Call us at: 808-123-4567 (not a real number)

How do you make a purchase?

  1. Comment down below what you want and who it's for (Only use your made-up character for this).
  2. Just (pretend) pay me the certain amount of money.
  3. All done! Shipping may take 1-4 weeks, depending where you live. Our stores are in the Philippines and Hawai'i, so it might take a while.

Our repairs cost:

$50-Minor Cosmetic Repair

$100-Medium-Level Cosmetic Repair

$150-Major Cosmetic Repair

$100-Minor Wiring Repair

$125-Medium-Level Wiring Repair

$175-Major Wiring Repair

Our Hydraulic Fluids:

$200-Jetfluid Hydraulic Fluid, 3 Gallons (NEW! SHIPPED STRAIGHT FROM OSLO, NORWAY! Lets your robot punch faster.)

$30-CheepCheep Hydroolik Plooid, 50 Gallons (CLEARANCE! COMPLETLY USELESS! Even I don't know why I'm selling it. Just hydraulic fluid. Nothing special about it.)

$75-Tantell Hydraulic Fluid, 3 Gallons (Infused with the Tantell solution, helps robot dish out more power with each punch.)

Our Robot Parts

UltraTECH Arm, Left and Right-$9,000

Peachwell Arm, Left and Right-$7,590

Drifter Arm, Left and Right-$8,000


Hydargon Hydraulics, Arms-$3,990

Shuriken Hydraulics, Legs-$5,000

Ol' Pummler Hydraulics, Arms and Legs-$10,000

Spined Fist-$2,000

Hammer Fist-$3,000


Dartan Industries Generation 2 Controller-$500

We also sell pre-made robots, some made from junkyard parts and some of our parts!

JU=Junkyard Parts NP=New Parts

Generation 1 Robot, Brawler-Type Level 2-$3,000 (JU)

Generation 1 Robot, Stone Wall-Type Level 1-$1,490 (JU)

Generation 2 Robot, Glass Cannon-Type Level 3-$15,000 (NP)

Generation 2 Robot, Fragile Speedster-Type Level 3-$7,040 (JU)

Generation 2 Robot, Game Breaker-Type Level 2-$10,230 (NP)

Generation 3 Robot, Lightning Bruiser-Type Level 3-$12,400 (NP)

Generation 3 Robot, Blitz Cannon-Type Level 5-$42,000 (NP)

Generation 3 Robot, Demolisher-Type Level 3-$10,000 (JU)

Generation 3 Robot, Game Breaker-Type Level 3-$27,800 (JU)

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the community, we donate 50% of the shop proceeds to the Global Mech Foundation. This shop is run by Raymond's aunt, and our headquarters is in Manila, Philippines.

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