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Armor: 75/100 (With Armor Core 250/100)

Power: 87/100 (With Power Core 250/100)

Intelligence: 72/100 (With Intelligence Core 250/100)

Speed: 87/100 (With Speed Core 250/100)

Special: 90/100 (With Special Core 250/100)

Strength: 84/100 (With Strength Core 250/100)

Special Moves: Dark Strike, Crushing Dissapation

Finishers: Impossibility, Mysterious Power


Origin: Unknown

Weight: 375 LBS

Announcing Line: The Mysterious Warrior, The Impossible Fighter, see the impossible in front of your eyes of Paradox!

Features: Core Swap, Plasma Pistons, Adaptive Programs, Repair Nanobots

Metal: Microlattice (It's a metal that was invented recently-Search it up on your web browser)

Controller: Johnny John Johnson

Ability: Show Stopper

Generation: 2-3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Working

Height: 8'

Total Wins: 23

Total Losses: 3

Ties: N/A

Paradox is a robot with mysterious origins that even Johnny, his controller and handler, does not know anything other than that Paradox is a overpowered and beast robot. Paradox has four features. One is the Core Swap, which is found only in Paradox. He is able to have two active cores (One Energy Core and One Stat Core (Depending on which stat is desired.)), which allows him to adapt to the weaknesses of his opponent. Another feature is the Plasma Pistons. They are installed in his arms which allows him to punch with more power and force. A third feature is the Adaptive Programs in Paradox. This allows Paradox to adapt (again) to the situation and defeat his opponent. The final feature Paradox has are Repair Nanobots. They repair Paradox during fights but can also damage Paradox if he is hit when a nanobot is in the area. Paradox has purple glow inside his body when he is powered on.


Johnny was driving on the freeway when a black military plane crashed on the fields nearby. He stopped his truck and saw a black arm in the wreckage. He saw a robot, barely unscathed. He pulled it out and dusted it off. I'm gonna put this in my truck and check for survivors, He thought. He pulled the robot into his truck and returned to the still-burning plane. He searched but saw no one. He drove home and put the robot into his garage. That's when he noticed a name on the chest. Paradox. Nice name, Johnny thought. He went to his bedroom and went to sleep.

The First Fight

One day, Johnny saw a advertisement for robot boxing. Paradox might be good for this, he thought. He called the number on the poster. The number turned out to be from the Crash Palace owner, Finn. The following text was the conversation between Johnny and Finn.

Finn: Hello from the Crash Palace! How are you?

Johnny: Hi there. My name is Johnny.

Finn: What do you want at the Crash Palace?

Johnny: Can we talk about robot boxing?

Finn: Alright. You want to fight robots?

Johnny: Yeah. I have a robot named Paradox here. I believe he's ready to fight.

Finn: Sounds good. Who do you want to fight?

Johnny: Who's there?

Finn: Well, Aquabot and Bluebot are waiting for a match.

Johnny: I'll fight them both.

Finn: You sure?

Johnny: Yeah.

Johnny drove to the Crash Palace. He saw menacing robots tear others apart. He reviewed Paradox over and over again for the fight. Then Finn walked over to him. "You're set to fight Aquabot next. Prize is $500. You ready?" Johnny nodded. "I'm ready." He and Paradox walked over to the ring. "The Mysterious Warrior, The Impossible Fighter, see the impossible in front of your eyes of Paradox!" Announced Finn. Paradox walked into the ring. Aquabot was sizing up his opponent, feinting left and right. The bell rang. Aquabot punched at Paradox at the legs. Paradox grabbed Aquabot and hit him with an uppercut. Aquabot's head fell off and Paradox dropped him. Aquabot's owner, Arek Pekkanen, threw his controller on the ground, screaming swear words. Johnny smiled. "$500, boy." Arek threw the wad of bills at Johnny. Then Bluebot walked in. "Now introducing the Electric Blue Brawler from Brazil...Bluebot! The prize is $500!" Bluebot walked in and readied himself. The bell rang again and Paradox right hooked Bluebot, knocking another robot head off its body. "Whoo! Another beheading! Paradox is victorious!" Paradox pumped his fists in the air. Then Finn gave Johnny his $1000. "Nice job. Join us for more fights?" Johnny smiled. "Sure."

More Fights, Cash And Glory!

After defeating Aquabot and Bluebot, Johnny went around to fight robots. He destroyed many robots and got tons of money from fighting.

Below are the fights and rewards from the Underworld.

Total money: $7050

Opponent Result Reward
Aquabot Win $500
Bluebot Win $500
Metro Win $750
Six Shooter Win $600
Blacktop Win $600
Fat Boy Win $600
Blockbuster Win $750
Bio War Win $750
Hollowjack Win $800
Midas Loss N/A
Midas (rematch) Win $1200, The King

of the Underworld


Fighting In the WRB

Soon after defeating Midas, the WRB heard about Paradox. They called Johnny and asked him to fight Blac Jac. If he won, he would enter the WRB. Johnny agreed to fight Blac Jac. The day of the fight, Paradox was staring down Blac Jac. They exchanged punches until Blac Jac struck Paradox with an uppercut. Paradox became disoriented and Blac Jac knocked Paradox down. Johnny swapped for a Speed Core and quickly knocked Blac Jac down. He used his Finisher, Impossibility, destroying Blac Jac. Paradox was victorious again. Johnny and Paradox were accepted into the WRB. Paradox seemed undefeatable.

Below are the fights that Paradox fought in the WRB.

Total money: $45000

Opponent Result Reward
Blac Jac Win $2500, Entry into

the WRB

Abandon Win $2500
Cosmobot Win $2500
Sun Wukong Win $2500
Hattori 2.0 Win $2500
Nitro Win $2500
Excavator Win $3000


Win $3000
Touchdown Win $3000
Tackle Win $4500
Steampunk Win $4500
Twin Cities Win $5500
Zeus Loss N/A
Zeus(rematch) Loss N/A


Win $6500, Champion

of the WRB

Fighting Custom Bots

After Paradox defeated Zeus, he was declared the Champion of the WRB. He is now fighting custom robots.

Below are the custom bot fights that Paradox fought in.

Opponent Result Reward
Paladin (Spar) Draw N/A

(Coming Soon)

Paradox VS Paladin (Sparring Match)

Excerpt from The Arcade

Johnny watched as two figures entered from the entrance of The Arcade. A lean man and a bronze robot. Their footstep echoed around the empty place. "Your late again, Heidar." the brother of the leader of Scrap X, Fred Johnson said, "Come in, my bro wants to see you."

The rest of ScrapX waited impatiently for Heidar. Johnny, the spunky leader. Fred, who lead him in. Axel, the owner of the Arcade. And the other guy, who Heidar doesn't really know his name becuase he's silent most of the time.

" ready for our spar?" "Hell yes I am." Johnny looked at Axel, "Where're we doing this?" Axel grinned, "Oh I'll take you there, just don't be suprised."

Axel lead them to a mysterious place of The Arcade, which they've never seen before. "My finest work." Axel grinned, "Complete replica of the WRB arena, 98 percent realistic compared to the real thing! You two ready?"

"Never better."

"Let's rock!"

Paladin charged and punched with the force of a stampede, Paradox sidestepped in order to dodge it, but was unable to avoid the haymaking uppercut that followed. Johnny grit his teeth. Paradox couldn't be beaten! "You're blind, my dear!" chuckled Heidar as Paradox was smashed against the ropes by the force of the punch. Paladin proceeded to advance, throwing a right hook. The hook grazed Paradox's chin. Johnny quickly used this moment to counter-attack, doing a left hook to Paladin's exposed side and another left roundhouse to the head, almost knocking him down. "Now, now, don't get cocky. Show him some speed, shall we?" Johnny grinned. Swapping to his speed core, Paradox dashed left and right, giving Paladin curving hooks. After the second one connected, Paradox did a mix-up combo, chaining his punch into an uppercut, knocking Paladin backwards. Johnny smirked and followed it up with a spinning backhand roundhouse. "Too reckless!" shouted Heidar, and he was right. Paladin easily deflected it, and grabbed the back of Paradox's neck. Putting power into gears, he forcefully pulled down Paradox and kneesmacked him in the face, effectively leaving him stumbling back.

"Aaand that's one round!" Axel yelled, stopping the sparring match. Johnny and Heidar both relaxed. "That was good!" "You too brah."

The members of ScrapX went back to the "living room" of The Arcade, where the employee brought them drinks. Johnny grabbed a beer and quickly drank it. (Note: I do not drink. I am also not trying to get others to drink.) "Hed, how much you've earned this month?" "About 5K, not too much." "I did 6K." "Not good this month, 3.5K" "I earned 4K" "Whatever, everyone has to give out 1K out for the team." Johnny finished, putting 1K worth of cash onto the coffee table. "For the team." the rest said in unison, putting out their cash onto the table. "And now, let's order some pizza!" "And some fried chicken!" "I want burgers." "Where's the beer stack?"

That night, the members of ScrapX drank till they're silly and sang into the night. Surviving in these harsh streets is hard afterall, and sometimes having a place to hide in the world is one of the best places you can have.


-Paradox is actually an experimental robot warrior for wars. The plane malfunctioned and crashed.

-No one knows who created Paradox.

-Paradox's Core Swap feature was invented when a robot merged with another robot (No one knows how)

-Tak Mashido offered Johnny over 9 billion dollars for Paradox. Johnny refused. (Good thing right?)

-I originally designed Paradox as a heavyweight robot before i found out about microlattice.

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