Name: Phantom

Title: None

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Originally from the game Ultimate Robot Fighting, also developed by Reliance Games and in which his name was Ghost Face, Phantom is a superbot added to the RS WRB and RSC games. He is almost completely black, with a white mask and white trimmings throughout his body and red lights. He's one of the few robots whose eyes don't glow, and are actually black instead. It's still unknown why his name was changed, since Reliance Games hasn't given any explanations. He is one of the strongest WRB-II tier robots. He has a glitch in his intro and outro since he has Olympus' sound effects and quotes instead of proper ones.

Announcer's Quote: "Olympus! The World Wrestling Medallist!"


Health: 10400

Attack: 768

Special: 1584

WRB-II: 329


Phantom 002

Origin: Japan

Ability: Rupture Strike - Perfect Strike

Weight: 1632 LBS

Height: 7'6"

Feature: Assassin's Focus

Special Moves:

1.- Warp Kill (Original)

2.- Super Warp Kill (Original)

3.- Ultra Warp Kill (Original)


Phantom 005

Phantom is (obviously) designed to resemble a ghost. He is painted almost totally in black, with a white mask, white and gray trimmings throughout his body, a blue light on his back and red lights on his arms and upper back. He has massive fists which allow him to create concussive blasts while performing his SP3 (Ultra Warp Kill). His face is almost expressionless, only showing two frowning eyes, but nothing else. He would easily fit in the G-4 category since his assembly and technology are just way too advanced in comparison to any other Real Steel robot (even including the superbots). He also appears in the RSC game as a Legend Robot, which means he can be upgraded up to 3048 stars and his ability is Steel Bulwark instead of Rupture Strike. His moveset is also changed between RS WRB and RSC with no apparent reason. His joints are rather exposed, although this gives him extreme mobility and skills while fighting and allows him to correctly perform his SP's. He then comes back in WRB 2 in several variants: Spasmolytix, C.A.R.L. 60 and Data R-6K.


  • In URF his name is Ghost Face.
  • In URF he has red trimmings too and his lights are yellow.
  • His win move doesn't change.
  • Despite being one of the strongest WRB 2 robots, in URF he's actually one of the weakest.
  • In URF he has a more advanced version called Dead Eyes.
  • In RSC there's no announcer in his intro and win.
  • In RS WRB, his intro and win was also Olympus intro and win
  • In RS WRB, when his victory pose done and changed to loading screen, you can see that the camera was changing angle briefly
  • In RS WRB he has metallic paint, while in RSC he has matte paint.
  • His moveset changes between RS WRB and RSC.
  • In URF he was designed for spying missions, therefore his name and appearance.
  • He comes back in WRB 2 in several variants: Spasmolytix, C.A.R.L. 60 and Data R-6K
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