Vital statistics
Title The Keeper of The Underworld
Generation 3
Bot Type Mighty Glacier
Status Working

NAME': Ramchip


BOT TYPE: Mighty Glacier



Ramchip is a heavy-class robot, distinguished by his shiny golden (yet mechanical) horns. His owner (a “ram” fanatic) supposedly acquired the frame base from a robot that was once fighting in the WRB, which he then redesigned to give the robot his own personal flair. Though the owner reportedly bought the parts cheap, Ramchip’s oversized fists will definitely leave a mark, and after a single fight, you’ll know how he got his notorious nickname of the “Keeper of the Underworld”.

Real Steel Game

Slow, but with two fists of steel. If you don't strike hard, he will. Exploit his mighty glacier speed, and he will fall.


Green and gold paint, with an almost oversized upperbody compared to his legs. His helm is a horned viking helmet, and his shoulders both have a spike.  His torso armor has a strangely human shape to it, and made from rivited together pieces of steel. 


Strength: 56/100

Speed: 19/100

Intelligence: 23/100

Special Moves: 27/100


  • All colors on Ramchip are custom, as it is obvious, based on the extreme gloss.
  • His arms and torso are huge but his legs are tiny.
  • His name is a pun of Ram (Sheep) and RAM chip a common computer piece.
  • He is hated by most AWCs (A Wikia Contributors). See below for proof.
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