Made by 'Arte-Aminada' in Devianart

Name: Primal

Generation: 2.5

Robot Type: Brawler

Robot Frame: Thrust Cheetah 36

Robot Power Core: RougeBlast 39 UltimateTorque

Robot Motherboard: Nova54 DirectCommand

Handler: NB

Nickname: The Jungle Killer, The Forest Tank

Special Moves: Wild Out, Dance of Lions, Primitive Takedown




Fight Records

Crash Palace

vs Aquabot win $10000 Aquabot's head

vs Bluebot win $10000 Bluebot's generator

vs Throttle win $20000

vs Midas draw none

vs Midas rematch win $50000

US Tour

vs Metro The Zoo win $20000

vs Blacktop Trailer Park win $27000

vs Six Shooter Lone Star Club win $12000

vs Scrapbot Fikklo Ring win $12000

vs Tackle Linston Stadium win $ 10000

Europe Tour

vs Danger Zone Colonial Ring draw

vs Danger Zone rematch win $12000

vs Accelerod Pompau De Stadiumes win $10000

vs Abandon Scandanvian Boxing Ring lose $-30000

vs Abandon rematch win $30000

vs Grinder( Gridlock Rebuilt) win $70000

Special Moves

Wild Out: A move that Primal goes wild and does a TON of hooks to the face and throws him out of the ring.

Dance Of Lions: A move in which Primal backs the opponent into a corner and pounds him until he grabs the head and shakes it until it comes loose

Primitive Takedown: A move coded from a G2 harddisk found at a NB warehouse. Like the Charlie special but directed to the head

Natural Selection: A move in which Primal dodges a blow and delivers a spinning hook to the opponents head, followed with a one-two combo to the torso

Sharpened Rocks on Sticks: Primal draws spikes from his hands and uses them to deal maximum damage.

The Lion King: Primal holds the opponent in the air and carries it to the ropes. Then he lets go.

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