Vital statistics
Title The Terror of The Titans
Generation 3(early)
Bot Type Demon Wall
Status Online(upgrading)
Name: Prometheus

Title/Nickname: The Terror of The Titans/ The Hot-Headed Firestarter

Generation: Early Generation 3

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Armor: 72/100         Upgraded: 86/100

Power: 54/100         Upgraded: 73/100

Special: 28/100       Upgraded: 38/100

Status: Online (upgrading)


Origin: Germany

Weight: 1575 lbs

Height: 8'9"

Special Feature: "Iron Curtain" Defensive Fight Code

Special Move: Wrath of The Titans, Fire of the Gods, Atlas Punch

Opening Line: "Behold, the towering terror of the titans, kneel before, Prometheus!!!"

Winning Line: "Prometheus has definitely taught that bot how to start a fire, leaving him smoking after that fiery match! Turn up the heat for, Prometheus!!!"


Prometheus stands at a formidable 8'9", towering over most of his opponents. He has armored shoulder joints, courtesy of his Titan Mainframe. He has two layers of chest armor with gold decal on his chest, back and his forearms. He has LEDs for eyes on his "face" and a light blue energy core situated in his chest.

Special Move Descriptions:

Wrath of The Titans- Prometheus gives a power jab to the other bot's face before catching them with his other arm, then punches the bot repeatedly in the chest before it regains its balance. 

Fire of the Gods- Prometheus left jabs his opponent twice, then jump-punches them in the chest and right hooks them.

Atlas Punch- Prometheus runs towards his opponent, knocks them with his left arm and gives them a right roundhouse.


Prometheus was once the reigning champion of the WRB in the dawn of the Gen 3 era after he fought his way to and ultimately defeated Rubicon, the Lemkovas' original bot. His massive Titan Mainframe was ahead of its time and his Defensive Fight Code (DFC) allowed him to shrug off any attack. However, by the mid-Gen 3, the vengeful Lemkovas suddenly reappeared in the WRB roster-Zeus, their new bot was soon to be finished and would immediately fight Prometheus as his debut. Rich Kemp agreed immediately, expecting to embarass them once again, and they met in the ring later that year. The fight started out with Prometheus annihilating Zeus by using his DFC to block Zeus' attacks. However, once Zeus' Adaptive Fight Code had stored down all of Prometheus' defensive moves, the fight turned around. Zeus' operators worked around Prometheus' DFC, crushing him in the second round. When the third round started, Prometheus tried to make a comeback, but failed and collapsed midway due to a badly damaged energy core. An embarassed Rich swore his revenge and pulled a wrecked Prometheus down to the Underworld for repairs and upgrades. He has not been seen much since, although rumors have it that he beat up the repaired Albino who had also gotten scrapped by Zeus not long after.

Fight Record (2012-Present)

Debut fight: Prometheus vs Rubicon (win)

Prometheus vs Bio War (win, sustained chest damage)

[!] Prometheus vs Legion (lose, lost right arm) 

Prometheus vs Ambush (win) 02/12/2013

Prometheus vs Midas (win) 04/11/2013

Prometheus vs Legion (win, sustained minor head damage) 05/6/2013

Prometheus vs Hollowjack (win, chest plating damaged) 06/27/2013

Prometheus vs Shogun (lose, lost head) 07/13/2013

[!]  Prometheus vs Zeus (lose, severe damage to entire bot, destroyed energy core) 08/17/2013


Repairs and major upgrade of Prometheus, an early Gen-3,  to a late-Gen 3 . This took place between 08/20/2013 and 05/8/2014.


Prometheus enters Crash Palace as an exhibition bot, taking part in the Undercard heats from 10/1/2014 to 01/16/2015.

Undercard Heats Set 1

  1. Prometheus vs Ambush (Prometheus wins)
  2. Aquabot vs Gambit (Gambit wins)
  3. Prometheus vs Gambit (Prometheus wins)

Undercard Heats Set 2

  1. Midas vs Bio War (Midas wins)
  2. Shogun vs Hollowjack (Hollowjack wins)
  3. Midas vs Hollowjack (Midas wins)

Undercard Heats Set Finals

Prometheus vs Midas (Prometheus wins)

Hollowjack vs Gambit-for third place (Hollowjack wins)

FInal Ranking

1st: Prometheus

2nd: Midas

3rd: Hollowjack


Prometheus vs Aquabot (Prometheus wins) 02/3/2015

Prometheus vs Gambit (Prometheus wins) 05/12/2015

Prometheus vs Albino (Prometheus wins, some damage to right shoulder) 05/26/2015

[!] Prometheus vs Noisy Boy (Prometheus loses, losing his right arm) 06/1/2015

Prometheus vs Metro (Prometheus wins, chest damaged) 06/19/2015

Prometheus vs Noisy Boy-rematch (Prometheus wins) 06/29/2015


Prometheus enters the 1st annual UET

Prometheus has entered the first annual Underworld Exhibition Tournament. The tournament consists of 4 rounds, with a total of 32 contestants, from both the WRB and the Underworld. WRB sponsors will be looking out for potential WRB bots here.

Round 2

UET Set 1 Fights)

  1. Gambit vs Hollowjack
  2. Bio War vs Blac Jac
  3. Aquabot vs Albino
  4. Noisy Boy vs Twin Cities

UET Set 2 Fights)

  1. Shogun vs Prometheus
  2. Axelrod vs Fiend
  3. Metro vs Abandon
  4. Touch Down vs Ambush

UET Set 3 Fights)

  1. Blacktop vs Camelot
  2. Bluebot vsCrimson Carnage
  3. Tackle vs Six Shooter
  4. Fat Boy vs Gridlock

UET Set 4 Fights)

  1. Cosmobot vs Block Buster
  2. Excavator vs Cardinal Chaos
  3. Danger Zone vs Nitro
  4. Midas vs Psytron

Points (not in position order):

  • Gambit - 1
  • Aquabot - 0
  • Albino - 0
  • Hollowjack - 1
  • Bio War - 1
  • Noisy Boy - 0
  • Twin Cities - 0
  • Blac Jac - 1
  • Metro - 0
  • Shogun - 1
  • Abandon - 0
  • Prometheus - 1
  • Ambush - 0
  • Axelrod - 1
  • Touch Down - 0
  • Fiend - 1
  • Blacktop - 1
  • Tackle - 0
  • Six Shooter - 0
  • Camelot - 1
  • Bluebot - 1
  • Fat Boy - 0 
  • Crimson Carnage - 1
  • Gridlock - 0
  • Danger Zone - 0
  • Cosmobot - 1
  • Block Buster - 1
  • Nitro - 0
  • Excavator - 1
  • Midas - 0
  • Cardinal Chaos - 1
  • Psytron - 0


Fights with [!] will have a punch-by-punch explanatory page.

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