Vital statistics
Title Big Arm Buster
Generation 3 (with upgrades 4)
Bot Type Game Breaker
Status active

This bot was imported directly from China by the same company who made Nitro for nearly 60,000 by King Pin. King Pin had very little ownership time with this bot, as he lost it to an unknown Bot Handler in a bet. After acquiring this bot, he gave it completely new, and very expensive parts to upgrade him. After many wins in locations like Junkyards, Parking Lots and Abandon Warehouses, Pepperhead was entered in the Crash Palace tournament. After beating Albino, Bluebot, and barley surviving against Bio War, he faced Midas. Midas started by full out charging at Pepperhead, but he blocked with his massive, and highly armoured arm. Midas ran into the arm, but grabbed it, and started to rip it out from his body. Pepperhead's hydraulic motors hissed and wheezed as he lifted Midas off of his feet. Pepperhead then swung his arm into the ground with Midas. Midas laid on the arena floor, sparks jetting out of his neck, but as he was halfway in getting back on his feet, Pepperhead bashed his with all of his leftover power, straight down into Midas' head a dozen times. Pepperhead won the match, and his Handler took home a nice 7,000.

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