Plutech Robot boxing Inc is a manufacturer,Boxing club and company founded by Rui Alvarez, a portuguese boxing fan and an engineer which in 2018 created a company name hightech boxers but a friend of his adapted the name plutech,a mix of plutonium and tech, but in 2019 he decided to create a boxing club and thus the name Plutech Robot Boxing inc was born.

Serving as both a company and boxing club,they currently got 34 boxers and 245 employees,their net worth is 56.300.000$,it headquarter is in Seattle,Washington.

Notable Members


Onwer:Albert Rodgers

Nickname:The Buzz


Move set:High Slam,Honey drop,Buzz quake


Built by Cyberbot Industries and was given to Plutech to celebrate their 1 year anniversary,Rui gave it to his friend and nightclub bouncer Albert Rodgers,with Rodgers knowledge of fighting he tested Swarm and the result was amazing.

His size makes him a juggernaut compared to the other bots,two of his little hand,claw thing when impaling them it releases a powerfull corrosive substance that can destroy iron and non corrosive material,his strenghts tower Zeus',Sparky's,Thanatos,Ambush 2.0 and many other user made bots,his Armor is indestructible and inpenetrable to punches and signature moves,when he tested it in Plutech's labs and used every signature move by using an AI with all the moves implanted to the system and punched and kicked and suprisingly his damage was only 0.00001%.And thus Plutech used him as the muscle of this boxing group


The Juggernaut,Swarm

Swarm's size and bulk makes him vulnerable to faster moving and smart opponents,the fast moving one is Trifinity,while the smart one is Plariscrates.


Owner:Richard Ray

Nickname:The Space Brawler

Special:Newton's Third law

Move set:Equal and Opposite Reaction,Gravitational Pull,Big Bang


Unlike his bulky counterpart Swarm,Gravity is the complete opposite,his jumps are so high it avoids punches and blows and his knowledge on gravity makes his useful when fighting opponents,he was built by former astronaut Richard Ray,this bots gravitational pull lead to their rip offs and his Big Bang punch dismantles bots in a few seconds making him deadly and ready

Gravity's pull is useless against giant bots or thick chassis in the case of Steamer-Style and Soviet Olympic and even Blockbusters armor


The Astronaut himself,Gravity


Owner:Hirubaya Shenjigere

Nickname:The Ronin

Special:One Move

Move set:Shogun Smash,Demon Slice and One dead eye 


Built by the descendent of Samurai Kyrouki Shenjigere,Hirubaya built this robot with extra parts and make him quick as lightning and thus Kenshin was born,He joined Plutech for a summer job as an intern but as he was doing his shift,Rui discovered that he was going to a bot fight,one day he asked Hirubaya to joined his club because of his quick movement and lightning reflexes 

Kenshin does not have any weakness,he never get's tired because his endurance is high and stamina being infinite and his movement pattern is so unpredictable that bots with scanners can't seem to dodge his movement or his punches.


Kenshin,note the sword is made out of metal but he is not holding it because it is right behind him and that is a foam sword


Owner:Artrya Oglenov

Nickname:The Deconstrutor 

Special:Sledge to the Face

Move Set:Claw your face,Wrecking hand,Dig,Demolish,Punch and Dig Breaker


Artrya Oglenov daughter of Svenko Oglenov is a builder,lead engineer for plutech and Rui Alvarez's Girlfriend,His Father met him and gave him a 2.9 gigabyte chip for his robots in the assembly line to make it go faster and as soon as his father met him,Artrya fell in love with Rui and the went out on a date and with that on her birthday he gave her a Robot named sledgesmasher and as a fan of robot boxing,she took the robot and trained it to become a better fighter.

Just like Swarm,his armor and other attributes are the same but his battery last only 190 hours and he can't hit fast moving enemies.

ConstructionV6 02Orange



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Savage 2.0

Owner:Cadian Dryde(Sounds Familiar Doesn't It?)

Special:Elapim Alapmi(A special of a familiar bot huh?)

Move set:Death to GM,No mo Bush,Electric Capitation

Nickname:The Dark Ion

*Prsttttt* Hello,Global Mech,Miss me,Well it has been a long time since we fought but it is Time for a Rematch,my entire team is scattered all over the world and this is the website of Plutech industries so with their aid and advanced weaponary we are unstopabble,and Global Mech be on the look out because my team is amongst the crowd and you can't find them because they vanished into thin air admist crowds and best of badluck*Prstttt*-Adrian Clyde


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