Ragnorak is an underworld robot built by Janise Keri. A Generation 3 bot, Ragnorak is an example of growth, originally made out of, quite literally, scrap.

An Underworld legend and a big contender for the WRB Title, no one knows how great Ragnorak can be. Here are his stats. Unfortunately, he has been retired.

SPEED: 94/100 (formerly 75/100)

POWER: 87/100 (formerly 72/100)

ARMOUR: 90/100 (formerly 53/100)

INTELLIGENCE: 94/100 (formerly 52/100)

SPECIAL: 89/100 (formerly 67/100)

OVERALL: 441/500

WEIGHT: 1773 LBS (formerly 2641 LBS)


Announcer's quote: Here's the Norse Destructor, the Robot Scrapper. Make room for RAG-NO-RAK!!!

End quote: Another bot is sent to Valhalla, that's what I call a massacre!

Moves: Sledge fist, Hammer down, Minotaurus, Overdrive

Ripoff: Tension

Special feature: PSI Core, Titanium alloy

Normal theme: [1]

Overdrive theme: [2]

Shadow mode theme: [3]

Moves and rip off details

Sledge fist: Ragnorak slams his arm into the ground, then makes a running charge, uppercutting the target. Deals damage to the torso and head, Briefly stunning the enemy.

Hammer down: Ragnorak kicks the opponent back, then slams his fists into the opponent's head, before performing a double reverse upper cut (slamming the forearm's down onto the shoulders), and slamming his knee into the opponent's head. Causes damage to any where the fists or kicks hit.

Minotaurus: Ragnorak temporarily retreats, then charges at high speed. Slamming his arm's and head into the opponents body. Ragnorak then stops, but momentum sends the target toward the rings, or even outside of the field.

Overdrive: Acitvation of the PSI Energy core causes Ragnorak to go berserk. This send's his stats all the way to 100. The presence of blue wires wrapping around the inner workings signal Overdrive.

Tension: Over drive, hammer down and sledge fist are activated at the same time, loosening the joints of the enemy. The berserk mode of over drive forces Ragnorak to uppercut his opponent, sending them in the air. Ragnorak then jumps up for a knee slam and forces down the opponent with a supersonic punch. The force sends more tension on the joints. Ragnorak then finishes the enemy with an extra powerful aerial minotaurus slam.


  • Hammer of Mjolnir: 2 reverse uppercuts onto the opponents back, then a wound up Jab. After this, Ragnarok grips the neck of the opponent and snaps it, proceeding to punch the head until nice and dented.
  • Rampage: Overdrive, then an uppercut to the crotch, causing the opponent to fall down. Ragnarok get's onto the opponents chest and repeatedly slams his arms into the bot's torso. After this, a very powerful hook to the head.
  • Quick Strike: Jabs. Jabs everywhere.


2 years after the death of human boxing, after the time of Twister and Gamma, an ambitious girl by the name of Janise Keri, dreamed of controlling a fighting bot. Stealing bits and pieces of damaged or destroyed bots, such as Axelrod, Bluebot, and even from Twin cities, she shaped a creation in her parent's basement. 4 days of stealing bot parts and crafting homemade bits and pieces, she had finished her creation. It had no name at the time, but she saw the potential of the bot. It would soon be named: Ragnorak.

Fight record

Best match: Ragnarok vs ambush (Win, not too much damage)

Worst match: Ragnarok vs Ambush 2.0 (Lose, extreme damages and psi core dents)

Ragnarok vs Ambush. Ragnarok wins

Ragnarok vs Metro. Ragnarok wins

Ragnarok vs Fatboy. Some wiring snapped but Ragnarok won

Ragnarok vs Bio war (pre-rematch). Lost

Ragnarok vs Bio war (rematch). win

Ragnarok vs Midas. Win, but some hydraulic damages and scraches

Ragnarok vs Twister. Win, but severe damages and hydraulic fluid leaked out. Lots of scratches

Ragnorak VS Chinzaemon. Loss, bot a close one. A lucky shot in the final round had put him down.

Ragnarok vs Ambush 2.0. Lost, extreme damages.

Ragnarok vs Atom. Win, but Arm was ripped off

Eventual Fights if I decide to revive Rag

Ragnarok vs Axelrod

Ragnarok vs Nitro

Ragnarok vs Zeus

Ragnarok vs Titan

Under world fights

Chapter 1: Ambushed

Before Ambush was owned by Charlie Kenton, he was owned by Janise's cousin: Al. Janise first decided to try and test her new creation against ambush.

The bell rang, and the fight began. Ambush initially had the upper hand, as Janise hasn't really gotten familiar controlling Ragnorak. Ragnorak survived 3 hooks and one cross, but got severely damaged by Ambush's Chest slam. But as the fight went on, she was able to dodge Ambush's attacks and was able to land an uppercut at ambush.

When she was able to stun Ambush briefly by slamming Ambush's head, causing it to stagger, she performed a glorious follow up, critically damaging Ambush. Ambush, however, managed to hold his fall by hitting Ragnorak's right shoulder, slowly killing the dominant fighting limb. However, Ragnorak was able to use the left arm, using a hook to disable Ambush.

This allowed Ragnorak an opening for a rip-off. However, it had no real rip off that Janise programmed, so she improvised: She wound up the both arms, aiming for Ambush's head, using the building potential energy by using opposing pistons to hold them in place, then let go of the back pistons. This caused Ragnorak to slam both of his fists into Ambush's neck. Severing Ambush's head from the rest of his body. Janise won $2,000 from the fight.

Injuries sustained from fight: Chasis damage, Paint scratched and a few bolts lost.

Chapter 2: The franken bot is destroyed

After an interesting brawl against Ambush, Janise moved on to a new target: Metro. Judging by his appearance, Janise knew about his clamp foot, which held his opponent in place.

Janise decided to upgrade Ragnorak, for Ambush managed to dent and batter the Chasis. Switching out his blunt fists for Hollow jack's stage 3 fists, and using some parts from ambush to create the most force possible.

She brought her creation over to the arena, where Metro was waiting. The franken bot looked terrible, but Janise knew she shouldn't charge for him.

"In this corner," the announcer shouted. "It's the Norse Destructor, the Robot Scrapper: RAGNORAAKKKKK!!!!!!" Janise raised Ragnorak's fists in the cheer, as some people have seen him destroy Ambush. "And in the other corner, It's the terror of the underworld. The original franken bot, with a mallet smackdown. It can only be... MEEEETRROOOOOO!!!!!" The mess of underworld bots slammed his gigantic fist against his hammer, attempting to intimidate Janise.

The bell rang, and Metro charged, trying to clamp Ragnorak down to aim his hammer attack. But Ragnorak's higher speed allowed him to dodge the clamp. Using a combo of straights and hooks behind metro, she managed to break off some of metro's armour. But Ragnorak was met with metro's sledge hammer to the face. This severely damaged Ragnorak's ability to aim and respond to the remote, but it really didn't matter. Switching from remote control to Shadow boxing, Ragnorak was able to grab Metro's arm, and rip it off. This decreased the risk of some more damage. Ragnorak then proceeded to use sledge hammer and a faster version of tension (called double slam), causing Metro's head to fly off.

King pin was amazed by the power of Ragnorak, and tried to buy it from Janise. But she refused. King pin offered 2 grand, and the deal was done. However, Janise cheated on it and instead gave king pin a tiny version of it. King pin was happy, though, as he could use the model to improve metro.

Chapter 3: Fatboy goes on a diet

After earning 2 grand from the last fight, Janise decided to fight Fat boy, one of the stone wall bots. She went back to crash palace and demanded to fight Fat boy. The current owner of Fat boy, Naki, didn't see Ragnorak with Janise, and so laughed, as well as mock Janise. But she was determined to wipe that smug look off his face.

The stage was set, and Fat boy was on the arena. Ragnorak thundered up to the ring. Naki was sure he could beat Ragnorak, but what he didn't know was that Janise installed a SMART-SCAN chip into Ragnorak, allowing him to see one weakness in Fat boy. Despite his high armor, there was a piston, leaking fluid, on one of Fat boy's fists. It was battered before, so Janise kept it in mind.

The announcer started off the match, and Ragnorak charged. Using Sledge fist, he was able to land a large hit on Fat boy's right arm. Fat boy responded with a cross at Ragnorak's head. Fat boy then uppercutted Ragnorak in the right armpit. Ragnorak took a beating from gut buster and lost some screws and parts along the way.

Now was the time, Janise thought. Ragnorak charged, but instead of slamming his fist against fat boy's head, as his handler expected, he thrust his right fist at Fat boy's left fist, completely dislodging it. Now that Fat boy had been weakened, Ragnorak hooked and uppercutted fat boy's right arm, damaging his only free arm and leaving him helpless.

Fat boy, however still could force Ragnorak to stagger, so he head butted Ragnorak's leg, expecting him to fall. Ragnorak responded with a cross and a right hook, both destroyed some of Fat boy's armor. However, the ram had locked up Ragnorak's leg. Round one ended at that time. Janise needed to unlock Ragnorak's leg or he will simply be spare parts if fat boy's fists are repaired.

Janise noticed something in Ragnorak's leg. Something that was stopping the piston's from moving. A piece of metal was lodged in there. When she looked behind her, she noticed Fat boy's handler attach metal shards to the robot's head. That's how he locked up Ragnorak's leg.

Interval ended, and the fight was back on. Ragnorak charged for Fat boy's head first. Using hammer down and protector to defend against Fat boy's ram. Fat boy immediately used Gut Buster, but due to his damaged arms, he could only knock down Ragnorak and step on him, which didn't do much.

Ragnorak then aimed for the finishing blow. Using Hammer down to stun Fat boy, Janise made Ragnorak used tension. However, instead of aiming for the head, Ragnorak aimed for Fat boy's chest. Essentially doing the heimlich maneuver, only with a lot of oil and parts flying. Janise won, and due to Fat boy cheating, received $ 4,000.

Chapter 4: Scavenging

Janise found it harder to fight the bots after fat boy. She lost against Bio war, which cost her 1 grand, Janise lost against Bio war in a rematch, costing her another 1 grand. She decided that it was time to upgrade.

She went back to the junkyard where she found Axelrod and Bluebot's pieces, metal valley, and got to work dumpster diving. This is the list of parts she was aiming to salvage: 5 pieces of atom's armour plating, shoulder and legs. One reinforced chest plate, 2 robot heads (going to remove the useful components to allow more fighting moves), and more hydraulics to get the speed up.

After hunting down these bits, Janise noticed a streak of light hit the 5th aisle of the junkyard. She got curious, and found the PSI energy core. She wasn't sure what it was, but it seemed to hold limitless power.

Chapter 5: Overdrive is unlocked

Janise rushed home, eager to test the new core she found. After installing all the bits and pieces she salvaged from the junk yard, she opened up Ragnorak's chest.

There was still room for one more energy core. So Janise removed some of the wiring from the main core and attached those wires to the PSI core. A moderate hum emitted from the core, and the lighting turned purple. Energy surges traveled up the wiring to Ragnorak's head. Janise activated ragnorak, but instead of the familiar gold that usually came from the eye, an eerie purple pulsated. Over drive had been unlocked...

Chapter 6: Underworld passed

After testing the over drive ability (on bio war, earning her money back) and repairing the smart scan chip, Janise received a golden envelope. Inside it read: "I see you have beat the previous underworld bots, as well as beat away bio war and Metro. I have decided to ask you one thing... 12:45 pm, meet at crash palace. Fight midas. Reward: 6 grand."

Janise decided to get to work. She went on a total of 5 trips to metal valley, salvaging the most useful items, including an anticipation chip, and two sparkers. Attaching the sparkers onto the fists to create stun fists, and installing the anticipation chip. With those items, she had a better shot against Midas.

12:45 pm hit the clock. Janise was at crash palace. Ragnorak was already on the ring, Sparkers activated, and energy humming. A shadow walked from a large spot light. Janise couldn't make out the figure, but a mohawk-like protrusion rose out of the bot's head. This bot had small spikes on the fists, so she guessed that Midas would be using sharp items to pierce the more fragile parts of Ragnorak.

The bell rang, and ragnorak charged. Using sledge fist first, Janise managed to break midas's block, leaving him wide open for a cross and 3 straights. Midas recollected himself and managed to strike Ragnorak with a jab and 2 upper cuts. But he couldn't pierce the reinforced armour of his opponent. Midas got hit in the face and right arm with Minotaurus, as well as a chain of 2 jabs, 6 straights, and hammer down. Midas was able to wriggle his way out of another combo. He grabbed Ragnorak and hit him with Tomahawk blow, then came at Ragnorak with an arm rip. Ragnorak's Anticipation chip warned him of the attempt, and he was able to avoid the grab, as well as use Minotaurus from behind midas.

Midas was taking a beating but was still up and running. Janise used Ragnorak's SMART-SCAN chip, allowing her to see one big weakness in Midas. Midas has a very predictable punching stance: Whether he's performing a hook, jab or straight, he always steps back a bit and throws the attack.

This weakness, because of midas's stable footing, required stronger attacks, and Janise knew just where to get them. She flipped open a flap on Ragnorak's remote, revealing a red button saying: Overdrive. She did a few alterations, lengthening Overdrive by 10 more seconds, then slammed her fist on the button.

Ragnorak punched midas back to the corner, as blue wires began to wrap around his armour and inner workings. Midas recovered and charged, thinking Ragnorak was trying to heal. He assumed his punching stance, but Ragnorak responded with a lightning fast round house kick, catching Midas off guard.

Minotaurus and sledge fist followed, causing Midas's joints to loosen. Midas responded with an attempt at an arm rip, but a couple of pistons suddenly lost hold, causing Midas's leg to collapse. In the half kneeling position, Midas's leg became dead weight. Ragnorak then performed an extremely powerful uppercut, sending Midas flying. Midas is then hit by a knee slam and sent crashing down by Ragnorak's supersonic punch. Ragnorak then performed an aerial Minotaurus, slamming his elbow into Midas's head. The face plate gets scrapped and buried into the leftovers of Midas's head. Midas's limbs were scattered all over the place, while his chest was firmly lodged into the ceiling. his head was still in good condition, so Ragnorak used the final 7 seconds of overdrive to rip apart the dismembered head. Ragnorak threw the pieces at Artie Bakker.

When Janise earned the 6 grand, she saw Midas's ravaged head held by a chain. She smirked, knowing that it would leave an eternal imprint on Artie, and crash palace...

Injuries sustained: loosened right arm and some dents, but mostly alright.

Chapter 7: The League

It was something that Janise couldn't believe. An invite for a WRB league fight.

An invitation from Vinzer Kakashi was mailed to Janise' door. It said this.

Battle Request sent by: Vinzer Kakashi

'Have your bot, Ragnorak, fight against mine, Chinzaemon. Stakes are $100k and the match will be held at MGM Grand.'

Most people would be hyped when they receive their first WRB fight invitation. Not Janise, as she would be fighting Noisy Boy's heir.

The November Rain

As Janise walked into MGM Grand, she didn't see much reporters and cameramen. "Well, this is a LOT different from Crash Palace." Janise thought.

She was wrong.

All of the seats were sold out to watch the match. There were blinding lights as Chinzaemon walked in the arena. Bee swarms of reporters, cameramen, and die-hard fans were confronting Vinzer Kakashi. Janise was fazed by the amount of popularity Chinzaemon had. "What the heck?!" You couldn't even here the loud drums of Chinzaemon's theme song because the crowd just drowned it out. It was even louder than Crash Palace!

Chinzaemon did a little dance before entering the ring, to the amusement of the fans and reporters. Janise, a bit unsettled, moved here bot into the ring. Although several reporters and fans went to her, it was not very comparable to those of Chinzaemon. "Well, of course he will get attention," thought Janise. "He's a former three title champion anyways."

The Start of A Classic

The two of them got in the ring. DING DING! The round had begun. Ragnorak threw first, but Chinzaemon countered quickly. Establishing a stiff jab. Chinzaemon kept Ragnorak a far distance away. Noticing a chance for a move, Ragnorak moved back and performed the Minotaurus. However, Chinzaemon was faster, and pulled more chances out of the bin. Frustrated, Janise decided to stick to the outside and find an opening there.

The fight kept going like this, jabs and crosses, eventually some good combos. However, in the fifth and final round, Ragnorak found a huge opportunity to checkmate Chinzaemon off. Chinzaemon put his hands down, looking very depleted. Ragnorak went for the chance and threw a lounging right hook. Chin was pummeled! Ragnorak kept doing this until he missed just one shot.

That proved to be a lethal mistake.

Chinzaemon sprung back to life. With a quick flash of the right hand, which would be known later as the Robotic Phantom punch, Ragnorak flushed to the floor. Although not heavily damaged, Ragnorak's core had magically shut down. "ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN!" Ragnorak had lost unluckily to a small punch.

After the fight, Janise was quite flattered. She was able to last all five rounds, and although making a tough mistake, she may have almost won. "Hey," came a voice from behind her. "Janise, right?"


"Nice fight, pretty close. If the hook landed I think you would've had a shot in winning decisively."


"Here, have this."

Vinzer Kakashi handed Janise an envelope.

"What is this?" Janise asked. "Inside contains a bio of Twister." Kakashi said. "He's an unbelievable bot, pretty hard to beat. If you want a challenge, better fight him. His form has went out the door due to some stress faced by the trainer Raymond."

Janise, now with a new challenge, felt satisfied. "Thank you, Mr. Kakashi."

"You are welcome. If you ever plan to fight him, I'll be looking forward to watching it at the front row"

As cameras flashed, Janise felt a sense of pride.

Chapter 8: Ragnarok survives the Twister.

The night of the fight of Ragnarok and the former WRB champion raced through. Janise was tense. Twister destroyed Zeus and other bots, Ragnarok only defeated Midas and that was it, although she did last five rounds against Chinzaemon.

Twister was on the ring already, with Raymond smirking. Ragnorak thundered onto the ring and climbed over the ropes. Things didn't really look good for Janise, but she was filled with determination.

The crowd murmured, how could Ragnarok, an underworld fighter, beat someone who decimated Zeus?

Round 1

Twister was attacking more violently, but it was all over when he missed a huge lunging uppercut. Ragnorak countered back with a quick right flash, just like what Chinzaemon did. It was so fast that it cracked Twister's neck open! With fluid dripping down heavily on the torso, Twister's head was bent out of alignment, and he fell to the ground. Raymond looked at his bot in shock, oil leaked onto the arena and he was sparking bullets. Twister had been defeated by an underworld fighter!

Ragnarok get's ragged

John has been observing the one robot named Ragnorak since the R0-t incident. Of course, he was surprised that Ragnorak beat Twister, very very interesting…But he wasn’t mad that Ragnorak humiliated Global Mech, he was excited. He’ve never had this feeling since he fought Shredder. Picking up his phone, he contacted Janise Keri, the owner and handler of Ragnorak. It went straight to voice mail “Meet me at Crash Palace, 3 o’clock. Judgment from Ambush 2.0 will be waiting you there.”

Time to see Ragnorak if he’s worthy of his fame.

Later, he saw a girl on the opposite side of the Crash Palace ring. She’s pretty, but not that noticeable when you have the most beautiful girl in all of Mongolia as a fiance .

“The Norse Destructor, the Robot Scrapper, Ragnorak!”

The crowd cheered, by defeating Twister, Ragnorak has recently became a favourite of the fans of the Underworld.

“The Lord of Maximum Destruction, his heir to the throne of Crash Palace, here stands the Golden Destroyer, Ambush 2.0!”

The crowd cheered a bit louder.

The Golden Destroyer opposed The Norse Destructor. Ragnorak did a haf-hearted jab, and was surprised it connected. He did another one, Ambush 2,0 did a weak attempt at a block. Seeing the opponent is not as good as she expected, Janise used Minotaurus, wanting to finish this quickly. Just as the fists connected, Ambush 2.0 ducked, spun around and landed a vicious backhand onto Ragnorak’s head. John is impressed how quickly Janise reorganised her tactics. Ragnorak did a straight right. Ambush dodged and repiled with with a hook. Ragnorak quickly countered and uppercutted Ambush. As Bush retreated, Ragnorak advanced by using Sledge Fist and did a right roundhouse at Am2.0 ‘s head. Sledge fist connected, but Ambush crouched, dodging the roundhouse easily and double fisted Ragnorak’s lower torso. Ragnorak flew back and crashed against the steel ropes. Then Ambush 2.0 walked up and did a Classic Chestslam, with the headbutt knocking Ragnorak out for 6 seconds. John smirked, she may be talented and have better stats, but she overestimated herself on experience and skill.

But John forgot it was HIM who challenged Ragnorak a bit eariler.     

Ready to end the match, Ragnorak activated Overdrive. Suprsied by the sudden speed boost, Ambush 2.0 is damaged by serveral hits, it’s enough to badly damage him. Quickly, John activated Stealth Mode and Ambush disappeared on the spot. Thinking Ambush 2.0 would go around her, Janise made Ragnorak spin around, trying not to expose the back. Little does Janise, Ambush 2.0 is simply hanging in the corner, waiting for the perfect oppurtunity. After a moment, Ragnorak decided to stop, since it’s using too much fuel for spinning.

At that precise moment, A fist penetrated from the back.

Ambush 2.0’s hand closed around the PSI core, and pulled it out. “No!” cried Janise. John gave her a smug look, relying on that PSI core too much has made her slow. Ragnorak, still fuctional with his second core, put up a good fight, but Ambush 2.0 knocked him out cold with a roundhouse kick to the chest.

Impressed, John offered to fix Janise’s bot for her. Janise gladly accepted------after slapping John in the face.

Twin Cities? More Like Twin Trophies!

After repairing Ragnarok, and training him a bit to strike hard and fast. Janise was asked to fight Twin Cities. Her face lit up, Finally! She would be able to prove her mettle with an actual WRB bot!


Ragnorak stood in one of the corners, Janise fiddling around with the wiring and internal systems after the flash that Chinzaemon had performed, the dent still on Ragnorak's temple. Twin Cities was going through a system diagnosis one last time before the fight.

A few minutes, Sparks and Minor system errors later, Twin Cities and Ragnorak were ready to brawl.

Round 1

Twin Cities went for the first blow with a powerful uppercut swinging at Ragnorak, staggering the Norse Destructor. Ragnorak collected himself and replied with a wicked right hook, striking the left head, and performing Minotaurus to get Twin out of the way. The Fight was going slow, especially considering that Ragnorak's PSI core suffered a heavy overheating problem after being crushed by Ambush 2.0

Chapter 12: Staying Fresh

(This whole chapter is literally a fight montage, Rag is getting stronger)

"This is my last chance, guys. LAST! If I lose, I never go back to doing this again. "I made a bet...without help I don't think 83 will be with me for any day longer... It's over, 83 can't win this."

Raymond quipped, "Good, that's what you get for destroying Twister." However, Janise didn't pay attention to it, because she was having a nervous breakdown again.

The call ended. Ragnarok slumped on the work table. It's time she made a return.

She got a fight for a next gen named Ring Scaper. The Robot was fearsome, spikes covering almost all of it's body. What is up with newbies and spikes?! Janise thought.

WRB Super League Arc

After re-proving her mettle, a letter slipped through Janise's garage door.

Janise turned off her welder and lifted her mask off. Ragnarok was standing in the garage's single functional light (Since Waspunch went haywire due to an issue with his AI) as his handler ripped it open. It read:

Hey, Janise!

A WRB Super League has been introduced. We have a list of names already to be raffled. You want in? You gotta be at the stadium in California. Bring Ragnarok too. Who knows? Maybe you'll be chosen as a wild card fighter. See ya there!

Kind regards,

-Jaime Tommes

The WRB contender glanced back at Rag, his metal armor glinting in the light. "Let's give it a shot."

The Raffle

Janise skidded across town as she got closer to the Californian Stadium. Rag was in tow, in a somewhat questionable method (Running after Janise).

Once she got to the stage, the raffle was already beginning.

"Our first wild-card competitor is.... an Italian bot named Pizarippa!" A guy with a big mustache (and gut) shouted in triumph, His bot slamming his fists together.

"Next is.... BENDY, the Devil's Swing!!!!!!!" A bot that was dripping a black substance raised his arms, only his mouth being visible. Janise was deeply unsettled by the grime oozing from the bots very skin.

"Our third wild-card will be.... Stormer, The Everest wind!!" A snow white bot jumped onto the arena as fog poured out of his sides.

"The last wild card fighter is..... Ivar Steelbone, The Unbreakable Bot!" Ivar, AKA Ragnarok, roared at the sky, then dabbed for coolness.

But in order for the wild card fighters to be admitted in, they'd first have to fight the former WRB Champ: Zeus.


After a vicious beating from Zeus, Pizzarippa flopped off the stage and onto the floor. Next in line was Bendy. Zeus began wiping the floor with the new wild cards. What once was Stormer was just an Everest size of scrap.

Janise was up next. Ragnarok (For clarification, Ragnarok is still under the cover of Ivar) was in the ring while Zeus was being modified for battle. The announcer set off the match as Zeus got up. Ivar raised his fists, ready for the incoming strikes. In one of the corners, Tak Mashido's engineers piloted the bot forward and smacked Ivar in the face. His opponent responded an upper cut to the chest. The former (By a lot) Robot king came through to Ivar with a deadly Bolo Punch, which was parried by Ragnarok's arm.

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