Armor: 87/100

Power: 94/100

Intelligence: 98/100

Speed: 100/100

Special: 91/100

Features: Human Mind Chip, Puppet Controller Chip, AI, Robotic Voicebox, Knife Claws, Electric Core.

Randomizers: Randomizer-Physical, Random-Defection, Random-Ability Benefit.

Puppeteer is one of the strangest bots the WRB ever had. Puppeteer might be recognized by his small but bulky appearance, but there's one thing that's the strangest part about him; it has a mind of his own. The Human Mind Chip is what gives him his own mind, and is called, "Human Mode." It is programmed with human like features and every fighting style tin he world for Puppeteer to use. The Puppet Controller Chip comes in with a chip installed in Puppeteer's head and a helmet. This is when Jack activates the "Controlled Puppet Mode." This lets him get in the point of view in the robot itself. This is when the AI helps him. Although Jack does not have to move around or do anything, he can control him by using his mind to help Puppeteer. The AI helps him by suggesting moves to Jack, and warn him on attacks. The AI is even active without Jack. The Robotic Voicebox is only used to intimidate and taunt foes, so it doesn't really help that much. The Electric Core is a normal core that powers his body. The Knife Claws are, well, metal claws to help Puppeteer shred his opponents to bits. Puppeteer also has an ability to use random attacks at random moments, and are called "Randomizers." Unlike most attacks other robots have, Randomizers are unpredictable, occuring at unexpected moments, and can catch an unwary opponent off guard if he isnt paying attention. Although Puppeteer may not be the strongest, he may be one of the smartest.

Randomizer-Physical = Puppeteer activates the ability, and can use normal attacks with random damage outputs. They can input extremely weak damage, into extremely strong damage. (Recharge: 30 seconds)

Random-Defection: Puppeteer can use this ability with a normal attack with normal damage input, only to mark a buff-defect onto the robot. De-Buffs include: Temporary EMP Stun, Health Time Drain (or "robot poison attack"), Malfunction Reversal (attacks and movements go haywire. Example: try to attack, and it may reverse into walking forward, etc), Special Ability Drain Defect (robots with special attacks have their special attacks rendered useless, reversing the time effect it takes to activate them and stopping them completely), Armor Decrease Effect (reduces armor every second), Block Removal (disables blocking. Not a good de-buff effect), Haywire Adaptation (if robots have the ability to adapt to fightstyle, then they will have that removed, rendering them useless and unable to predict Puppeteer), and Instant-Shutdown (these are even more random, and happen in an instant. They are extremely rare to occur, and are instant shutdowns for the parts of the robot. They are capable of shutting down vital systems in the body-parts, like an arm, a leg, the head, computer chips, etc.) Note: Buff-Defects like all of these last 20 seconds. (Recharge: 55 seconds)

Random-Ability Benefit: As the name suggests, these add in buffs to Puppeteer via normal attack. Buffs include: Regeneration Recovery, Armor Increase, Special Ability Time Reduction, Increased Focus, Increased Power, AimBot Targeting, Efficient Movement, Speed Increase. Note: Buffs last 15 seconds. (Recharge: 45 seconds)


Height: 7'9

Weight: 863

Origin: USA

Battles Won/Loss: 211/87

Metal Types: Titanium, Steel, Iron

Nicknames: "The Mighty Human Puppet," "Unliving Life"

Threat Level: High

Class Type: Lighting Bruiser

Status: Working

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