Armor: 8/10

Screenshot Mon Feb 08 12.55.54

Power: 9/10

Speed: 10/10

Origins: USA

Nickname: The Crunching Tackler


Quarterback appears in Real Steel (IOS). He is bulky with large shoulder pads, and has a number 50 on his chest.

His intro involves him throwing a football then approaches it and posing, and after that he kicks it back.

His Special Move 1 involves him throwing and kicking a football at his opponent and charging them to the ground.

His Special move 2 involves him punching his opponent and then kicking him to the ground.

His Ripoff involves him doing heavy attacks and grabbing a football and then kicking at the opponents head, ripping it off. 

His win animation involves him dancing and tossing the ball from one side to another and then throwing it on the ground and fist pumping and after that he poses.


  • The announcer's voice changes when introducing Quarterback, similar to Cardinal Chaos .
  • He is the fourth bot that resembles an American Football player, the others being Touchdown, Tackle and Crusher.
  • Like a few other bots, you cannot use Quarterback's parts in Build Mode, likely because of his football.
    Real Steel SUPERBRAWL - Quarterback Robot

    Real Steel SUPERBRAWL - Quarterback Robot

    A video about Quarterback

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