This robot was originally created by Sean4333. Nothing in this page is canon.


Attack: 40/100

Armor: 60/100

Speed: 50/100

Special: 70/100

Intelligence: 35/100

Generation 2

Bot Type: Jack, Level 3


Photo Finish was originally an experimental robot created for a camera company to take better and clearer pictures. However, it went haywire and it was scrapped inside a junkyard.

A Brand New Camera!

An amateur photographer decided that since this robot was literally a camera, he should buy it. So he did. He fixed the robot and thought of a name. He chose Photo Finish. The photographer also utilized the camera on Photo's head, so that he could see the fight through Photo Finsh's "eyes".

Underworld to WRB...and Then Death

The photographer takes Photo Finish to Crash Palace, where he challenges Midas. Surprisingly, Photo Finish beat Midas for his first win. He was immediately moved to a lower-league fight against Photon. However, this was a WRB fight, so this would make Photo Finish famous. After he beat Photon, Photo Finish went back to Crash Palace. However, it was exhibition night, so he was the first robot to fight. His challenger was a robot that was sweeping every robot in his path, named The Sarge. The Sarge managed to crumple Photo's lenses. This was Photo Finish's last fight.

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