Raven is well know for its three arm design, two for normal impact and one for sharp, bladed damage.

Raven, the Deadlock

Given Name: Raven

Weight: 1500 lbs

Power: 96/100

Strength: 91/100

Speed: 78/100

Special Move: Max

Intelligence: Max

Armor: 83/100

Special Moves

Power Penetrate - Executed every start of the fight. Raven heavily punches the opponent with its right and 3rd arm. Raven does this 2-4 times.

Blitzcloud - Raven forms a Blitzcloud, or a Thundercloud as Crimson Typhoon describes. This formation energizes Raven by 500% and maximizes the power.

Blitzcloud Sparrow - Barrage of punches focused on the whole body.

Blitzcloud Ram - Barrage of punches focused on the upper body and head.

Blitzcloud Ultimatum - Ultimate finish. Does the Ram first then delivers a blow to the head.

EP1: The Origin of the Raven

Crimson Typhoon is created, a Jaeger that was designed to defeat the Kaiju. Tan Huang, an artist, has been trying to create robot boxers using his art. He draws magnificent art of the landscapes, mythology, and more. He is also an avid Pacific Rim fan.

Tan was finished sketching his prototype of Crimsun, a robot inspired by the Jaeger Crimson Typhoon. The robot looks almost exactly like the Jaeger. Equipped with the huge face flashlight, the three-arm configuration, and the original Thundercloud, he thought that he was ready.

He took the sketches to Yuah Chin Robot Creators to create the robot. The company took 2 months to finish. Once Tan received the robot, he thought that it was time to test him.

He flew to the location of the Crash Palace to battle Aquabot, who seems to always look broken because of all the losses it took. He won the first fight, but the second fight was tough. Gambit hit all targets and heavily damaged Crimsun. Tan activates the Thundercloud and annihilates the opponent.

He thought that he was on a winning spree, winning 2 more matches against Fat Boy and Bluebot. But sadly for him, the match with Blacktop marked the end of Tan's robot.

A robot who had high expectations to win against Zeus and the WRB fell short to the 'bot from hell.

Tan went home, sobbing on his sketches. On the next day, he returned to Yuah Chin to report and ask for repairs. Unfortunately, they turned it down, marking the grave end of Tan Huang's robot boxing career. Or is it?

Ronnie Bledsoe, an experienced fighter and a friend of Blake Herman, called the worried Tan Huang. He said that he can help him repair the robot with a loan. Tan became joyful again and accepted the offer, but because of his career, which he does not want to continue, he would give Crimsun to Ronnie.

After a month, Ronnie repaired and enhanced the robot, renamed it, and took it home. He renamed the robot Raven, redesigned the fists, added new moves, and created the Blitzcloud.

"I think I'm ready."

EP2: Raven's Destiny

Ronnie took Raven to the Crash Palace to fight Aquabot "once again". Aquabot's owner looked confused as he says, "This robot looks familiar."

The two start the fight and Aquabot is stunned immediately by Raven's Power Penetrate. Aquabot stands up and misses two of its three jabs. Raven does an uppercut to Aquabot's jaw, loosening the head. Raven then hooks the head with the third arm, and Raven wins. Aquabot's owner looked confused once again, thinking that the former Crimsun is now the Raven, and is much, much stronger now.

The owner shakes hands with Ronnie, wishing him good luck going to the next fights.

Even if this was Raven/Crimsun's fourth win in five matches, it technically becomes one win because of the name change.

Ronnie smiles with excitement. He thought that he can slaughter the other boxing mechs easily with the third arm advantage, but how about Asura?

He then books a fight in Detroit versus the four-armed Asura, a which would be a year after the Aquabot fight. Ronnie thinks that he can fight Asura to test his strength against a quadruple-armed beast.

But how?

EP3: Destined Further

Raven versus Bluebot would be the next fight in R. Bledsoe's career of handling Raven.

The match started, and once again, Raven would start with a Power Penetrate, making this its tradition. Bluebot landed a couple of successful punches on Raven's chest, denting some of it. Ronnie, realizing that he is in some trouble, launches the Blitzcloud Sparrow and knocks Bluebot on the floor. Raven enters Hunting Mode and destroys Bluebot, ripping its head into steel shards. Ronnie claims $2600.

His next fight would be against Blacktop and Six-Shooter. Raven sought revenge from Blacktop, and in turn, Raven won, with Blacktop's owner furious at the familiar 'bot. As for Six-Shooter, Raven also defeated the cowboy. Ronnie won $11,500 from both fights combined.

And here comes Midas, the Gold Blooded Killer itself. The quest for the Underworld would come to a victory or a defeat. Artie Bakker demanded no rematches, so Ronnie had to be the best that he could be.

"The Underworld Champion! The Gold Blooded Killer, introducing Midas!"

"The Deadlock, it will conquer the battle, introducing Raven!"

The fight starts and Midas gets the upper hand despite the Power Penetrate. Things aren't looking good as Raven has been knocked down. It has been seven seconds...eight...nine...

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