Name: Psytron

Title: The Metal Crusher

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Psytron is a robot in the Real Steel WRB game. He's from the Underworld 2 fighting circuit. He's the first Greek robot to be added in the whole Real Steel game franchise. Unlike most robots, Psytron's eyes look very human at close, only from far away they look like star-shaped eyes. He's mostly painted in a pearl white color with black and bronze bits and cyan lights. Just like Cardinal Chaos and Crusher, he was originally available in the Mystery Draw, but now he has been moved to the VIP store, although this won't affect the players who already own him. He's one of the most powerful UW-II tier robots, being able to put up a fight with Hollow Jack and Metro.

Announcer's Quote: "The Metal Crusher! Psytron!"


Health: 4900

Attack: 368

Special: 759

UW-II: 144


Psytron 001

Origin: Greece

Ability: Reconstruction - Enhanced Damage

Weight: 683 LBS

Height: 7'4"

Feature: Monstrous Fists

Special Moves:

1.- Destroyer (Original)

2.- Super Destroyer (Sarge)

3.- Ultra Destroyer (Nitro)


Psytron 002

Psytron is white with a blue glow and bronze trimmings here and there. His head seems to be wearing a white helmet with a silver top while his face is actually bronze as well. His armor is thick and his fists are quite large, living up to the "monstrous" description they have in his card. He has a big wide chest, which probably means he's able to take lots of damage. He also seems to be wearing a belt due to his waist design. He has quite human-like eyes when they're seen up close, although they look like star-shaped when seen from afar. His feet, although seeming a little on the small side in comparison to the rest of his body, seem to be just enough to allow him to execute a lot of maneuvers standing in just one foot. His articulation is also quite advanced since his armor doesn't seem to hinder his movement. Despite being that large, Psytron is even lighter than Atom himself and is also one of the fastest robots in the whole game. Sadly, despite being extremely well received by the fans when he was first added, he hasn't been added to any other games.


  • Although his special move is labeled as "Short Circuit Punch" on his stat card, in-game it is actually "Destroyer".
  • Psytron is currently only available in Real Steel WRB.
  • All Psytron, Crusher and Cardinal Chaos were originally Mystery Draw exclusive robots, although nowadays they have been moved to the VIP store. This won't affect the players who already owned them, though.
  • Psytron and Metro are the only UW-II bots that can regenerate health.
  • He's the only Greek robot in the whole franchise.
  • He has slight similarities with Wildfire and Bio War.
  • His intro and Crusher's are the only ones that sound different to the rest.
  • Despite being taller than Atom, Psytron is lighter.
  • His fists are almost as big as his head.
  • Psytron and Crusher were added around the same time, only Crusher seems to have been considerably more popular since he also appears in RS iOS and WRB 2, while Psytron only appears in RS WRB.
  • It is unclear if Reliance Games has plans to do anything else with Psytron.
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