Raymond Santiago

Raymond William Santiago was born on March 8, to Landon Santiago and Marla Santiago. At an early age, he learned the martial art Taekwondo. He is now currently a 1st Degree black belt. He discovered his love for robot boxing at the age of 14. He moved to Hawai'i at 18. He met Emily as a child, and ever since, the two have become best friends. When he moved to Hawai'i, they lost connection. However, when he moved to the Ebot dormitories, he met Emily again. They do in fact have feelings for each other, but both are too embarrassed to tell the other their feelings.


Raymond is kind, however, he has a short temper. He easily gets angry over little things.

Emily Cruz

Emily Cruz was born on July 7 to her parents Marvin Bautista and Maria Santos. At an early age, her parents divorced. Until she met Raymond, she was a shy, quiet person. When they did meet, Emily became more outgoing and playful. When Raymond left, she was depressed, but when they both met again, she went back to her old, playful state. She has a huge crush on Raymond, and so does he, but the two are scared to open up.


Emily is a quiet, shy and timid person. They doesn't feel comfortable near people she doesn't really know.

Raymond's Peeps

John Maxwell

Raymond's idol. He has a huge respect for him and Ambush 2.0. When he fought Ambush 2.0. with Volcano, that was when he knew to be scared of him.

Vinzer Kakashi

While the two don't normally interact, they have worked together before and Raymond views him as a trusted partner. These two are rivals in the ring, and many people still debate on who is better.

Lance Reynolds

Lance has been viewed by Raymond the same way as John. It's just that he thinks Lance is more helpful because of his Lance Reynolds Wrap.

Janise Keri

Raymond sees Janise as half-enemy and half-ally. After Twister's destruction by Ragnarok and Vortex's creation, his hatred for Janice only grew stronger. While he has this hatred towards her, he still manages to work together with her.

Yuuko Sakurai

Raymond's views of Yuuko hasn't always been...normal? Well, after seeing how fierce she (and Thanatos) can be, Raymond doesn't really spend too much time around her. But hopefully they can become friends.

Mark Hedhon

After being accepted into Global Mech by Mark, Raymond sees Mark as a close friend, but being the leader of Global Mech, he doesn't really have much time to interact with some newcomer.

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