Name: Rachet " The Tool Terror "

Generation: 3

Bot type: Game Breaker Lv. 5

Ranking: W:2:1 and D:3:1


Rachet is a bot everyone fears. He used to be a weak, little standard lv. 1, but his owner kept all the parts of almost every robot he's beat, and took and combined pieces to make a big, fast brute.

Real Steel Game

Rachet dominated every robot on the game, and took down the king in 1 round. His parts come from different frames, and beaten robots.

Battle Style

Rachet has a high power charge, high damage recovery, high resillience, and a high punch speed, which means he can throw in alot of punches and tech moves without tiring himself out.


Strength: 96/100

Speed: 81/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Special Moves: 84/100

Fight Stats

Power Charge: 6,470

Core HP: 5,928

Total Attack: 6,140

Total Defence: 5,619

Resillience: 10

Damage Recovery: 9

Power Recovery: 10

Average Punch Speed: 10

Movement Speed: 8

Mobility: 9


Head : Fantom

Body: Zelezo

Right Arm: Garganet

Right Fist: Gimlet

Left Arm: Garganet

Left Fist: Chronium

Legs: Jupiter


His core parts have combined parts.

His name comes from Transformers' Autobot, Rachet

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