Name: Psycho

Alias: The "cute" Menace

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 150LBS

Bot type: Hybrid

Power: 68/100

Armor: 83/100

Speed: 100

Intelligence:  100/100

Special: 100/100

Intro: Introducing, The "cute" Menace, the Insane Killer: Psycho! She's sitting outside the Arena, Then jumps in, doing a flip and twisting herself. Then she looks to the ground, her eyes still focussed at her enemy, shoing him/her with her left hand, to come closer.

Style: Psycho is a small thin Black and Purple bot, with big eyes, a big head, and lots of scars, some of them are places like a XIII. At her wrists and ankles, are some thngs, wich looks like broken chain. There's also something like this at her neck, and at the sides of her body, there are lots of little claws, wich make her look like an centipede. So, she isn't realy that cute, but still gets called the "cute" Menace, because of her small size.


  • Extra Armor: her little claws cover her body, so she gets a lot more armor.
  • "Cannibalism": she has a little "mouth", with sharp teeth... sometimes after a fight, she's biting thourg the other bot's wires, just to destroy it even more.
  • Fingers: she has fingers instead of fists, like Dreadlord wich she can use for some forbidden moves, in underworld fights.
  • Shadow mode: just like Atom she has a shadow mode.
  • Voice Command: she also has a voice command, like Noisy Boy
  • Hightech: even, if she looks like an old yunkyard bot, she's a hightech bot.
  • Voice System: She has a voice system, wich can make her say things during a Fight



A women covered in a cape, and with a hood slung over her face arrived in the Crash Palace...

She just went to the other ones and said: "I'll take the Midas fight..." and gave the money, you need to fight.

"And where's your bot?" he asked. But in the same Moment Psycho walked in herself...

"And how shall we call your bot?" he asked. "Psycho... just call her Psycho..." she said

"Ok... Then today's battle will be Psycho vs. Midas!" he said.


Psycho entered the ring, twisting herself and making weird sounds.

Meanwhile midas made the people celebrate his intro.

At first the fight was, as everyone expectet. Midas seemed to be the winner. Psycho fell to the ground once again.But then she stood up, twisted herself once again and her little claws started to move. Then they slung around her, and her eyes started glowing even more. Midas tried hitting her again, but she just grabbed his arm, layed her head first to one side, then to the other. But midas just used his other arm to attack her...

***to be continued***

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