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Prometheus vs Legion

After Prometheus' resounding success against Rubicon, most of the WRB bots (remember, this was at the very dawn of Gen 3, so no Gen 3 bots that exist now had been made yet.) wanted to challenge Prometheus. Bio War's was the first challenge to be accepted by Rich Kemp, his owner, who managed to defeat him without any major damage. Legion (an upcoming custom bot) was next. His large underarm shielding was not out of place then although only Legion had that special feature. 

The starting bell rang and both bots headed straight for each other. Just as Prometheus started his first punch using his left fist, Legion ducked under his left arm andspun round to fist Prometheus' back. Prometheus swung out his left arm and backhanded Legion. However, Legion blocked the hit with his shields and wrapped his arms around the arm, yanking it off. Prometheus turned to face Legion but Legion gave him a right hook to the jaw and he reeled back, stunned. Legion followed up with a left cross and a right uppercut to his chest. Prometheus landed flat on his back and the refree started the count. "1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7!..." Prometheus got up and blocked Legion's spin attack but took a blow to the back of his head from Legion's other arm. The hit jerked him forward, right into Legions headbutt, while Legion's blocked arm pushed against Legion, making him fall once again. "1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!" the croud cheered as Legion celebrated his victory and also, Prometheus' first loss in the ring.

Prometheus vs Noisy Boy

Having been a WRB fighter before Charlie Kenton bought him and unsuccessfully challenged Midas, a rebuilt Noisy Boy is found back in the Underworld, with his original body parts and head. Rich can only assume that Charlie rebuilt him and sold him off for some quick cash. Interested in fighting the Manga Mangler for the first time, Rich and Noisy's owner agree on a fight. Both bots don't do illegal moves, so the fight was arranged and fought WRB style. Make some noise for the battle ahead! 

As the first round started, Noisy Boy circled around Prometheus, jabbing at him from the sidelines. Prometheus managed to block all of them and Noisy Boy started to close in on him. Prometheus was unprepared for Noisy Boy's Wakizashi Straight due to its fast, unblockable nature. Still reeling from the punch, he nearly succumbed to Noisy's Southpaw Pain Revolution, barely dodging the charge. Prometheus then got the upper hand by using his signature move, Wrath of The Titans (Giving a power jab to the other bot's face before catching them with his other arm, then punching said bot repeatedly in the chest before it regains its balance.). The move wrecked some of Noisy's move recognition, rendering a few of his moves unusable. However, Noisy blocks his next attacks and chains his Shogun Trinity and Gravity Slam Uptown together, knocking Prometheus off his feet. The round ended with both bots taking a heap of damage. 

The second round started off with Noisy leading with his Shogun Trinity move. As Prometheus countered it and jabbed Noisy in the face before returning his arm with a backhand, Noisy's owner noticed a fatal mistake that Rich had made: The damage that Albino had done to Prometheus' right shoulder in their match 5 days ago had not been fixed!

Noisy Boy quickly made a comeback in the third round, ripping off Prometheus' right arm with a swift Wakizashi straight, but this time aimed for his right shoulder joint. However, Noisy Boy could not finish off Prometheus completely because most of his moves were still unstable. Prometheus continued to fight with his left arm, but unable to pull off any complex defensive maneuveres, was utterly decimated by Noisy Boy shortly after. This was Prometheus' third loss in the ring so far and thanks to Rich's hubris, Prometheus would be in the workshop again for a while.

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