**This is fanmade.**

   An obscure robot contender who only fought three battles, and never won any of them. After his 3rd match, his owner, who had lost bundles of money, then took him out and recycled him into scrap. 

  He never had a name besides R-4197, but some who remember him in the ring called him "Scrappy".

 He was 5 feet tall and had a scrawny build with little armour, which probably led to his losses. His fists were copper-plated, and constantly tended to break and bend. He had a square head with little holes in it as eyes, with a very faint red light glowing under it. His legs were suprisingly well-armoured, with tough metal plating surrounding all sides.

 Extremely weak, one uppercut would take his box-head away, revealing his cheap LED red light that no one seemed to notice. He was not much of a damage dealer either, as his most powerful move couldn't make any of his oppenents flinch.

    • MATCHES**

"Scrappy" vs. Blubot (LOSS)

"Scrappy" vs. Ambush (LOSS)

"Scrappy" vs. Blacktop (LOSS)

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