(This bot is unofficial & created by merging parts whose names are the same name Pinhead. The game still consider him as a customized robot.)

Pinhead is a brand new robot from Real Steel Champions .

One of his legs & one of his arms are given to starting players for free. His intro, rip-off, win pose, attack moves, special moves can be customized though he did come with Bluebot's as stock moves. You can make your own 3-second intro for Pinhead as well.


Pinhead is designed to have a look of asylum patient. His body appears to be slim (even slimmer than Atom) & has dark grey paint job with red trident patterns around his torso. His face has a pair of red eyes & a sutured mouth & he also has a lot of nails pinned on his head, suited his given name. His forearms are similar to Ambush's.

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