This is an archive of what Ravagor used to be, this is outdated... and really, really bad.

There are a ton of collaborations and stories here and they are all canon in Ravagor's story, which is being continued in the updated Ravagor page, although the stories here aren't written very well.

Everything below this initial message is a copy and paste from directly before I restarted.


−The story and everything was fan-made this was only made by me ( ScauldyTheScauldron ) 

- If you would like to partner with me like few others message me! More information at the partnership section.

- Ravagor's story is being continued.

- Everything written before Season 5 Episode 2 is badly written, I was a little kid writing it.


'− '− STRENGTH: 98/100 

'− '− SPEED: 80/100

'− '− INTELLIGENCE: 90/100 

'− '− SPECIAL MOVES: 90/100 



'− '− SIGNATURE MOVES:  Spin-fist, Gamma Ray Burst Destruction

'− '− ORIGIN:  Philippines

− '− OPENING LINE: 'Always feared, and spreads destruction. Kneel down to the bot of the ruins, RAVAGOR!


'− '− HANDLER: Mark Hedhon 

'− '− RANK: Robot Annihilator

'− '− SKILL: Overpowered



Episodes will be divided into seasons! Most being focused on a certain robot. Each season will have 5 episodes or less. There will be a total of 6 seasons, Season names will be listed here in this section.

Season 1 - Rise of a Champion - Ravagor, newly built.. Must be the robot king by fighting them all one by one.

Season 2 - Lockdown - Another new robot challenges, although beginning his journey to be the top robot boxer, Ravagor accepts.

Season 3 - Bandit - A new popular bot has risen, and Ravagor must defeat him for the title.

Season 4 - Stryder - The Fast Titan has made it's way into the ring and Ravagor needs to deal with him as the last time he fought him. He lost.

Season 5 - Rewire - An unknown person creates replicas of Global Mech members and challenges their members to a battle, will they succeed?

Season 1 Episode 1 - The Bunker Buster Problem -

PLOT: After defeating Zeus, Ravagor then fights against Noisy Boy and Bio War but both bots were controlled by the same character, Skysteam, Skysteam's strongest bot was Bunker Buster, once Fawk found out Ravagor challenged Bunker to a match. After a while he knew the fight was worse then he imagined.

Ravagor was a bot owned by Artie Bakker but then lost in a bet, Ravagor was owned by Fawk Hedhon and defeated Blacktop, Metro, Sixshooter and Bluebot, 1 month later He fought Midas. Ravagor won and decapitaded both arms one leg and the head with his special move.He joined the WRB and defeated the bot he was going against. the bot he was going against was Twin Cities that had a black and purple paint job and better than before. Ravagor won the battle punching off the left head and using his "Legal" special move to take off the right. Later then he challenged Zeus to a battle. The battle lasted for twenty minutes. Zeus lost an arm in the seventeenth minute and lost too much power then fell down causing a knockout. After Ravagors win he had the chance of getting the King of the Robots title but Fawk Hedhon didn't allow this nickname change, after this he fought Fatboy, Bio War, Touchdown, Excavator, Cosmobot, Blockbuster and as many bots as he can find. He hasn't lost, not even once. Shortly after he fought against a new Bio War then later was defeated with a head decapitation. Strangely enough there was also an upgraded Noisy Boy but still lost with his leg and head removed.

Then he found out that the two bots were owned by the same man Skysteam. Fawk also found out his strongest bot was Bunker Buster and then wanted a good challenge. Later after he was fighting another one of Skysteams bots then after Ravagor won Fawk asked Skysteam if he could battle Bunker Buster the next day. Skysteam gladly accepted and then the next day both bots were all pumped up. The starting bell rang and both bots hit each other in the face harshly. The match lasted for 1 hour and 33 minutes. It got more intense that ravagor kicked bunker buster in the back and pushed bunker into the Underworld chains causing them to break into peices. Halves of the crowd was cheering for both robots. Then Ravagor missed one punch letting Bunker take the upper hand. Bunker Buster was beating up Ravagor and Ravagor's punches were missing frequently then Bunker buster was just doing the same exact move then Ravagor timed it right and dodged it because he knew that he was going to do that move. After that Ravagor was going completely brutal against Bunker giving Bunker Buster many leg and fist marks. Then straight after Bunker done his strongest strike and Ravagor wanted to end it with his strongest strike also then both bots hit each other in the face at the same time. The man counted to 10 with neither bots getting up a fraction. both owners shook to try to not battle each other again and both split the 10 million dollar prize. Since then both owners has joined the WRB ending with great results.

Behind the story!

Haha! The first episode has begun! Now wait for more of Ravagors adventure! :D This was really fun to make.

Season 1 Episode 2 - The New Competition -

PLOT: The W.R.B opens a new competition which is a tag team tournament, Fawk had no one to team with and Skysteam had no one to team with. They then team with each other and fight against a lot of new bots but then they have a tough match against Atom and Zeus.

Skysteam fought Golden Noisy Boy in the WRB tournament, won the battle and took the golden noisy boy home. Then Fawk Hedhon, (owner of Ravagor) had put Ravagor in the WRB and Ravagor took on Golden Twin Cities. This ended up as a battle as Ravagor was raging through the tournament not missing or getting knocked out once. Ravagor gotten serious after the Bunker Buster battle. Few months later there was a tournament. It was Ravagor vs Zeus and Bunker Buster vs Ultrobael. Bunker Buster won the match and Ravagor won against Zeus ending to a crazy battle. Bunker Buster vs Ravagor. Some of the crowd has already seen the Underworld III match but they would not want to see another long show. A day later the fight was starting, Ravagor was completely bright and shiny painted with Gold and Diamonds and had a Power Core size of 50 battles. Ravagor and Bunker Buster were fully upgraded and were stronger then ever known. The starting bell rung and both robots gave each other a hard punch in the face, knocking both off balance. The robots quickly caught balance. There was three rounds of blocked punches, until Bunker Buster gave Ravagor a Double Uppercut right under this blocking arms, and sent Ravagor stumbling back a little bit. Bunker used this opportunity to give Ravagor a Massive punch to the chest, but Ravagor dodged and sent Bunker behind him a meter. One hour of intense and partially boring fighting for the crowd later, Bunker's head was half bashed in, he was missing his left arm and Ravagor's new core was already half empty (because Bunker Buster had severely damaged it). Ravagor's shin new paint job was dented and scratched and many of the Diamonds had fallen out. Another hour passed and the battle was about to end (about half of the crowd had also left) . After the many hours of fighting, both of the robots armor was very weak, the next hit would determine the winner both bots seized the opportunity. They where both inches away from knocking each other out, but their power cores both went out at the same moment. Both robots smashed to the floor, and the match was declared over. While both robots where reconstructed by their owners they were not allowed to fight again in the WRB, because he would lose a high amount of money (20 million) because literally nobody would show up. They both split the Four Million dollar prize money. 2 months later after the ban on doing Bunker Buster vs Ravagor fights WRB earned enough money to make an all new tournament the WRB T.T.T. World Robot Boxing Tag Team Tournament. Ravagor and his owner wanted to join the WRB T.T.T but he didnt know what his partner would be. Antares and Koutetsu have joined and so has Menasor and Headsmasher has also joined. Later then Fawk had a great idea. He would invite skysteam after that he had heard Skysteam is looking for a partner too. the tournament starts next week. Then a day later Fawk put an invitation to his warehouse for an agreement to battle in the WRB T.T.T. Will Skysteam accept the T.T.T invitation. Later that day he got the invitation. He gladly accepted it and went to the warehouse and done many work to work on fixing and upgrading all of his bots for the tournament. 2 months later after the ban on doing Bunker Buster vs Ravagor fights WRB earned enough money to make an all new tournament the WRB T.T.T. World Robot Boxing Tag Team Tournament. Ravagor and his owner wanted to join the WRB T.T.T but he did not know what his partner would be. Antares and Koutetsu have joined and so has Menasor and Headsmasher has also joined. Later then Fawk had a great idea. He would invite skysteam after that he had heard Skysteam is looking for a partner too. The tournament starts next week. Then a day later Fawk put an invitation to his warehouse for an agreement to battle in the WRB T.T.T. The next day Skysteam got the invitation. He gladly accepted it and went to the warehouse and done many work to work on fixing and upgrading all of his bots for the tournament. The next week the tournament started and Ravagor and Bunker Buster was better than ever known. The head of the WRB was shocked and still could accept this team-up. Both robots entered the ring. The first match Albino and Abandon vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster. Ravagor held down Albino and was decapitated by Bunker Buster by doing an uppercut putting the head in the back and Ravagor ripped it off. Abandon had his head decapitated also while Bunker Buster took his leg and threw him to Ravagor punched him in the back throwing his body back to Bunker Buster giving a final blow to the head. The battle was over in just 7 minutes. Battle 2 was Axel Rod and Blac Jac vs Bunker Buster and Ravagor. Ravagor destroyed Blac Jac and Bunker Buster decapitated Axel Rod. Battle 3 was Noisy Boy and Midas and Midas was destroyed by Ravagor and Noisy Boy had both arms ripped off one arm each by both Bunker and Ravagor then Bunker gave Noisy a powerful punch to the face. Battle 4 was Camelot and Touchdown and this fight was a decapitating joy with both bots have their arms and head decapitated. Battle 5 was Danger Zone and Twin Cities then Ravagor held twin cities down and Bunker Buster gave a double head decapitation to twin cities then danger zone had both arms decapitated and head lost. Battle 6 was Antares and Koutetsu this time Antares and Koutetsu was surrounding Ravagor and brutally beating him up until Ravagor gave a blow to the face and threw Antares to Bunker Buster letting bunker buster take his head off. then koutetsu was surrounded with no help then both bots punched koutetsu in the same time making him fall down for 10 seconds. Battle 7 was Bio War and War Path when the starting bell rang War Path ran straight to Ravagor and done the charlie special giving Ravagor rage then brutally decapitating War Path then he turned around to Bio War and punched him in the face and Bunker Buster took his leg off and head too. Battle 8 was Menasor V2 and Headsmasher so then Menasor was very strong so Ravagor went for him first 2 minutes later he was decapitated and Headsmasher wanted Bunker and Ravagors head so he came running to them while ravagor was cheering to the fans then Bunker Buster quickly decapitated him saving Ravagor. Battle 9 was Gambit and Nitro and in the battle Nitro got close to decapitating ravagor until he sidestepped and took his head off then Bunker finished Gambit off. The final battle was Zeus and Atom. This one was crazy, It lasted for 2 hours and 17 minutes. The match started off with Atom using the jump-punch (not actual name) on Ravagor severely damaging his motherboard. Zeus used nuke-fist on Bunker Buster dodged then went for a strike but then Zeus quickly done a counter-hit. Bunker Buster fell down on the floor. Ravagor gave Bunker a hand and exactly once Bunker got up, Zeus and Atom punched him in the face at the same time. Atom started beating up Bunker and Zeus gave Ravagor a beating too. Ravagor fell to the floor and Fawk Hedhon and Skysteam thought it was the end. After 9 minutes of fighting Zeus hadnt gotten a fist mark at all and Atom too. 1 hour and 14 mins later when Atom was about to do the final blow and Zeus was about to decapitate Ravagor. Ravagor dodges and right before Atom punched, Ravagor hit Atom in the elbow causing the whole arm to fall off and then Bunker quickly recovered. At the mere end of the battle. Zeus put Ravagor to the ground. on the 7th second Ravagor got up and for an apparent reason Ravagor's neon color changed from yellow to red. and on Ravagor's remote control v6, all Armor, Power and Speed have went on full power. Then quickly destroyed Zeus's Motherboard and Powercore. Leaving Zeus defenseless. Then Ravagor decapitated Zeus's head. And Atom was ripped apart by Bunker Buster leaving with a lucky victory.

Behind the story!

Damn son, this took a long time. A lot of breaks were taken, there were a lot of partnerships on this one lol! So far one of our longest episodes. The longest will be the last :P

Season 1 Episode 3 - The Robot Competition -

PLOT: Ravagor gets invited to Hawaii for a robot boxing competition, Ravagor then battles a new strong robot named The Sarge which seems to be a tough one when you actually fight him.   The episode starts off with Fawk knocking on Skysteams door, Skysteam opens and asks Fawk why Fawks here. Fawk tells Skysteam he is taking a plane to USA for the greatest robot competition but he does not have enough money to go back to the UK or to bring Skysteam with him, Fawk tells him that they can't be a team anymore since he can only go by himself. Skysteam says his goodbye and Fawk drives away. Fawk reaches his plane and finds a bunch of competitors. The plane arrives in the US then Fawk goes to the arena. Fawk fights a few bots then gets to the finals, the bot was named Sting-rhino, Sting was as tough as Bunker and it was a great fight. Sting-rhino brought ravagor to the ground for at least seven seconds. Ravagor stood up and done his hardest blow to his power-core chip and disables his knowledge of moves and sight, Rhino started hitting imaginary objects and Ravagor took the final blow. Ravagor reached the finals and was going against a bot named The Sarge. Fawk was surprised on how impressive the bot was built. And started doing research on the bot. The Sarge's stats were powerful which actually worried Fawk. The next day Fawk was ready for the battle, but he thought he saw a familiar face in the stands, but before he could make out who it was, the match was about to start. 3 2 1 Go!!, The battle was intense due to the close stats they have together. The Sarge was a lot stronger than Sting-rhino and when Ravagor was doing chassis punches he thought the Sarge couldnt even feel it. The Sarge done a right hook to Ravagor's face and then used his feet to trip him down then stomped on his face as hard as he can. Ravagor almost lost until he stood up then used spin-fist hitting The Sarge's face multiple times. Sarge done a right jab while Ravagor done a left jab knocking Sarge out and tripping Ravagor they both stood up then kicked each other in each others knees breaking Sarges and disarming Ravagors. They both were not able to stand up both giving up making the battle a draw. Both winners split the prize and they both got gold medals and both were put in the winners wall. Fawk walked up to the familar person he saw earlier and got a shock as he found out that it was Skysteam. They greeted each other and were so happy that they saw each other. Fawk requested to team-up with each other again. Skysteam told Fawk that he was unsure but he was planning on just going to watch.

Behind the story!

Quite short but awesome! Sarge was pretty awesome to collaborate with, he is an awesome bot and would love to do more with Sean.

Season 1 Episode 4 - The Robot Graveyard -

PLOT: When Ravagor gets home he joins an Underground Illegal tournament then fights against Oneway and Logsplinter while tagging with Bunker Buster during the match.

After the match against The Sarge, Fawk went back home then Fawk started to improve his bot due to how weak he was against a bot like Sarge. After finishing his chestplate upgrade and finally molding in Ravagors deadly diamond piston arms, Fawk went outside to search the internet on his iPhone and found out there is a tournament where the prize is 1 billion dollars. Ravagor signed up and Skysteam signed up as a backup and a watcher. Ravagor joined the tournament and beaten all the contestants beside the finalist. The finalists name was Oneway. The match lasted long. Ravagor done his spin-fist cracking a piece of his head power-core. But ravagor just caused Oneway's madness attack and knocked down ravagor several times. Skysteam currently watching felt bad and called a tag since it was in the rulebook. Skysteam brought in his upgraded Bunker Buster bot and got in the ring. Oneway's backup partner named Logsplinter. Oneway jumped and kicked ravagor in the face. Logsplinters left fist was destroyed by Bunker but Oneway threw Ravagor on Bunker. Ravagor knew it was a tough fight but then Ravagor realised the two holes with wires on Oneway's shoulders and the model of the body, legs and head. It was an exact replica of twin cities and the gold version. And while he was watching Atom vs Twin Cities years ago he remembers the weakness Twin Cities had. Ravagor amputated Oneways arms by using the weakness against him then decapitated Oneway. But Logsplinter was still alive and beating up Bunker Buster then Ravagor jumped on Logsplinters back giving him weight then Logsplinter falls. While Ravagor was holding Logsplinter down Bunker finished him off giving them a win and 1 billion dollars each and golden medals and trophies.

Behind the story!

Another short episode, I almost forgot about this. Logsplinter was a bot I quickly made up while writing the story.

Season 1 Episode 5 - The Afterworld -

PLOT: Fawk got an invitation to a new battle arena which is crazier then The Underworld and The W.R.B put together, Ravagor finds out that these matches are way stronger then he thought they will be.

Fawk was walking down the road and then he saw his home, He went inside but before he did he checked his mailbox, inside his mailbox was an invitation to a tournament called "The Afterworld" it did not say anything about it it just said "Bring your bot" and a location. Fawk asked Skysteam what it was about since he was given an invitation. Once he was there his first match was against Bunker Buster. Bunker was using his sonar against Ravagor but then Ravagor spin-fisted Bunkers face. Ravagor then won the match by using Gamma-Ray Burst Destruction but not shattering his head since they are friends. The next match was against Menasor V2, Ravagor done a Temple Punch Combo then Menasor V2 done it back. Menasor V2 pushes Ravagor to the corner of the ring and brutally beats him up but then the bell saved him. The next round Ravagor double spinfisted Menasor making him weak then Ravagor used his Gamma-Ray Burst on Menasors chest making him fall. The Sarge was easy to beat but then The Sarge won the first round. On the second round Ravagor used a "real" Gamma-Ray Burst on his head. Sean Brasse was mad but Fawk had it planned since he had a painted attatchable upgraded Bio War head. The next match was against Stryder which was the championship match. Stryder ran and punched Ravagor in the face then Stryder tried to uppercut Ravagor but then Ravagor thunderclapped Stryder. Stryder light attacked Ravagor a few times then Ravagor uppercutted Stryder twice. Ravagor used Shogun Trinity pushing Stryder on the ground then Stryder got back up and punched Ravagor in the face. The round bell rang and Stryder repaired his head and Ravagor used Attack Boost. Ravagor punched Stryder's six pack a few times then Stryder double uppercutted him, Ravagor used Headbutt and Nukefist combo put then Ravagor was distracted and Stryder dodged it then Stryder used Thermal Charge knocking Ravagor down. Ravagor was almost up but then he fell down again and lost. Stryder won the 10,000 prize making Fawk go in a rage while destroying all the crates and robot parts around him and also knocking shelves down on the way out.

Behind the story!

Well, Stryder won. Crap. But Ravagor will get his revenge! soon.

Ravagor's Upgrade (Mini-Story)

After Ravagor's loss in the Afterworld Fawk spent a lot of his money to upgrade his bot. Fawk gave Ravagor durasteel everything and some new diamond covering painted gunmetal black. Ravagor was getting upgraded for 5 months with no disturbance except to buy food or drinks from Restaurants. After a while Ravagor asked for a replica of Zeus from Tak Mashido for 5 billion dollars. Tak accepted it to get even more money since Fawk and Skysteam has already paid him alot of money for a new version of Zeus (hint hint :D) When Fawk was finished with the upgrade Ravagor was dentless and shining and ready for new battles.

New Features Added:

  • All new controller screen
  • New design
  • Durasteel and Diamond plating
  • Gunmetal black paint
  • Powercore, Motherboard, Hydraulics and Gas tank upgraded.
  • Lower chance of getting dented or pierced
  • Zeus adaptive fight code v2

Behind the story!

Lol, I was like high when I made this. Seems legit.

Death of a Billionaire (Mini-Story)

When Ravagor was finished getting upgraded Ravagor assigned a rematch against Stryder. Ravagor was in the truck and Fawk was driving to The Afterworld for the match and then after a speed bump Ravagor fell over tipping the truck over then crashed into a nearby cinema. In the hospital Fawk's son named Mark to his room. Fawk told Mark that he needed Mark to use Ravagor for future battles, Fawk then gave Mark leadership over Team Mech, all the money, The warehouse and Ravagor. Mark then accepted and took care of all the items he has been given. Fawk then died in the coma.

Behind the story!

I only done this to add a bit more drama into the story. I bet no one expected this to happen in a story like mine.

Season 2 Episode 1 - Gates of Hell -

PLOT: Mark puts Ravagor in the the gates of hell after the tragic accident on the road, Mark then learns he needs Ravagor to battle bots as strong as Ravagor himself to win unpredictable amounts of money, But then Ravagor gets offhand and then gets badly damaged during the fight between Ravagor and Menasor V2.

Mark was there.. Just building, He went to his room and saw A sheet of paper on his bedside, he read it and it said that he could join something called the Gates of Hell.. He then drove to the place and used his passcode. Mark and Ravagor got in for the money and took some fights against a lot of bots like: Midas, Metro, Oneway, Demolisher, Bluebot and Others. Someone walked up to him and said "You have proven yourself worthy.. Would you like to fight my bot Menasor V2?". Mark replied happily and said "Oh finally a challenge! Lets go!" The man led him to Flame Sparkle Arena where Fawks last battle was held against Stryder. Mark put Ravagor in the ring, Ravagor ran up to Menasor and tried to get a nice right hook to his face but Menasor amazingly so fast dodged and sweeped Ravagor to the floor, Ravagor got up and started punching but Menasor kept dodging and eventually ran around Ravagor and gave a blow to his chest causing him to fall. Mark was confused since he was upgrading Ravagor for months. Ravagor got up and moved his left fist halfway through the air confusing Menasor and then Ravagor gives a blow to the stomach with his right arm.. Causing Menasor to fall, His owner was trying so hard to get him back up but eventually Menasor did in the 7th second. Menasor ran to Ravagor doing a combo on Ravagor so hard it damaged his armor giving it a deep dent. Ravagor fell on his knees but got up and sweeped Menasor to the floor but due to Menasors devastating combo, It was slow and Menasor dodged it then uppercutted Ravagor, Mark felt screwed. Menasor grabbed Ravagor and tossed him through the ring, Ravagor was having a hard time.. The man was counting "6! 7! 8!" Then Mark pressed random buttons until he pressed a button labled "OVERDRIVE-EMERGENCY ONLY". Ravagor got up extremely fast and somehow his stats grew higher, Menasor ran to Ravagor to try and do his devastating combo but Ravagor moved to the left exactly when he was going to do his first blow and hit Menasor in the stomach "EXTREMELY" hard, Menasor fell and his owner was doing everything he could, Menasor couldnt get up at all and lost in 10 seconds, Mark felt glad but then Ravagor fell down eventually due to the overdrive buttons side effects, Marks controller generated a large timer on the upper right to tell him when he can use the overdrive button again. Mark was happy that he one and went off to sign autographs but.. He saw a familiar face, He walked up to him and saw.. His bully from primary school with a robot behind him.. Mark hated him and challenged him to a fight with his bot. He accepted... Ravagor vs Lockdown.. It spread all over the news coming on May 12th

Behind the story!

Menasor was really cool to work with. It was with an admin! Woot woot. I chose Lockdown as a name because I liked the Transformers Animated series at that time. You can actually see me looking the on the wiki on one of the pictures I made that is on this page.

Season 2 Episode 2 - Time's Up -

PLOT: A new bot named Golem has been seen fighting others, And Mark must battle him to see which bot could win. Mark see's Golem for himself and finds a giant robot like Ravagor with huge fists and thick armour. But Ravagor can take him on.. or can he?

Mark was in his bed, it was morning and he got a text. It sent him to a fighting arena so he brought Ravagor out. Mark saw a giant robot, and he knew he must fight him. The ground shook and a platform rose with Ravagor and Golem on it. Rylan was confused why it was on this but he would still fight anyways, the round started! Golem tried to do a jab to Ravagors face, but Mark didnt try to make it too fast to make sure he wont slip off. But then Ravagor saw Golem get knocked off balanced and was getting close to the edge, Ravagor kept punching Golem but Golem started to get back on the platform. Golem sused a strong hook, uppercut, roundhouse combo to Ravagor's head. The first round ended with both bots suffering minimal damage. The second round started, Ravagor done a hook but Golem takes his arm and makes him punch himself, Ravagor comes back with a strong kick which makes Golem slightly knocked back, Golem then used his signature counter move, Counter Clockwork, which made Ravagor have a dent in his left leg. Ravagor recovered from it then Golem tries to shove Ravagor out of the ring. Ravagor somehow grabbed on the platform but Golem striked his foot down on Ravagor's hand causing him to fall. But Ravagor tried to leap causing a slight move and grabbed Golem's foot to bring him down. They both fell causing minor damage but Ravagor hit the ground first. Golem has won the battle.

While leaving the battle, a recognizable person challenges Fawk while signing autographs.

Behind the story!

Golem was awesome! I kinda helped out with making the bot and I loved the idea of the fight in the air, I still wonder how the viewers saw the fight :P

Season 2 Episode 3 - Locked Down -

PLOT: Mark meets an unknown opponent in the crowd while signing autographs, he then challenges Ravagor to a match with his bot named Lockdown, Ravagor then finds out that Lockdown is very similar to Ravagor and gets beat up during the first round

Mark was finished upgrading Ravagor's power core, He was driving over the Flame Sparkle Arena. Lockdown was already there, He had a menacing look and is similar to Ravagor. The Bully (named Kent Harlfom) activated Lockdown, 3. 2. 1, Fight! Ravagor done a hard hit to the chest. Lockdown then punched Ravagor in the face multiple times, Lockdown done his Locked Down combo causing Ravagor to fall. Ravagor got up on the 6th second then done his Spin Fist. Lockdown's face was pretty bashed up. Lockdown's pistons inside pushed all the dents out and beat up Ravagor ever so powerfully. Ravagor punched him but he blocked and got Ravagor down to the ground, And got beat up once again. A few minutes later Ravagor was ready to be destroyed.. 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! then Ravagor went full power and switched places with Lockdown and got him down to the floor, Lockdown tried to do Locked Down where he opens his hand revealing a hook and gets it straight in the head, Lockdown opened up his hand revealing the hook and tried to smash it in Ravagors head but Ravagor dodged quickly, went behind him and amputated the arm with the hook. He threw it on the floor and continued to give Lockdown a beating, Ravagor worn out Lockdown's head using Spin-Fist then took Lockdown's arm and stuck the hook onto Lockdown's head and then Ravagor used his elbow to decapitate Lockdown. Leaving Ravagor with a victory.

Behind the story!

Wow, this story was really short. I am sorry if this came out late.

Season 2 Episode 4 - Crimson 'n' Tackle - 

PLOT: After leaving the Gates of Hell, Afterworld and D'Beasts. Ravagor and Stryder has went to the W.R.B to try and win their first championship trophy. During the finals Ravagor and Bunker Buster face off a new team.. Tackle and Crimson Carnage.

Mark Hedhon is searching through the internet looking for a good fight, and eventually comes accross in with a tag team tournament, Mark calls Skysteam if he wanted to do a few fights and then accepted, They dominated through the rounds and were in the final's. It was Tackle and Crimson Carnage, it was weird as they were enemies but the same happened with Fawk and Skysteam but they went on with the fight. The fight begins with Tackle taking down Ravagor and punching him repeatedly. But Bunker does well when fighting Crimson, Tackle gets off Ravagor and takes down Bunker but then Ravagor punches Tackle from behind. Crimson suddenly pushes him to the corner but then Ravagor used the springs installed in his foot to run and then hop so he could take Crimson down. Crimson is down while Ravagors legs are around his body but Crimson gets out of the situation and uppercut's Ravagor and is downed but is lucky since the ten second rule does not apply.Bunker is held by Crimson, Ravagor is down.. Tackle is about to tackle Bunker to destroy him, Mark then quickly throws a fighting move installer to Skysteam, he uploads it and uses it. Bunker turns around and Crimson gets badly damaged by Tackle and eventually breaks into peices. After that Bunker tries to get Ravagor up and Tackle tries to tackle Bunker, Ravagor punches Bunker in the leg and falls and Tackle runs through the chains and gets out of the ring. Ravagor jumps out gets on Tackles back, Tackle struggles very hard but Ravagor eventually pulled Tackles head off and Bunker uses Rocket Fist which broke through Tackles middle core.

Behind the story!

I don't know where I got this idea, but it was really nice to work with Skysteam again.

Season 2 Episode 5 - Bringing the Heat -

'PLOT: Blacktop is back, with a big upgrade and challenges, Ravagor for embarassing him by beating him in the first round. And Blacktop hes not weak, no.. He is pretty much as strong as Zeus, And will get his revenge.

It was an early morning, Mark still awake, he suddenly got a call. It was from Blacktop's owner. He said to book a match in the WRB site and so then Mark searched it up and went in. He got the fight booked for the next day.

The next day

Ravagor and Mark came to the WRB together and were in the ring but then saw Blacktop coming, He didnt look average.. His owner shouted "Want breakfast? Just wait for someone to shout ten and we have a nice, fried Ravagor!". Blacktops owner (Brick Red) angrily walked away and got to his seat, The match started with Ravagor trying to kick Blacktop 2.0 but dodges it and roundhouse kicks Ravagor. Ravagor's on the ground but then Ravagor charged at Blacktop 2.0 which damaged him bad, But somehow got up in a few milliseconds. Brick punched Ravagor repeatedly and kicks him to the chains but then Ravagor stops trips down Blacktop 2.0. Ravagor jabbed hard on Blacktop 2.0's head while he was on the floor but it didn't move, Blacktop headbutted Ravagor and then done a quick combo and ended it with a roundhouse kick. Mark was down for five seconds, He was going to lose, Mark then thought how his father died, He tried to get to a boxing match, He loved boxing.. Now Mark needs to take his place. 7! Brick was laughing and smiling in his side but Mark done his hop move and eventually got up, He ran to Blacktop 2.0 and dodged his punch then quickly punched Blacktop 2.0 in the face. He trips him over and waits for him to get up and then he did he jabbed then went for a straight then left jab then right then left then right then done a straight punch which knocked him back, Mark selected Shadow Box mode in his controller and attempted the Atom Jump Punch. Blacktop 2.0's head loosened and his HUD was messy, Ravagor looked and pleased the crowd but Blacktop 2.0 got back in the match he tried to punch Ravagor but he took Blacktop 2.0's fist and pushed it down and then he kicked him back to his spot, Ravagor needed to end the match and could see his loosened head, He ran up then dodged Blacktop 2.0's roundhouse kick by doing a spin-move then slided left. Ravagor then used a winning uppercut.

Behind the story!

Blacktop 2.0, I have absolutely NO idea how I got this idea. Though these are one of the times where I took a really long break.


Season 3 Episode 1 - The Golden One -

PLOT: During a break from fighting, Mark receives a call from an unknown person, he asks for a match. And of course, Ravagor comes.

Mark was in bed, tired from all that hard work on upgrading Ravagor. He was so happy that he can have a break from fighting. Mark got up, and went to Subway to get a snack. He was there, eating at his table until he got a phone call. The guy said,

"Meet me at 76 Templar Road and bring your bot... Mark. The guy will ask you what bot code I have, mine is TheGolden1"

Mark finished eating and went home, put Ravagor in the truck and went to 76 Templar Road. There was a huge boxing ring over there. He stepped in and the man asked him, "Well well well, here we have Mark Hedhon! What bot are you fighting today? What is his code?" Mark wrote TheGolden1 on the piece of paper. And the man told him to go through Gate 6. Mark went to Gate 6 and there was a boxing ring. And on one side, there was a bot that looked like a golden Ambush. He called himself Ambush 2.0. Ravagor went in the boxing ring and the bell rang!

Ambush 2.0 rushed across the ring and packed a roundhouse, trying to get a quick K.O. but Ravagor ducked and did a few jabs to Ambush 2.0's lower torso. Ravagor saw Ambush 2.0 backed off and there is a cross and a hook to Ravagor's head. A powerful uppercut sent Ambush 2.0 to the ropes and Ravagor started to pound the bot right away. And Round 1 ended like that. Round 2 and Round 3 are just two bot showing each bot lazy moves and lazily dodged. But in Round 4 it became serious. Ravagor spin-fisted Ambush 2.0 head (half of his faceplate fell off) and a powerful kick knocked his leg off. Ambush 2.0 lays a smackdown on Ravagor and caused Ravagor lost a foot, a well-timed chop sent Ravagor's arm off. Both robots are in bad shape towards Round 5 but both still managed to stand. The bell went. The first judge said Ravagor. The second judge said Ambush 2.0. The third judge said...... Ravagor! Ravagor wins by scoreboard by 80-74! Mark left Templar and went home with $50,000. And another month of repair.

Behind the story!

Ahh, the good ol' Ambush 2.0 vs Ravagor fight. I forgot this one as well.

Season 3 Episode 2 - Bandit the Marauder -

PLOT: Bandit is now seen by thousands of fans which makes Mark want to battle him to see that he is way better than Bandit. It was a challenging fight and may be Ravagors last.. Will he be destroyed in this battle? Or will Ravagor triumph once again..

Mark wakes up and on his radio he suddenly hears "Bandit wins again! That is his 30th bot down and that makes a 30 winstreak!"

Mark thinks to himself, "He thinks he's so good ey?, Lets see what this Bandit thing can do." Mark tracks down the owner of Bandit and finds his name on the internet. James Lightning, He finds his phone number and calls James. Mark says "We need a fight, Meet Ravagor at Flame Sparkle Arena, Don't be late and be ready." James replies "Or you should be the one to get ready."

Ravagor was there in the ring at Flame Sparkle Arena and James Lightning was there, with Bandit. Bandit jumped up to the ring. And then.. 3, 2, 1... Fight! Ravagor ran and slided left which dodged Bandits attack. Ravagor then uses his piston fists to give him a bunch of punches to the left side of his Torso. Bandit punches Ravagor putting him to the ropes and Bandit wraps his arm around Ravagor's head, but before he can hit. Ravagor slipped out and kicked Bandit. Ravagor then done a barrage of punches to Bandits head weakening it. But Bandit makes a comeback and uses Marauder Combo. Ravagor tries to strike back but falls down right after. Ravagor comes right up. Ravagor tries to punch Bandit but dodges. Bandit then does a Shoulder Breaker. Bandit then does one final punch to the head. Making Ravagor fall to the ground for more than ten seconds.

Mark and James then agreed that it was a good match, and Mark hired James to Team Mech. Which he then gladly accepted.

Behind the story!

James Lightning was awesome to work with, Bandit was an awesome bot and would love to do more work with him as well.

Season 3 Episode 3 - Chaos in the Electrical Ring -

PLOT: Cardinal Chaos and his owner appears in Mark Hedhon's front door, ready for a match.

Mark hears robot footsteps outside while he was in bed, then a second later.. A knock on his door. Mark opens the door and finds a robot and a man. A man asked for a match, in the Electrical Ring with Ravagor. Mark then says, "Okay, but lets have a deal. Since you just rudely interrupted my sleep. If I win.. you give me your bot, What's his name again?" The man then says, "Cardinal Chaos."

Mark told the man to go through the garage in the back. And Ravagor was waiting for him in the Electrical Ring.

Cardinal Chaos climbed up the other side. The match bell ringed. Fight!

Cardinal done a right swipe but Ravagor dodged. Ravagor punched Cardinal in the stomach repeatedly but then Cardinal Chaos straight up kicks Ravagor in the chest. Cardinal punches Ravagor once. Then again. Then again! Then again! But Ravagor dodges and uses his knee to hit Cardinal in the chest. Ravagor quickly downloads peoples elbow. Cardinal grabs Ravagor in his right wrist and twists his hand. Cardinal attempts to rip Ravagors hand off but Ravagor pulls his hand out of it. Ravagor punches Cardinal in the face and Cardinal goes down on the ground. Ravagor then uses peoples elbow and breaks through some armor. Revealing wires. Ravagor powers his hand using spin-fist and punched his hand through the hole. Cardinal slowly gets up while Ravagor stands and waits. Then Ravagor grabs Cardinals face and smacks it on the corner pole. Ravagor repeatedly done this for minutes and eventually Cardinals head was completely dented and tiny. Mark sees the owner of Cardinal run away. Mark says "I guess the bot is mine?"

Behind the story!

I still wonder why I fought Cardinal Chaos.

Season 3 Episode 4 - Dented Deep -

PLOT: The Aquabot you know is a weak, no damage dealing waste of metal but being weak was meant to happen. After many years of being the of the worst bot's there ever was, The years were spent on upgrading. The all new Aquabot which is now named Greatshark will destroy the robot's in his way, And Ravagor is up next.

Mark was driving down the street. He saw a huge crowd of people in his way. He went through and saw Greatshark. A robot. Along with his owner beside the bot. The owner (Gibson Thompson) noticed Mark and asked for a battle. Mark accepted. They went Greatsharks main arena and Ravagor was brought out. Three, two, one.. FIGHT!

Ravagor punched Greatshark repeatedly! Ravagor kicks him in the nuts! Greatshark dodges the next punch. Grabs on to Ravagors arm and starts pulling. Ravagor uses his hydraulics and jumps. Greatshark gets shaken off. Ravagor taunts him, but Logsplinter and Lockdown jump into the ring. Lockdown takes his hook and stabs Ravagors elbow with it. Logsplinter kicks Ravagor in his stomach. Ravagor is down on the ground and being kicked by all 3. But out of nowhere Bunker Buster and Tackle come out! Tackle takes down Lockdown. Bunker Buster starts attacking Greatshark. Ravagor gets up but Logsplinter tackles him. Ravagor kicks him before Logsplinter comes in contact with Ravagor. Tackle tackles Lockdown which breaks off Lockdowns hook arm. Ravagor picks it up and sticks it through Logsplinters head after he got up. Bunker Buster finishes off Lockdown by punching his head off. Bunker Buster and Tackle leave the ring after making the fight fair. Greatshark gets up and his owner laughs. The arena encloses and slowly starts filling with water. Mark shouts "Wouldn't that mess up your bot too Gibson!?" Gibson shouted back "Haha! My bot has no open spots and he is waterproof! Didn't expect that did ya?" Ravagor runs up to Greatshark and punches him in the face. The tank is already half full and Ravagor's legs are disabled. Greatshark pulls Ravagor's arm off. Ravagor punched Greatshark in the face after. Greatshark got up and punched Greatsharks thigh with all his energy. There was an opening in Greatsharks leg and was malfunctioning. Greatshark disabled and fell. 3 quarters of Ravagor's body was submerged in water, but Ravagor picked up his arm and thrown it at the glass. It made the water seep out and Ravagor walked out with a win, damaged, but still a win.

Behind the story!

I thought the Greatshark was an awesome idea, one of the worst bots turning into a great one!


What the?... (mini story)

Ravagor was in the truck, soaking wet after the fight. Mark was tired and driving home until his one of his trucks wheels popped. Mark walked out with a spare wheel to replace it but hesitated as he heard some thing in the bushes. Mark ignored it and replace the wheel. He got up and turned around but was quickly stabbed in the stomach by a maniac. Mark fell on the ground, unconscious and injured. He woke up in a hospital and was left a message.

"Meet me and my bot Maniac at Berkton st in 7 days, don't come and I will come back for you. COME ALONE"

Mark felt scared but got up and checked out of the hospital. He got into his truck and went home.

Behind the story!

Sorry if this was too violent.

Season 4 Episode 1 - Showing Off -

PLOT: Ravagor and Showoff fight in the Underworld. Who will win? Who will lose? The match between the beasts start!

Mark was called to the Underworld by Finn. Mark brought his bot and was in the ring. The bot so called Showoff was there. The match started! Ravagor does a heavy uppercut but Showoff dodges! Ravagor tips forward a little. Ravagor stood up and spinfisted the out of Showoff. Ravagor then got hit in his weak spot and was down for a little. He gets back up. Ravagor tried to pull Showoff's arms off but failed. Showoff started absolutely destroying Ravagor. Ravagor used a special move but Showoff recovered. Showoff used Piston Sycthe Strike and Ravagor was down for the count. Mark left the ring, signed autographs, hired Showoff into Global Mech and left in embarassment.

Behind the story!

Well, Ravagor was absolutely destroyed easily.

Season 4 Episode 2 - The Maniac -

PLOT: Mark gets his revenge against the Maniac.

Mark was confident enough to meet up with Maniac. He offered a fight and they went under a bridge. The match immediately.

Maniac jabs Ravagor continously, then Ravagor strikes back with a devastating uppercut. It knocked Maniac down. Maniac got up at 6 seconds. Maniac and Ravagor are punching each other now. This was the most drawn out, boring match of Ravagor and Maniac. They kept punching each other until Maniac stops it. Maniac jumps at Ravagor, but Ravagor uppercutted Maniac, which shut down Maniac's systems.

The Maniac panicked and ran along with his bot. Mark went back home in fear that he will return for him.

Season 4 Episode 3 - Wrecking Bunker -

PLOT: Another rematch between Bunker Buster and Ravagor.

Mark and Skysteam met and wanted a fight just for fun. They went under the same bridge from the Maniac fight. 3, 2, 1.. FIGHT!

Bunker went for a big swing at Ravagors face, but ducked and he punched Bunker in the stomach. Bunker falls down and Ravagor uses his hydraulics to jump over Bunker Buster, he rolls over and dodges the stomp. He gets up, kicks Ravagor in the knee and pummels him into the side. Ravagor is continuously kicked by Bunker and cannot move anywhere. Ravagor rolls over and trips Bunker over again but Bunker got up almost instantly. Bunker uses Rocket Fist on Ravagor and Ravagors systems shut down. Mark and Skysteam stayed there while Mark fixes Ravagor with the tools in his truck nearby. Ravagor is now working and Skysteam went home. Ravagor was on his way home but was stopped by a roadblock and went the other way. Mark was then stopped again but it was a strange truck with robots on it blocking the road. The owner walked out and challenged Ravagor to a fight. His robot was Shredder. The bet was, winner gets 50,000$, loser pays.

Mark accepted the challenge, brought out Ravagor and was in the road. The fight begins!

Season 4 Episode 4 - Shredding Shredder -

PLOT: The awaited fight between Ravagor and Shredder. But is it just them?

Shredder instantly dodges Ravagors first attacks, he then tackles him down. Ravagor kicks Shredder in the face and gets up off the ground. Ravagor uses Spin-Fist on Shredder rapidly damaging his face. Shredder punches Ravagor and moves to the defensive. Ravagor starts damaging Shredders forearms, in panic, Lance called in Krios, Primal, War Path and Gunslinger. They gang up on Ravagor but Mark calls in DrillbitCopybotEosMechTurbine and Brainstorm. Brainstorm attacks War Path, bam! Brainstorm knocked out. Turbine uses his jet engines to blow War Path down and Mech stomps on War Paths face. Turbine was distracted and Gunslinger targeted Turbines head. He blows a powerful strike and breaks the head off halfway. Mech slowly walks up to Gunslinger, his powerful blows done nothing to Mech. Mech punches Gunslinger and quickly goes down, Gunslinger gets up and Mech does his combo and decapitates Gunslinger. Primal and Krios start punching Mech, still doing nothing. Mech punches them both, and fall down. Mech jumps on Primal and starts punching him in the face but Krios sneaks up behind him and punches Mech in his harddrive. Mech shuts down and falls onto Primal, the weight of his armour stopped Primal from getting up. Brainstorm gets up and melts Krios head with his heat hands. Ravagor kicks Shredder into the corner. Drillbit starts punching Shredder in the chest with a jackhammer speed and succesfully breaks through his chest. Eos which was standing in the corner doing nothing at all, uses Eon pulse and hit Shredder so hard that his arms fell off and he shut down. Ravagor gets his fist and punches the opening in his chest, it succesfully goes through. Ravagor wins the fight and leaves with his robots and money.

Season 4 Episode 5 - The Demigod -

PLOT: Ravagor fights Prometheus, a great foe, who will win?

Ravagor delivers a powerful blow to Prometheus's core. Prometheus staggers back, but does a cross to Ravagor's shoulder. Ravagors shoulder is dented but Ravagor gets closer and kicks Prometheus on his knee. Prometheus quickly recovers and uses Fire of the Gods. Ravagor tracking system is severely damaged and is spinning out of control! Prometheus tries to hit Ravagor, but he misses because Ravagor is spinning too fast. Ravagors tracking system resets and Ravagor quickly grabs Prometheus and shoves him onto the floor! Prometheus gets up on the count of 4 and the battle resumes. Ravagor uses spin-fist right as Prometheus gets up. Prometheus is knocked flat but he manages to stand up and punch Ravagor in the right arm. Mark gets mad and makes Ravagor tackle Prometheus down, repeatedly punching Prometheus while he is on the floor. Prometheus knees Ravagor in the chest and knocks him off. Ravagor gets up, runs up to Prometheus and jumps while doing an uppercut to Prometheus. Prometheus is down, but the bell saves him! It's a draw! Prometheus and his owner leave the building but tells Mark, we'll see each other again, eventually, and leaves.

Season 4 Episode 6 - Lightspeed Vengeance -

PLOT: Mark will get revenge on Stryder for how he humiliated Ravagor.

Mark hears Stryder is fighting again, Mark thinks about the fight he lost and gets a burst of rage. He goes to a fight between Bluebot and Stryder. Before the match bell, Ravagor and Mark walk in. Ravagor jumps into the ring and instantly pulls Bluebots head off and kicks his body out of the ring. Mark shouts "What would you rather see! This guy? or the bot of the ruins against the so called Fast Titan!" the crowd starts cheering "Bot of the ruins! Bot of the ruins! Bot of the ruins!" and start throwing dollars at Finn. Finn agrees with the fight, and Bluebots owner walks away in anger. Laserman is confident on this fight and prepares Stryder in the corner of the ring. Mark asks Finn how much is he making. Finn says "five hundred G's for the win. 5 cents if you lose, now go and get me paid".

Ravagor entered the ring, of course Stryder had to show off and jump right into it, Mark took this battle seriously, while Stryders owner was smiling. Ravagor went straight for a left hook but Stryder quickly blocked it and attempted to kick Ravagor in the leg, but his attack was dodged. Ravagor continued to attack Stryder but his incredible speed let him dodge everything Ravagor was throwing at him.

Eventually, Mark stopped and let Stryder come at him, sitting at the corner, Ravagor was waiting for Stryder to make a move. Stryder ran right at Ravagor after a mere 10 seconds of waiting and tried to kick Ravagor right in his chest.

Stryders foot was caught by Ravagors hand, and bent his knee forwards, Ravagor pushed Stryder and let him hop through the arena, humiliating him. Stryder, eventually running out of oil, fell over.

As Ravagor picked up Stryders body and dropped it into his owners truck, as Mark was leaving Stryders owner came up to him.

"Hey, good match out there, i'm sorry but, Stryders totaled and I think for the time being, i'm going to leave Global Mech."

After a long talk, Stryders owner and Mark parted ways.


Season 5 Episode 1 - Bound to Beat -

PLOT: A new member tries out for Global Mech, a powerful bot named Denster challenges Ravagor to a tryout match.

Mark received a knock at his door in the middle of the afternoon.

"Hi, I'm Blake Herman, you're Mark Hedhon?", Mark confused, "Yes, I am, excuse me, why are you here?".

Blake flashes a piece of paper. *Global Mech Tryouts*. Mark remembers, "Ah, sorry but were full." Mark closes the door but Blake stops it with his foot. "I'll fight your bot Ravagor, if I win, I get to be in Global Mech.. deal?"

Mark yawned. "Fine, take your bot to the garage door and we'll get this over with.

As the garage door opened, an incredibly impressive bot walked into the ring, almost every part of it was covered in heavy armor. Ravagor was already in the ring.

The door to the arena opened but Denster jumped in. "pssh, showoff" Mark said, under his breath, both robots got into their fighting stance.

The built in timer inside the Electrical Ring counted. 3, 2, 1, FIGHT!

Ravagor ran straight into Denster to tackle him, but only his feet slid, leaving Ravagor in a vulnerable position. Denster punched Ravagor in the back, quickly dropping Ravagor to the ground.

Blake started counting, 1! 2! Ravagor got up and kicked Denster right on his knee, making Denster fall into a kneeling position. Ravagor took this opportunity and did Spin-Fist, landing several blows on his head but Denster pulled back and grabbed Ravagors hand during it. Denster pushed Ravagors arm the opposite way that it was spinning and a loud crack happened. Ravagors arm had been jammed! Denster got up and kicked Ravagor but his attack was dodged. He swung at Denster instantly with his left arm, actually landing a blow right on his face, pushing Densters face slightly to the right. Denster shoulder-barged Ravagor straight into the corner but was pushed away after several seconds. Ravagor landed an uppercut and a kick right on his chest. Denster fell over.

Blake managed to get Denster up again, and was fully active, surprising Mark. Denster ran straight at Ravagor while Ravagor crossed his arms to defend himself. Denster grabbed Ravagors forearms and spread them, leaving his chest vulnerable. Denster powered up a punch and hit right at Ravagors chest, not breaking it but had enough force to push Ravagor off the Electrical Ring.

Mark couldn't do anything, so he powered down his bot. Mark kept his thoughts in his head, "Incredible, I guess he's in."

Blake walked up to Mark, "You know the deal." and had a smirk on his face.

"Good job winning that fight, welcome to Global Mech." Mark gave Blake the confidential details, such as the address to the Headquarters, phone numbers to other members and more.

Season 5 Episode 2 - God of Death -

PLOT: Ravagor vs Thanatos.

"It's about that time.", Mark sat, and contemplated about something. He knew exactly what was bothering him.

He had never fought Thanatos, although he knew of its strength. Mark finally fought his struggle and opened his phone.

"What was that name again?" Mark quickly recognised Yuuko Sakurai in his contacts. "That's it." Mark easily recognised the managers name.

He knew that the handler, Keiichi, would be eager to fight Ravagor, or well, at least he assumes so, but a feeling unknown to Mark came over him, was it fear?

Mark's success with his fathers robot was everything to him, would losing affect him that bad? Of course, Mark had watched Thanatos fight before, being colleagues in Global Mech and everything. The one thought that ran through his head was, "What would happen to me if I lose?, or if I win?"

Mark quickly stood up and let out a long sigh, looking as if he had realised something.

"There's only one way to find out.", Mark rings Yuuko, ready to pick a fight.


− −  Noisy Boy vs Ravagor (Rampage) - Draw (Early Robot Test Mode) 

Location: Crash Palace, Prize: 5000 (split due to draw)

Fawk wanted to test Rampage so he talked to Noisy Boy's owner and got a match up, It started with a few repeated blows to the face but Noisy Boy got him back and struck a hard blow to Ravagor, He got up and they punched each other in the face knocking both robots out. The man split the rewards.

− − Blacktop vs Ravagor (Rampage) - WIN (Decapitated)

Location: Parking Lot (street fight), Prize: 1000 

Fawk was going back to his car after the Noisy Boy match and some bikers bully him, He brings out Rampage but Blacktop suddenly comes out and beats Rampage up. Rampage ran and jumped on a car but turned round and jump straight on Blacktop, A few blows to the head loosened it and Rampage gave it a hard knock, It came flying off. Fawk then renamed Rampage to Ravagor after that win and also picked up 1000 dollars from one of the bikers wallets.

− − Six Shooter vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: Roadtrip Steakhouse Bar, Prize: 2500

A few days later Fawk went to the bar to get some drinks, Someone spilled his Guiness and they argued. The man recognised and found out that he was that bot who knocked Noisy Boy out along with his own bot. He challenged his bot to a fight. He brought ol' Ravagor out the truck and they fought in a fighting ring inside the bar. Ravagor done a hard punch in Six Shooters chest then Six Shooter pushed Ravagor back, Ravagor dodged another of his attacks then head-butted Six Shooter which made his hat dent. Ravagor saw Six Shooter concussed and finished the job. Fawk quickly left the bar along with 2500.

− − Zookeeper / Metro vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: The Zoo, Prize: 5000

Metro was easily destroyed by Atom, A little later Metro was rebuilt and named Zookeeper. Fawk wanted quick money so he came to the Zoo to fight Zookeeper. The match started and Zookeeper smashed Ravagor's head. Ravagor dodged then spinfisted Zookeeper. Zookeeper then attacked Ravagor's chest but Ravagor dodged once again and then used Gamma Ray Burst Destruction. Fawk then got his 5000 from King-Pin.

− − Bluebot vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: Crash Palace, Prize: 10,000

Fawk wanted to make some easy money. He went to Crash Palace and fought Bluebot. Bluebot punched Ravagor swiftly a few times but Ravagor used spin-fist on him. Bluebot attempted to kick Ravagor but he ripped off his leg and smashed Bluebot with it.

− − Midas vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: Crash Palace, Prize: 100,000

− − Midas vs Ravagor - LOSS (Rematch)

Location: Crash Palace, Prize: 500

− − Super Twin Cities vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: WRB, Prize: 8500

− − Zeus vs Ravagor - WIN (Slightly Decapitated)

Location: WRB, Prize: 1,000,0001,000,000 

− − Bio War vs Ravagor - LOSS 

Location: Crash Palace, Prize 500,000

− − Touchdown vs Ravagor - LOSS (Decapitated)

Location: WRB, Prize: 1000

− − Excavator vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: WRB, Prize: 100,000

− − Cosmobot vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: WRB, Prize: 1,000,000

− − Blockbuster vs Ravagor - LOSS (Slightly Decapitated)

Location: Crash Palace, Prize: 5000

− − Headsmasher vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: The Electrical Ring, Prize 15,000

− − Camelot vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: WRB, Prize: 18,500

− − Hollowjack vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: Crash Palace, Prize 10,000

− − Hollowjack vs Ravagor - WIN (Rematch)

Location: The Electrical Ring, Prize: 100,000

− − Bunker Buster (Skysteam) vs Ravagor - DRAW 

Location: WRB, Prize: 5,000,000 (10,000,000 split due to draw)

− − RavagorX2 vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: The Electrical Ring (Test Fight), Prize: 0 (Due to test fight)

− − RavagorX2 vs Ravagor (Rematch) - WIN

Location: The Electrical Ring (Test Fight), Prize: 0 (Due to test fight)

− − Skysteam Bio War vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: Crash Palace, Prize: 15,000

− − Skysteam Noisy vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: WRB, Prize 15,000

− − Skysteam Bot vs Ravagor - WIN

Location: The Electrical Ring, Prize: 100,000

− − Albino and Abandon vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

− − Axel Rod and Blac Jac vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

− − Noisy Boy and Midas vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

− − Camelot and Touchdown vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

− − Danger Zone and Twin Cities vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

− − Antares and Koutetsu vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

− − Bio War and War Path vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

− − Menasor V2 and Headsmasher vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

− − Gambit and Nitro vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

− − Zeus and Atom vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster - WIN

Location: WRB T.T.T Ring, Prize: 1,000,000 and Champion Medal Belt

Prize for all winnings: 1,000,000

Goes back to normal below

− − Ravagor vs Noisy Boy Gold MK 2 - DRAW

Location: Las Vegas, Prize: 5,000,000

− − Ravagor vs Twin Cities Gold - WIN

Location: Las Vegas, Prize: 5,000,000

− − Ravagor vs The Sarge - DRAW

Location: Hawaii at Robot Competition Ring, Prize: Golden Trophy and 1,000,000$

− − Ravagor vs Bunker Buster - WIN

Location: The Afterworld, Prize: 500

− − Ravagor vs Oneway - WIN

Location: The Afterworld, Prize: 650

− − Ravagor vs The Sarge (Afterworld Match) - WIN

Location: The Afterworld, Prize: 850

− − Ravagor vs Menasor V2 - WIN

Location: The Afterworld, Prize: 1500

− − Ravagor vs Stryder - LOSS 

Location: The Afterworld, Prize: 5000

− − Ravagor vs Cardinal Chaos - WIN

Location: Marks Home, Prize: Cardinal Chaos

− − Ravagor vs Asura - WIN

Location: ???, Prize: Asura's Copychip


  • Fawk Hedhon lives in a highly teched out and modern warehouse where he upgrades and fixes his bots, sleeps and also has a fighting ring he installed called The Electrical Ring.
  • Fawk had won the W.R.B 3 times
  • Ravagor has diamond and durasteel piston fists similar to The Omegas V2 but Ravagor's pistons are faster, stronger making him deadlier.
  • Fawk owns a replica of Ravagor that is non functional and is used as a sparring bot.
  • Ravagor is a member of the Afterworld

Mark Hedhon

Mark is the son of Fawk Hedhon.


Mark went to see Fawk in a hospital when he was given leadership of Global Mech, all his money, the warehouse and Ravagor. He was 19 when Fawk died. Soon then, he was driving to Flame Sparkle Arena, to fight Stryders owner.

Mark's Robot Arsenal

Currently owned

RavagorDrillbitCopybotEosMechTurbine,Grim ReaperBrainstorm

Friends and Family

Fawk Hedhon (father) ( deceased )

Carrie Hedhon (mother)

Ravagor ( robot )


Credit is given where it is deserved, if you feel you helped me significantly and weren't credited here, please message me.

Partner List:

  • SapphireStardust [ Deleted Account ]
  • Skysteam (Bunker Buster)
  • Sean4333 (The Sarge)
  • Killrate21 (Headsmasher)
  • FreddyKrueger87 (Oneway)
  • Minhotaur2K (Koutetsu)
  • Antares84 (Antares)
  • Diamondmatter (Menasor V2)
  • (War Path)
  • James Lightning (Bandit)
  • (Stryder)
  • XxNOISYxBOYxX2012 (Thrasher)
  • Velociripper (Golem II)
  • DaRKSagE 4 (Thanatos)
  • Tribound (Denster)
  • Noisy bystander (Shredder)
  • Ambush NO.1 Fan (Ambush 2.0)
  • ILuvRealSteel (Showoff)
  • Sucilultraman (Maniac)
  • Mg1Pro exo (Sparky)
  • LooksLikePoop (Bladeface)
  • Overkill4theWin (Overkill)
  • GlitchMatrix (Doomfire)


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