GREEN has nothing to do with police cars!
Vital statistics
Title None
Generation 2 or 3
Bot Type Blitz Cannon
Status Working

NAME: Prisma


BOT TYPE: Blitz Cannon


Nothing official is known about this fighter, though judging by his appearance, either he or his controller was once involved with law enforcement. With a similar build to IDA-TEN, he could chase down perpetrators and stop them cold. Again, judging by his playstyle, there is a high possibility he was "retired" for complaints of excessive force. Regarding his fighting style, he is incredibly fast and he uses very long low punches to damage his enemies before they can reach him.


AcfCtMKCMAEhHpl.jpg large

Full Frontal of Prisma

With a white body, a red fist, and a blue fist, he resembles a patrol car.  His shoulders and fore-arms appear to be made of carbon-fiber, one of the lightest and strongest materials on Earth.  His head appears to be caged in to protect from high aimed punches.


Strength: 43/100

Speed: 79/100

Intelligence: 74/100

Special Moves: 49/100

Made in: USA

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 3189
Core HP 2362
Power Charge 1884
Total Attack 2668
Total Defense 2404
Resilience 6
Damage Recovery 6
Power Recovery 10
Average Punch Speed 10
Movement Speed 7
Mobility 10


  • His right arm glows red, as his hand is red, and his left arm glows blue, as his hand is blue
  • Ironically, Prisma is an illegal underworld robot yet he is designed after a police car.
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