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Nickname: The Professional Hack Master 



Robot Type: Brawler


Special Move: Cyber Takedown

Armor: 75/100

Power: 100/100

Special: 98/100

Made in: USA

Intelligence: 140/200

Moves: Cyber Cross, Web Smack, Hacker Blitz, Cyber Takedown

Weight: 980 lbs


Rob Milhen, an American Hacker famous for the Bijou de Yilon Jewelry Heist was free after his 40 year sentence he decided to retire, he was not doing any hacking so he decided to build a robot capable of boxing and at the same time smart, building his robot took 2 weeks but he was ill which mean his nephews Ferdinand Cardios and Josh Jolten Continued building his bot until it was ready.

They called it Patriot after the Patriot Bell University Incident (This incident is where two hackers hacked in the school mainframe and steal all the cash but a student which was Ferdinand saw them and tell to the Police which resulted into the Capture of the hackers and their sentence was life imprisonment) but one of the hackers commit suicide and the other died of starvation.) so they decided to do a test run with a dummy and guess what, the robot analyzed the weak points and hit it to the left since he was smart, they add a system that allowed the robot to hack/take control of the other bots nearby so let the fight begin!


Patriot is the first american bot fighter that is meant to hack. - Have an alternate photo? Message the creator on his message wall!