Name: Platoon

Nickname: None

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Combat

Status: Online


Platoon was modelled straight off from Bio War, since his mainframe is the exact same than his. However he does have some differences with the original Bio War, mainly his green glowing lights and his military camouflage paint. Other than that, he's got pretty much the same features, since he's also asymmetrical and his core is in his backpack.

Announcer's Quote: "From the United States of America: Platoon!"


Stars: Four

Rating: 796

Health: 3420

Attack: 305


Platoon 001

Origin: USA

Ability: Degeneration - Random Debuff - Precision

Height: 8'6"

Weight: 1350 LBS

Feature: Asymmetrical Assembly

Special Moves:

1.- Tactical Barrage

2.- Super System Critical

3.- Ultra Shellshock


Platoon 002

As mentioned before, Platoon is pretty much a Bio War clone. He has a gas mask-like face with a helmet on his head, with a rotating "gatling gun" as his right arm and a massive fist on his left arm. His right foot looks like a soldier boot, while his left foot resembles a pincer. He has three hoses on his torso: One around his neck, one around his chest and the last one's around his waist. His upper chest resembles a car and he has a military emblem replacing his characteristic biohazard symbol. He's also branding a new camo paint job, fitting his military theming from the Combat category he belongs to, and green glowing lights too. Not much more is known about him since the game doesn't give many details about the robots we see in it.


  • When the game was released, his lights were also yellow like Bio War's. However, this was changed in a later update.
  • Out of the three variants Bio War has, Platoon is the one who looks like him the most.
  • He's the only variant of Bio War who doesn't have any class advantage or disadvantage over any other variant.
  • His Ultra Shellshock move is Bio War's Nuke Knockdown, only renamed.
  • If used correctly, he's extremely useful against HiTech robots and even other Combat robots.
  • He was most likely created to replace Bio War after he was scrapped (and then salvaged).
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