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Name: Rapye

Aliases: The Scythe, The Scourge of End

Aclaimed: April 2024

Built: July 2017 by Jack Hoffer

Owned by Blake Herman (Jack Hoffer and Daylon Phoenix alternates)


Power: 88/100

Strength: 86/100

Speed: 90/100

Special Move: 100/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Armor: 88/100

Weight: 1000 lbs

Opening Lines

Opening Quote: "Fear you all, this robot will slaugter anything on its path......introducing RAPYE!

Winning Quote: "By (win method), presenting your winner..RAPYE!

Opening Songs: "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons, "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister, "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons

Card Information

Ability: Corrosive Fists

White sides because I made it in PowerPoint! Praise me :3

Origin: USA

Weight: 1000 lbs (misleading card portion)

Height: 8'5"

Special Feature: Venom Core

Special Move: Canton Slam

Fight Table

d = Decision

dk = Double KO

ko = Knockout

f = Forfeit

Rapye's Fight Table
Name of Robot Win/Lose
Aquabot (Rapye and the Palace) Wko
Hollowjack (Rapye and the Palace) Wko
Bio War (Rapye and the Palace) Wko
Albino (Rapye and the Palace) Wko
Camelot (Let there be Robots) Wko
Cosmobot (Performing a Wonder) Wko
Abandon (Performing a Wonder) Wko
Albino (re) (Performing a Wonder) Wko
Danger Zone (Crack and Awe) Wf
Gambit (Crack and Awe) Wf
Tackle (Crack and Awe) Wko
Crimson Carnage (Highlight Reel) Wko
King Midas (Highlight Reel) Wko
Fiend (Highlight Reel) Wd
Nitro (The Battle) Wko
Zeus (The Battle) Tdk
Zeus (re) (The Battle) Td
Zeus (re 2) (The Battle) Wko
Atom (Thanksgiving) Wf
Dreadlord (Apocalypse) Wko
Psytron (Psychic Sky) Wko
Blacktop (Twist and Turns) Wf
Atom (re) (Twist and Turns) Wf
Psytron (Once Upon a Time) Wko
Crusher (WRB) (Invasion of Slaves) Wko
Six Shooter (Invasion of Slaves) Wko
Albino (re 2) (Invasion of Slaves) Wko
Bio War (re) (Invasion of Slaves) Wko
Blacktop (re) (Invasion of Slaves) Wko
Six Shooter (re) (Break Your Sweat) Wko
Zeus (re 3) (It's the Light) Tdk
Zeus (re 4) (It's the Light) Wko
Scrapbot (Sweatdrops Home) Wf
Abel (Hunting) Wf
Vespula (Hunting) Wko
IDA-TEN (Hunting) Wko
Seahawk (Hunting) Wf
Photon (Hunting) Wko
Skar (Tri-Pocalypse) Wko
Orefist (Tri-Pocalypse) Wf
Hattori 2.0 (Tri-Pocalypse) Wko
Jasper (Tri-Pocalypse) Wko
Tri-Gore (Tri-Pocalypse) Wko

Behind the Robot

I decided to give up the robot Drazi to Scauldy. The reason for this is to entertain the newcomers of the wiki more, and to revive the wiki. My mind fits in that Rapye may be the best replacement, and it is! This robot will have better controls and better parts, I hope. Hehe. Well, I hope you will like Rapye better than Drazi, and I seal that I will never transform him like what I did to Drazi. Enjoy!

Moves from Other Robots

Gun Barrel Punch (renamed Stun Knee), Nuke Knockdown (renamed Explosive Steel), Nukitsuke (renamed Quick Hunt), Hypnotic Flurry (renamed Static Rampage), Slam Tackle (renamed Fight Drill), Mechismo Taunt (renamed Dauntless Knockdown)

Special Moves

The Duke - Rapye slams the opponent twice and finishes with a left or right hook.

The Rock - A simple flying hook followed with a flying knee.

Standing Guilliotine Choke - A MMA choke that cracks the metal off the opponent.

Weidman Kick: A kick that applies the most power to enable a kick, and slam the opponent.

Fainter: Rapye does a scratch on the opponent's core, causing the opponent to faint and end the match.

Pulser's Choke: An easy choke where Rapye grabs the opponent's neck and snaps it off. Unfortunately, it is ineffective against Atom and Zeus.

Texen's Rapier: Rapye charges his right arm and punches the head.

Sinar's Synergy: Uses an arm and a leg to damage the opponent.

Brutal Terminator: Rapye holds the opponent and does a knee kick to the chest, then Rapye throws a combo at the chest. After that, Rapye goes near to the opponent and does an uppercut and then a flying knee to the head. While the opponent is down, Rapye does a barrage of punches and ends it with a Retaliation to the head.

Technological Terror: Kicks opponent straight to the head, then punches straight to the chin, and then uppercuts straight to the chin. This actually rips off the head of the opponent! Very powerful, beware for this.

Canton Slam: A slam followed by a punch, and ends with a slam.

Obsidian Carnage: Rapye launches a barrage of uppercuts and kicks.

Venomshank: Triple power of Corrosive Fists for 30 seconds.

Spectre: A barrage of heavy punches, then a blow to the head, and an uppercut.

Exterminator: Rapye launches a continous flurry of nukefists to the enemy.

Exosphere Dark Menace: Rapye darkens itself and launches a barrage of special moves (Sinar's Synergy, Technological Terror, Spectre, Canton Slam, Texen's Rapier) to a maximum of 5 opponents. And, of course, ends with Exterminator. Useful for group fights. This move is very strong and uses 60% of the bot's energy.

Retaliation: Launches a punch that is x6 stronger than the normal fist of Rapye.

The Big Rampage: Basically a rampage of 15 Retaliation punches. Very powerful yet it only uses 20% of Rapye's energy.

One-Two-Flee: Rapye knocks down the opponent only by using 3 hooks.

Grevious Mangler: Rapye goes super fast and punches a lot to the opponent's face.

Obilerator: Rapye holds the oponent by two hands and harms the opponent to the chest by the knee. After that, Rapye kicks to the neck of the enemy, and lastly, holds the head by one hand, and hardly punches the head by another hand.

Beast Show: Rapye harms the opponent first. Then, he brings the opponent to the edge of the ring, and takes his arms off with two uppercuts, and snaps off the neck of the enemy.

Corrosive Combo: Rapye brings the opponent to the corner, and makes it face the wall. Then, Rapye does a combo on the shoulders. This is named Corrosive because the enemy will weaken throughout the round. Quad-Bomb: Four special moves (The Duke, The Rock, Canton Slam, One-Two-Flee), four uppercuts, four kicks, and four ripoffs, what a blast!


Durable Armor and Mainframe: Made to absorb even the strongest of blows.

FSTUS^TM RP800 Copychip - A special copychip designed for the superior chassis of Rapye. The copychip takes data from the opponent, codes it back to the processor, and is made available for Rapye.

Bexynos 6000 Sonar Scanner - An advanced sonar scanner. The scanner scans the opponent's weak points and takes this as an advantage.

Masked Face: Stops the opponent from kicking or punching the head.

Corrosive Fists: Poison opponent.

Regeneration: Regenerates robot fast every move.

Ultra Mode: Mode that bursts Rapye into extreme rage, like Drazi's Sterdrive.

Steel Bulwark: Blocks are more effective.

Gold Tron: Rapye lands a barrage to its enemy on its own for 1 minute. The enemy will be stunned.

Venom Core: A special kind of energy core in which if the opponent comes in contact of the VC, the opponent will be poisoned twice the power.

Thermal Heat-Up Fists: Rapye's fists are heated to 200 Celsius that can melt through the armor.

Slate-coated Armor: Rapye's armor has Slate coating on it, making him water-proof.

Stampread-coated Armor: Rapye's armor also has Stampread coating on it, making him fireproof. Stampread is only found in Worobo Town, and is made from the plant that grinds steel from dumped robots.

Star Dusted Fluid: Supreme quality energy fluid that is swift and somewhat cheap ($80 for 100 g), but it is extremely rare.


"Does that mean I won?" (Rapye VS Hollowjack)

"LET THERE BE ROBOTS!!!" (Rapye VS Camelot)

"Um....let me drink." (Reading the ABANDON, COSMOBOT, ABANDON VS RAPYE poster)

"But, Chaotic did not do anything!" (Rapye, Chaotic VS King Midas, Crimson Carnage, Fiend)

Season 1: The Rapper's Dream

Episode 1: Jack Hoffer and Rapye 1

Jack creates a robot with a piece of steel.

Jack, lying on his couch, with his fellow Blake Herman drinking FineCof, requested for some steel. "Hey friend," said Jack.

"What do you need?", said Blake when he finished his FineCof.

"Hand me a piece of steel, please."

"But, why?"

"Just hand."

Blake give him a very small piece of steel (as small as 1/4 of a gold bar.) Jack, ignoring of the size, dreams of a robot.

"I dream about hands of steel, a power punch. A durable face, I see. Some rippers of sheer shoulders, a striking knee. I have created this, with an unstoppable body."

"Wait..", said Jack, finishing his murmur dream. "I guess."

"Bring me to the garage and build me some gears."

"Great.", replied Blake with a cheerful voice.

Episode 2: Jack Hoffer and Rapye 2

Jack builds and trains Rapye.

With his steel and gears all ready, he drew a blueprint and drew with a precise mechanical pen. It took 2 big weeks to complete the whole robot. Jack smiles at his work. He then paints it black and some white and blue. He then places some more joints and then a face mask. He puts in a sonar scanner and a copychip.

But he had trouble of thinking of a name. He asked help from Blake. "You are a good rapper right? So I suggest you name it Rapye." "Oh thanks!" said Jack, cheerfully excited to test his bot.

"Jack, here. I have geared up a test dummy here, and if you finish him, practice in this bag. It's all yours." said Blake, letting him practice in Blake's Mini Immortal Ring. Jack, with Rapye, walks in the ring, with a red sparring test dummy.

Rapye started with a head kick. The dummy got stunned. "Wait, how powerful is this bot? Seems like it's enormous power for him, great." wondered Jack. But little that he knew that he added diamond piston fists. So he continued.

The dummy blocked and blocked, while Rapye kept on being aggressive, and then, Rapye done a head right hook and the dummy's down. Rapye then practiced at the punching bag.

Episode 3: Rapye Wants what it Takes

Does Rapye got what it takes? Is Rapye ready for a new battle?

"Rapye is having big time and big show," said Jack. "Jack, I guess we need nore practice with Rapye, before we get in the real show." exclaimed Blake. "Until we first fight against Blockbuster or Aquabot, that is!" After that, Jack ran and quickly upgraded Rapye to a higher level.

So, Jack practiced with new moves, the Weidman Kick and the Standing Guilliotine Choke, in which both can be done,in the MRB ring and others. Blake developed a Crash Palace only move, the Brutal Terminator. This makes Rapye a deemed force at the Crash Palace.

"Now, Jack, I guess we should travel to the Crash Palace for the tournament." said Blake. Jack was very happy. He said, "Thank you!!"

Episode 4: Rapye and the Palace

Rapye enters the Crash Palace, and robots stand on its way.

Upon arrival at the palace, Jack saw many "tough" bots. There, he saw Finn. Finn: "Hi, welcome to the Crash Palace! We are setting a tournament for you and some robots. At the final, you will face Albino, the king of this part of the Crash Palace after Midas got welded by Drazi. Good luck!"

The Tournament Bracket: Rapye vs Aquabot, Sixshooter vs Hollowjack, Fatboy vs Biowar, Blockbuster vs Zookeeper.

Rapye started with a big Head kick, his signature move before his special move. Aquabot was stunned. Aquabot tested an uppercut, and a jab, in which both does not work. Aquabot did a sucessful headbutt. Rapye barely dodged it but he thrown a Brutal Terminator and Aquabot's down.

Bracket: Rapye vs Hollowjack, Biowar vs Blockbuster.

Hollowjack turned his mace and stunned Rapye. Rapye was not doing so well until Hollowjack uppercuts him and brings Rapye to the ropes. But, Rapye was standing on one rope, so he jumps from that rope and hooks Hollowjack's head off. However, Rapye fell off the ring also. This considered a win still for Rapye because Hollowjack was knocked out first. Rapye also sort of broke one fragment of the rope.

Bracket: Rapye vs Biowar, Hollowjack vs Blockbuster for 3rd Place.

Rapye started with a good back heel and some clusters. Biowar got his helmet off. Rapye clustered Biowar some more to weaken him much, and he started spamming kicks. Biowar was down, but not totally down. Biowar tried to stand up but Rapye stomped his head to miss match and mash the head. Rapye, with his durable steel hands, holds Biowar's body and clusters it to set the ring on fire.

Rapye vs Albino

Albino started with a roundhouse kick that stunned Rapye too much. Rapye thrown an early Weidman Kick to, flip the fight over. Albino stood up and clusters Rapye. Not only when Rapye landed a powerful Uppercut, Albino was thrown to the other side of the ring. Rapye clusters Albino and spammed kicks. He slams Albino and Albino cannot stand up. Rapye nukefists the body and still, Albino is not down. Albino ground-clinches Rapye. Rapye thrown many slams to Albino's face. But, both fighters stood up, at the bell. That's the end of round one.

Round two. Rapye early smacked Albino's face. He overhooks Albino some more. Albino cannot still land a jab. Rapye cornered Albino and since Albino can't resist it, Rapye slammed Albino. However, Albino stood up. Albino landed a heavy shooting down roundhouse kick but Rapye checked it, Rapye snapped the joint of Albino's right leg, so he rips off that part. Albino fainted.

Episode 5: Let there be Robots

Jack, after defeating Albino, wants to enter the WRB league.

Because of his win versus Albino, Jack received an invitation from the WRB mentors.

"Ah, ah, i'll not show you this letter. IT IS AMAZING!"

Ignoring the warning, Blake then looked at the letter. "Should we go to the WRB Ring?" One single hour later, they arrived at the WRB Ring.

They saw a robot, armed with his valiant knight power, Camelot. Jack whispered to himself, "Whoa. I should be good at this. We should enter to the WRB league." Blake praises his friend good luck.

Round 1 starts. As Camelot landed an early Excalibur Strike. Rapye was dented, however Jack did not give up. Rapye spins, and does a Sinar's Synergy. Rapye then receives more punches. Camelot blocked Rapye's next 7 punches. Camelot surprises Rapye some more with an uppercut, that made Rapye fall to the ground.


Rapye stood up and does a Southpaw Pain Revolution to Camelot's head. The match is all over. Jack shouted, 'THE HEAD IS FLYIN'!!! LET THERE BE ROBOTS!!!"

Afterwards in a very short while, he entered the WRB league.

Episode 6: Performing a Wonder

Rapye performs more in the WRB.

Days after Rapye defeated Camelot on its first fight in the WRB, Jack decided that it is big time upgrade day. The duo made new features like Gold-Tron, special moves like Spectre, Canton Slam, and upgraded parts. Rapye's Gamma Bursts are very powerful and dangerous. "If ever a robot gets into the gamma field, that robot gets blinded and gets barraged. And, most of all, gets doomed." said Jack Hoffer in an interview. After some more time, Rapye is ready for another match.

Rapye went to the Immortal Ring and noticed that there were three opponents waiting for it. Beside the robots was a poster. It reads: 'ABANDON, COSMOBOT, ALBINO vs RAPYE' Jack and Blake was shocked. They even thought Rapye would not even survive a 3v1 match! But, Jack and Blake accepted the matchup.

The match has started and all robots charged at Rapye. Rapye tried uppercuts and hooks, but only some of them worked. Rapye was suffering from three robots. Rapye also tried jumping on a rope and punching, just like Drazi's Little Earthling, but it also did not work! Then, Rapye tried a Cantom Slam, and it worked only a bit, denting only Cosmobot. Rapye also did some Fainters but none of them worked, as all of them misfired. Rapye also tried Standing Guilliotine Chokes, but all of them resulted in Albino and Abandon punching Rapye's back. Moments later, Round 1 has finished.

Round two began, and everything was almost the same. But, the round started by Rapye charging at Cosmobot. It resulted as Cosmobot getting knocked off the ring. Rapye did swift punches, and, surprisingly, it all worked! Jack was so happy about this. He continued doing this and noticed a difference. The punches Rapye did was somehow stronger than that of round one. But, the horror returned when Cosmobot reentered the ring. "Do an EDM right now!" whispered Blake to Jack. They were in big trouble, so this was their only hope.

Jack shouted:




And, just like that, the match is over. Cosmobot's head went flying without wings, Abandon's arm accidentally punching a single audience, and Albino's head which made a hole on the ceiling of the arena. The arena owners were calling the carpenters and doctors to come to the arena. Jack said sorry to the owner and left with the money. The duo noticed something about the EDM, that it was really dangerous and can make holes to an arena and maybe harm the audience.

Mini Episode 1: Ownership

Rapye has a new owner.

Just moments after the fight, Jack and Blake discussed about Rapye's ownership. Jack said that he thinks he has to rest from robot boxing, so he allowed Blake to handle Rapye until he wants to.

Episode 8: Crack and Awe

Rapye cracks metal with his MMA.

After they discussed ownership, Blake carefully studied more of Rapye's moves. He read how to activate the special moves and the abilities. Blake also added the powerful move called Retaliation, which is a stronger version of the punch and, according to Blake's measurements, can take off Midas' head in two shots of Retaliation. He developed this further and made The Big Rampage, which is basically a flurry of 15 Retaliations. He also replaced Rapye's core with a Venom Core, which, if the opponent comes in contact with the core, that opponent will be poisoned twice the power. Blake felt confident about the robot and scheduled multiple fights with Danger Zone, Gambit, and Tackle.

The first fight was with DZ. This was no challenge for the one and only Scythe. Rapye dodged nearly every single attack of his opponent. Danger Zone tried even his special move! But, in the end, Rapye used a Retaliation to almost end the matchup. Right after the Retaliation was Danger Zone's controller throwing the towel. Rapye wins in the first round.

Gambit was the next robot in line. Gambit landed a good uppercut to Rapye's jaw but that did not stop the whole fight. Rapye dodged Gambit's special move and replied with a Technological Terror that made Gambit's right arm fall off. Rapye done more flurries to his opponent. Gambit could not take it anymore so Gambit forfeited. Rapye took the win in the second round.

The final fight for the episode is versus the one and only Tackle. Tackle actually did good in the fight. He avoided a lot of Rapye's attacks. But, in the end, Rapye flipped the tables with an Exterminator shot. Tackle was sent to the ropes. Rapye then used a quick punch to end the fight with Tackle's head flying. Blake was satisfied with the three fights of Rapye in 9 hours! He was also thrilled of every fight result. He shook hands with the owner of Tackle, and Blake rode back home with Jack waiting there.

Episode 9: Highlight Reel

Rapye flashes media with stunning moves.

Days after the triple-match, Blake saw a poster outside his house that a 3v2 fight will happen between Crimson Carnage, King Midas, and Fiend, versus two robots. Blake has an idea. "Jack, I know a good friend and robot who can assist us. His name is Wayne Keys, also known as WooKeys. He has a robot called Chaotic, who is actually a decent robot to have with," discussed Blake to Jack. Jack gladly accepts, which enabled Blake to call WooKeys through his UltraComm Telephone XY. He told WooKeys about the fight and he replied with a good Yes. Then, Blake and Wayne came to Gridiron which the 3v2 will take place. They signed up as the 2: Rapye and Chaotic. Back home, both robots were training until their peak best.

The next day, both people came to Gridiron for the fight. There, they saw the three bots staring ONLY at Rapye. Blake said, "Do not be too cocky that you will win! We will see in a few moments, and let us see who wins. Your choice."

The fight begun and every robot was scrambling at the center of the ring. Chaotic landed a good combo of slams and uppercuts, while Rapye done an early Technological Terror. Chaotic was having a hard time fighting with Fiend, so Rapye assisted him. Together, they made Fiend weaken. Rapye done the final Nukefist to Fiend, and Fiend's head went flying up. Chaotic already have major back dents. Rapye tried to deal with CC and Chaotic tested King Midas. The results were fantastic as CC's mace fell off and KM's chestplate became bare. Rapye done a nice and clean Canton Slam to Crimson Carnage and CC is out! Then, Chaotic let Rapye do the job, and Rapye exterminated King Midas. The duo wins!

Blake thanked WooKeys for the help. So, Blake and Jack rested until another day has came.

The next day, Blake watched television and fell for an advertisement: "Axe is ready to fight YOUR robot! Sign up now!" Blake felt like it is time for Rapye's first Custom Bot battle. In an arena, Blake saw the Unknown Handler (I will call him UH for now.) Blake praised UH for his robot having a great axe top. The two shook hands, and the fight begun.


Episode 10: The Battle

Rapye is almost there, and there are two robots standing on its way.

After the fight with Axe, Blake went back home, but what he saw while on the way was this: "Nitro is waiting for YOU!" Blake went back to the arena and scheduled a fight with The Wheeler Driller. The next day, the duo was ready for the fight. Rapye stepped on the ring, and so as Nitro.

Rapye blocked some of Nitro's nasty shots to the chest. The Scythe also done a Brutal Terminator that weakened Nitro by a lot. Nitro went on punching, but Rapye done some kicks and Nitro was down for 6 seconds. Rapye punched Nitro again and, somehow, the match already ended. However, Nitro's owner gave the duo a consequence. "You defeated Nitro. Now, you have to defeat Zeus," said the owner while calling Tak Mashido to come at the arena. "You know what," said Blake, "if you tell us to defeat Zeus with this robot, well. I already done this with Denster, so I will do it again."

Zeus now came to the arena, ready to fight. So, the first round begun as Rapye took some punches from Zeus. Zeus almost made Rapye fall down, but Rapye done a Technological Terror. Zeus was confused and misfired a lot. Rapye tried to do a Superman Punch, but Zeus tried to do a Nukefist. What happened was that Rapye punched Zeus in the face to make hi fall down, but at the same time, Rapye got nukefisted hard to the body, so both robots fell down. But, the result was a tie. None of them went up for 10 seconds, but Rapye stood up at the 11th second, while Zeus got up at the 15th second. Blake said, "Nice fight, Mr. Mashido, but want a rematch?" Tak gladly said yes and the rematch happened on the next day.

Both robots went back for the rematch. Rapye punched Zeus chest a lot of times, making some of Zeus' Brainstorms ineffective. Zeus went on and done a double uppercut to Rapye's jaw, but Rapye was not even hurt! Unfortunately, the rest of the match was boring, having bth robots only land punches and kicks, special moves, and even no robot got knocked down after that portion. The result was a draw throughout all the 5 rounds. The owners agreed for a final rematch for the week.

Almost 100,000 audience were waiting for the two robots to arrive. Moments later, the match started. Rapye charged to Zeus and done a quick uppercut and a Weidman Kick to Zeus' chest. Zeus used his extraordinary Brainstorm which affected Rapye much. Rapye stood up with major dents, but the fight went on. Rapye missed his first Retaliation of the fight. Zeus was doing good in the first round, that is until the bell rang.

Round 2 started with Rapye defending early. The fortification was really effective until another of Zeus' Brainstorms. Rapye flew high and smacked Zeus which actually flipped the tide of the match. Rapye sent Zeus to the corner and Cluster Punched him hardly. Rapye sent a final Canton Slam and Retaliation to officially end the match on Rapye's hands. Finally, Blake and Jack went home after 12 straight hours for preparing for the fight. Their 12 hours will be useless if Zeus actually defeated Rapye.

Season 2: The Rap is Rising

Episode 11: Thanksgiving

The family and friends thanks everyone for Rapye's win.

Episode 12: Apocalypse

"New" robots make a barricade on Rapye's path.

Episode 13: Psychic Sky

Psytron comes to town.

Episode 14: Twist and Turns

Some robots Rapye defeated twisted and turned back to Rapye for more fights.

Episode 15: The Sky is Falling Down

More robots stand on Rapye's way, this time, the intense heat and air sweats the fight.

Episode 16: Apocalypse 2

Rapye is ready for two more robots.

Episode 17: Once Upon a Time

Psytron comes back in a tale.

Episode 18: Invasion of Slaves

The Crash Palace robots come back to Rapye, seeking revenge.

Episode 19: Break Your Sweat

Rapye almost got lost in a desert. Is it worth to get back?

Episode 20: It's The Light

Rapye sees the light in the end of the tunnel, but is it all over?

Season 3: Dangerous Fighter

Episode 21: Sweatdrops Home

Rapye and the team returns home, but a robot is waiting at Brooklyn.

Episode 22: Hunting

Rapye accepts the Tri-Gore invitation.

Episode 23: Tri-Pocalypse

The Scythe versus The Brutal Terminator in the mountains. Who will reign supreme?

Episodes 24-30 Titles and spoilers coming soon

Season 4: Fear the Power

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