painted all over it.


A fourth robot emerged. It was rather redneck-like with a hatchet-like blade on the front of its chest, along with smaller ones on each knuckle like a pair of knuckle dusters and two medium-sized ones on each kneecap, back of each ankle, and elbow. It had huge feet resembling two underside bear traps and a wood-like texture resembling that of a tree. Its face was large and wide similar to Blac Jac's with a wood chipper guarded with a pair of huge metal spiked jaws for a mouth.


A fifth robot emerged. It had a rather obvious and similar appearance to Hatchethead excluding its hatchet blades and wood texture. It resembled more machine-like with a massive buzzsaw embedded in its torso cavity, along with spiked feet similar to Asura's. Its armor and chassis appeared makeshift with metal stitches and burnt welding marks covering it. Its fists were rather large with reinforced wrists, metal knuckledusters resembling screws, bolts, nuts, and spikes resembling protruding loose wires.


One final robot emerged from the prison. It was massive and obviously a high-tier robot. It partially resembled a humanoid with revealing feminine attire, consisting of bandages and a painted-on silky black and white outfit covering its pale white and smooth armor. Its curves were disproportionately large with no sag at all and hips that were too wide for its legs. Embedded in it fists were metal dagger-like blades and it had a feminine facial structure.


The camera moves past them, still going on. It reveals a huge experimental power plant. It enters the power plant, revealing a figure jumping from the railings above. Another robot.

This new robot was visibly resembling Twin Cities, even having more than one head. It had three heads that appeared reptile-like, being that of a mythical Hydra. Its torso and legs' structure were heavily resembling Twin Cities with heavier armor. Its arms were very different with a longer arm reach and bigger fists. It lacked knuckle dusters but had curved metal spikes on its shoulders and side of wrists.


The camera moves toward some sort of control room with a turned-around office chair. The chair turns, revealing another robot. It was alien-like with blunt dark-gray spikes protruding from its hips, shoulders, elbows, top of wrists, kneecaps, front of ankles, and shoulder-blades. It had a pathetic height with a faint feminine structure with four double-pupiled eyes, four slit-like nostrils, and a series of curved-back spikes for ''hair''. The robot stood up and began to shift.

Suddenly, it shot upwards. Its body grew taller, revealing an extendable spine guarded by cables and extra mainframe armor. The spike-like protrusions covering its body pushed outwards, another pupil appeared in each eye, and a set of spiked knuckle dusters appeared on its hands. The robot roared.


The camera moves toward the power plant's reactor core, which was powered-down. A single figure stood on top of the reactor before jumping down and landing onto the ground, leaving cracks on the floor.

It was utterly massive, bigger than Skyscraper in her extended form. It had huge plated legs, four massive arms, and a heavy feminine appearance with thick curves and a slight feminine structure. Its face was beyond human, having six eyes, six slit-like nostrils, and fangs poking from its mouth. A huge spine-like tail was exposed on its back, resembling Scorpion's but shorter. Larger but more narrow spikes were on its upper and middle back. It had strange vein-like tattoos on its upper face. The creature rose up, revealing itself more. Its purple eyes and facial tattoos glowed a purple color similar to Violette.


In the background, a vat of toxic waste exploded as a robot emerged from them. It was heavily mutated with a massive left arm with malformed claws covering its huge fist, glowing green and yellow tumors covered the right side of its torso, and it had two right arms. The upper arm was clawed with spider-like legs emerging from it and the lower arm was a huge limb resembling that of a beetle's mandible, tipped with huge bone-like claws surrounded by human-like teeth. It had titanium-lined makeshift armor and a short tendril-like limb was located on its left armpit.


Speaking of Radnix...

Another figure ruptured from a vat of toxic waste. It revealed itself as to be another robot. Radnix.

It was a massive robot, similar to Bustbertha. It had heavy mix-match and makeshift armor similar to Metro with its limbs extremely similar to Metro's. Its left arm was skeletal with exposed hydraulics and wiring, ending in a large sledgehammer-like mallet fist fused with a large fist that had large tendril-like fingers. Its right arm was heavily armored with a huge fist with jagged and misshapen spikes resembling a mace. Its right leg was oversized with a large foot and its left foot was shorter but with larger hydraulics.

It had a foot trap similar to Metro's but was instead on the left foot and was smaller. It had an animal-like face and a heavily-armored torso, along with glowing uranium-green LED lights and eyes. Its armor resembled warped scales and human-like skin and it had power plant-like protrusions on its right shoulder with two large metallic spikes on its left shoulder.



It shows all 16 of the robots, striking menacing poses as the WRB logo appeared above them. The logo was now rusted and appeared scratched.


It showed a very glitchy and brief frame. A corrupted image of Paul in his damaged mask smiling at the camera with a black background.






(Originally, this was split up into two teasers but I mashed them up to save time. That's why there's 16. Two teasers remain and Sub's two suggestions are going to be in the last teaser. I'm also making it an epilogue teaser to show off Scarhead and other robots I missed. After that, I'm starting production on FF.)

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