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Vital statistics
Title Bot of the Ruins, Robot Annihilator
Generation 3
Bot Type Game Breaker 5
Status Working


−The story and this pages contents is fan-made, this was only made by me. 

- Feel free to ask to collaborate.

- Thanks to Skysteam for helping me start everything.

- Ravagor's story is being continued.

- Credit given to GoddessMechanic for base Ravagor picture.


− − STRENGTH : 95/100 

− − SPEED : 80/100

− − INTELLIGENCE : 90/100 

− − SPECIAL MOVES : 90/100 



− − SIGNATURE MOVES : Spin-fist, Gamma Ray Burst Destruction

− − ORIGIN : Philippines

− − OPENING LINE : Always feared and spreads destruction. Kneel to the bot of the ruins, Ravagor!


− − HANDLER : Mark Hedhon 

− − RANK : Robot Annihilator

− − TEAM : Global Mech

− − OPENING MUSIC : Kendrick Lamar - DNA.


This brutal monster of a robot will stop at nothing to defeat and destroy his opponents. Holds a wide variety different moves that can destroy your robot in mere seconds, able to adapt to different fighting styles. Upon entry into the ring with Ravagor, chance of escape merely becomes a false construct.

Ravagor is often only used as a top contender for high level tournaments such as the WRB, as anything below this level of competition would render useless against a bot of this caliber.

There is a false ideology that strength is his only capability, although his design still allows for above average levels of speed and his AI and owner can easily adapt to multiple fighting styles, going toe to toe with top brutes such as Zeus, while being able to switch to a more careful and defense orientated style against speedsters such as Stryder.

Lagging behind in defensive presence will simply bring easily the match to an end, as Ravagor's strength is simply unmatched and a single clean blow will immediately destroy hopes of victory.


Episodes will be divided into seasons! Most being focused on a certain robot. Each season will have 5 episodes or less. Season names will be listed here in this section.

'Season 1 : Champion / Ravagor, a top boxer, seeks another opponent.'

Season 1 Episode 1 : God of Death

PLOT : Ravagor vs Thanatos.

"It's about that time.", Mark sat, and contemplated about something. He knew exactly what was bothering him.

He had never fought Thanatos, although he knew of its strength. Mark finally fought his struggle and opened his phone.

"What was that name again?" Mark quickly recognised Yuuko Sakurai in his contacts. "That's it." Mark easily recognised the managers name.

He knew that the handler, Keiichi, would be eager to fight Ravagor, or well, at least he assumes so, but a feeling unknown to Mark came over him, was it fear?

Mark's success with his fathers robot was everything to him, would losing affect him that bad? Of course, Mark had watched Thanatos fight before, being colleagues in Global Mech and everything. The one thought that ran through his head was, "What would happen to me if I lose?, or if I win?"

Mark quickly stood up and let out a long sigh, looking as if he had realised something.

"There's only one way to find out.", Mark rings Yuuko, ready to pick a fight.

Season 1, Episode 2 : Unstable Automaton

Season 1, Episode 3 : Warhawk vs. Ravagor

Mark Hedhon


Son of Fawk Hedhon, past owner of Ravagor. Far less experienced although young and determined to continue his fathers legacy.

Mark's Robot Arsenal

Robot Working?
Ravagor Yes
Eos Yes

Friends and Family

Fawk Hedhon ( father ) ( deceased )

Carrie Hedhon ( mother )

Ravagor ( robot )


Credit is given where it is deserved, if you feel you helped me

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