Panzerfaust is a Generation 2 robot made in Germany. He started his journey somewhere in the Underworld of robot boxing, but quickly made his way into the WRB league, where he made his name.


Power: 72

Armor: 98

Speed: 89

Intelligence: 84

Height: 9'3''

Weight: 2200 LBS


Panzerfaust is a huge, dark colored robot, with scars and marks all over his body. Most notably is an iron pole stabbed through his torso near the right shoulder, although it seems to be placed there by purpose since there appears to be no need to remove it. His head shape reminds of a soldier's helm and mask, although many splinters and the likes are stuck in it. His torso has a protection built around his neck and thick strong plates protecting his core and motherboard. His arms are both built on the same concept, allowing to shoot them via pistons, although his left arm ends in a fist, while his right fist is shaped like an anti tank warhead. His legs are made of solid strong armor which helps him stand his ground even when under attack. His feet consist of foot claws, allowing him to either trap his opponents feet, or even grab things or hold onto the ring with them. Over all he possesses a rather intimidating appearance, being a lot bigger than most other robots while still being at the same speed.

Iconic moves

Panzerfaust 002.PNG

Face Smasher: Panzerfaust will attack with an uppercut before suddenly switching attack to his left arm. He will then trap the enemy in his left arm and proceed to punch his face around 5-10 times.

Time Out: This move is rarely seen since it leaves Panzerfaust off guard. He punches his enemy into the stomach to make way for a left uppercut. After breaking his enemies guard and posture, he will hit his enemy with his elbow, get closer and beats him with many quick punches until he collapses.

Final Blow: Panzerfaust will use a few planned dodging moves to get behind his enemy, from where he will grab his lower left arm and break it off. No matter what counter is planned, he usually has little to no problem to catch his right arm and break it off as well, forcing the now defenseless enemy to give up by simply pushing him over.

Panzerfaust: Panzerfaust will approach the enemy, bait him into a few attacks, and charge the pistons in his right arm. After about 5-10 seconds his fist is charged, and he will shoot it like an anti tank warhead, punching a hole through his enemies torso or face.

Indestructible: During this maneuver, Panzerfaust will go into a more defensive fighting style and block most attacks. Once his opponent is tired out, he will hit his head from both sides at once, causing severe damage and control malfunctions.

Overdrive: Panzerfaust will charge a lot of electricity in his right arm while blocking. After some time he will take a battle stance, and launch off the warhead of his right arm, breaking the shell and the opponent's torso, giving him an electric overdrive.

First blood

Panzerfaust 003.PNG

A new unknown robot entered the arena. The Announcer introduced him to the crowd: Panzerfaust. He shall be the next combat to try and beat Blacktop. The fight started off without anything special. The opponents walked around each other in circles, waiting for the opponent to attack so they can counter. But suddenly something unexpected happened. The newcomer, Panzerfaust, stopped all movement, and stood completely still. The crowd was confused, and some were angry about the lack of action. "Did your battery already run out?" someone yelled, but no response was there. Slowly Blacktop approached the new robot, observing him without exposing himself. After roughly a minute of silence, Blacktop made the first hit, and something unexpected happened. Panzerfaust took up his guard within the blink of an eye, much faster then expected from a machine his size, and blocked the jab. Right after this, he shot his knee into Blacktop's torso, and then hit him with both hands, sending him flying through the ring. Blacktop quickly got up again, and unleashed a rush of attacks upon his opponent. Panzerfaust, surprised by the speed of the consecutive punches, didn't manage to block on time, and lost his posture, which allowed blacktop to perform an uppercut and knock him over. After about three seconds Panzerfaust stood again, and was ready to counter whatever attack came next. He knew very well, that he had superior armor and power to is opponent, and that all he had to do was bait Blacktop's next attack and silence him once and for all. After a short moment Blacktop came at him, seemingly knowing he had to take his opponent down quickly, ready to strike him down. Panzerfaust was prepared for anything that might come, and the very moment Blacktop prepared to strike, he charged his left hand, and countered his strike with a single strong charged strike. The pistons placed in his arm allowed for a perfectly timed charged attack, which blew off Blacktops left fist and lower arm on contact, shattering it all across the floor. Blacktop however did not seem to be too damaged by this, and immediately attacked with his right fist. However Panzerfaust managed to to trap his right arm between his arm as he formed an X. In the blink of an eye, Blacktop's second arm was sent flying through the arena as well, leaving him unable to defend himself. However for Panzerfaust he was no longer a thread, thus he merely pushed him over as he walked past him, out of the ring.

Making oneself a name

Panzerfaust 004.PNG

After the defeat of Blacktop, quite a few people talked about this new fighter, who is said to have destroyed another robots arm with just a single punch. But as everyone knows, stories get exaggerated in these situations. Some people claimed Blacktop had been defeated by a single punch, others claim it was mere luck. Nobody knew what was the truth anymore, but everyone wanted to find out. And like that a new fight was settled: Panzerfaust vs Aquabot. This time a lot more bets were made, and like this the fight began.

Aquabot entered the ring, where Panzerfaust was already waiting for him. For him the objective was clear: he had to get in as many punches as he could before his opponent could react. He quickly approached Panzerfaust, although not for great effect. Panzerfaust immediately got up his guard and blocked every move his opponent made. He pretty much just stood there, indestructible, doing nothing at all. Like an invincible Golem in a fight, he did not seem to care about his surroundings or enemy at all. After about 2 whole minutes Aquabot was tired out. This was the moment for panzerfaust to strike. He started off with a strong left punch, followed by a right one. Aquabot managed to dodge his punches, but he did not notice e was playing right into the fangs of a beast. A loud snapping noise was heard as Panzerfaust used one of his foot traps and trapped aquabots foot on the ground. Aquabot tried his best to free himself, but it was futile, there was no way he could've had escaped now. Panzerfaust then grabbed Aquabots head with his left, and started beating his almost defenseless opponent with his right hand. After roughly half a minute loud metal shattering noises and small explosions were heard, as scraps of metal were sent flying through the air. Aquabot dropped to the floor, his head shattered, and it was clear, the rumors about this new upcoming champion were true.

Chaos in Robotown

Panzerfaust 005.PNG

After the fall of Aquabot, a lot of people challenged the newcomer, trying to make a name for themselves. Only about two days have passed, yet there've been at least 4 more challengers. The first match of the night was set, and it would be a fight between Panzerfaust and Six Shooter.

Panzerfaust has been waiting for his opponent for quite long, but when he arrived, the battle didn't wait. As the fight begun, both opponents started circling each other, waiting for the opponent to strike first. As finally Six shooter fired the first shot, the battle started to get interesting. Panzerfaust was blocking mostly, playing defensive against his opponent who soon realised this was a trap. Six Shooter backed off, just in time to dodge a charged uppercut. He understood now, that his opponent is more than just raw strength, he was fighting with a strategy, always planning each move carefully. Six Shooter went more defensive s well, mirroring his opponents strategy. Panzerfaust attacked him with a strong jab, and he blocked it perfectly. But that alone was not enough to defeat him. He quickly countered it, but then something unexpected happened. Panzerfaust did not even bother to block it, he just stood there like his battery had died. Six shooter kept punching him, as he realised his opponent was not guarding his head. He just had to get in a few hits and he wins. He attacked with a left uppercut, and a loud shattering noise filled the room. But it was not Panzerfaust's head flying off, but something nobody had ever thought was possible. With only a single punch, Panzerfaust Impaled six shooter on his right arm, he punched a large hole through his torso with but a single punch. Six Shooter dropped his guard, the light in his eyes went dim. He had been defeated once and for all. Was there even anyone who would stand a chance against this monstrosity, this abstraction of a robot, with the strength to pierce through a robot in a single hit? Panzerfaust dropped him onto the floor, a few mechanical pieces of six shooter were still twitching before even his last energy died. Panzerfaust struck a hole straight through the motherboard and battery core, a single strike with the strength of an anti tank warhead. Another robot was destroyed by this newcomer, and the message was made clear: many more robots shall be destroyed, and there will be no end to this until somebody manages to destroy Panzerfaust once and for all.

Blue Brawling

After the defeat of Six Shooter, a new match was already set: Panzerfaust Vs Bluebot. The fight would be at 2am in the crash palace.

Panzerfaust Entered the arena after Bluebot. The fight started, and both slowly approached each other, carefully observing the opponent. This time, Panzerfaust got the first hit in, hitting Bluebot right into the stomach. Bluebot was not really affected by that attack, although the force pushed him back a little. Bluebot tried to counter attack, but his attacks did no damage, like he was hitting on an indestructible wall. After a short time he was tired out, which was when the counterattack came. with a quick combo, Panzerfaust sent him flying to the corner, waiting for him to get up again. After 7 seconds Bluebot got up again, and acted so quick he actually landed a combo on Panzerfaust, and even managed to give im a hit straight to the face. Panzerfaust lost his posture for a split second, allowing bluebot to get more hits on him. Panzerfaust got his guard up, but was not prepared for a kick from bluebot, which caught him off guard once more. He now had enough of Bluebot, he was no longer willing to test his opponents strength. When the next hit came, Panzerfaust purposefully pretended to fall over, to bait Bluebot into a front kick. It worked, and as bluebot got the hit in, he hit wim with both fists, getting some space. He then charged both fists, and unleashed a minutes long attack rush on bluebot, leaving him mangled all over the place, until nothing but a damaged endoskeleton and some other mechanical parts where left. Another bot fell before him, building his throne of death and destruction. Only a few more fights, then he would try and take over this place.


After two more robots had been destroyed, a third fight was already set: Panzerfaust would fight Fat Boy, a heavyweight robot with strong armor, who might be the first one to actually be able to stand ground against Panzerfaust.

The fight started quite unusual. As soon as Panzerfaust set foot into the ring, Fat Boy immediately started attacking him. This got him a slight head start, which allowed him to throw over Panzerfaust, and attack him with a gut buster. Panzerfaust defended himself immediately, but he was not fast enough to get his guard up on time. Fat Boy broke through his guard and started beating him up. No matter what he tried, he was trapped, he had to defend himself and find a way to shake him off. Fat Boy kept beating down on him, and started to slowly but surely damage his armor. Panzerfaust kept fighting back, and tried to shake him off, so that he may use his foot claws. Then finally, he managed to get Fat Boy into position. He Placed his left foot claw on Fat Boy's left arm, and immediately blocked him from punching by that. Fat boy tried to free himself by punching his leg, but the double protection on said prevented him from causing actual damage to it. Suddenly a loud snap was heard, and Fat Boy's arm was snapped off. Fat Boy realised the danger, and stood up to not lose his second arm. This was the moment when Panzerfaust knew it was time to strike. As soon as he stood, he started to beat Fat Boy, slowly but surely breaking off parts of his armor. Suddenly a cracking sound was heard, and Fat Boy's armor broke open. Panzerfaust pushed Fat By into a corner, but did not stop beating him, he wanted to cause as much destruction as he could. Fat Boy was the first opponent to cause damage to him, and he wanted to grant him a memorable death. He kept beating onto the open mechanics, and all out of a sudden gas was emerging from Fat Boy's body. A burned smell started to slowly fill the room, and Panzerfaust backed off as Fat Boy dropped dead on the floor, his mechanics on fire. Once again Panzerfaust destroyed a robot beyond reparation, as he continues to walk his way through an alleyway of death. This day he gained his title as an indestructible Golem.

When going to war, always give your all

After the latest fight, only few people dared to fight Panzerfaust still. The only one that still asked for a fight himself, a strong warrior in the underworld, happened to be Bio War. A Duel between two war machines, a Blitzkrieg if you want so. The fight was set, and both opponents came in time.

When the bell rang, Bio War attacked without hesitation. He Knew his armor was strong enough to take a beating, and his fists are strong enough to deal damage. He quickly started attacking, and his gun collided with Panzerfaust's Warhead. This time, neither's fist broke, but instead the fight continued. Panzerfaust made little attempts to dodge, and mostly tanked or blocked the damage, while Bio War knew the strength of his opponent, and played quite defensively, blocking and dodging a lot of attacks and only attacking in the right moments. For quite a long time nothing memorable happened, but after about 4 minutes of combat, both started to get tired. Bio War attacked with a side kick, and Panzerfaust attacked with a strong left punch. Both where staggered back, but Panzerfaust attacked faster. He hit Bio War's face with his fist, and caused damage on his left eye. He then used the moment to beat up Bio War, although he did not manage to do too much damage. Bio War attacked him with his right hand, but Panzerfaust was faster and managed to get another hit straight into Bio War's face, stunning him and allowing for a charged hit on his neck. A loud mechanic explosion was heard as he buried his fist in Bio War's face, and Bio War collapsed.

Yet another opponent was defeated, and Panzerfaust slowly built his throne, and met opponents closer to his league of fighting. This victory, although it was not as brutal as the previous ones, shall leave a mark on the path of robot boxing.


Barely anyone dared to fight Atom, the people's champion. Just like nobody wanted too fight Panzerfaust. It's like a match made for each other, two robots feared by the masses. After some time a match was set. The two would fight each other in a match of three rounds.

The first round went quite simple. Both opponents fought defensively, trying to make out the opponent's strength. Panzerfaust got the first hit in, a punch straight to his torso. However Atom was prepared to take a few hits, and immediately countered. His uppercut his right through Panzerfausts guard, and broke his posture. Atom go a few more head on hits on his opponent, causing enough damage to knock him out. After about eight seconds Panzerfaust stood again, and managed to land some blows on Atom, pushing him into the corner where he beat him for about twenty seconds. Atom got another his to his opponents face, and got free from the corner. The bell rang, and round one was finished.

Round two went more memorable, Panzerfaust changed to a more aggressive fighting style, as he wanted to keep his opponent from causing further damage. He started attacking him more and more aggressively, and even managed to knock atom out. After roughly four seconds he stood again, immediately attacking his opponent. Panzerfaust tried to counter, but his opponent was too small and too agile, dodging all of his attacks. Panzerfaust got his guard up, but Atom countered it with a quick combination of high and low punches followed by a left uppercut, knocking his opponent over. Panzerfaust barely got up after nine seconds, but immediately got pummeled to the ground again. As soon as he got halfway up, Atom attacked with a few more hits, knocking him out one last time. He did not get up again, the match was won after two rounds. This was the first time somebody stood victorious against the Indestructible demon, but for now it shall be the last time. The damage caused by Atom was nothing beyond recovery, soon he would get up again, and make his way into the major leagues.

Leaving the Underworld

Panzerfaust had one last challenge left, one more contester that he wanted to prove himself against. Many people faced Midas, yet none returned alive. Panzerfaust wanted to test himself against the gold blooded killer, and see if he is ready to leave the underworld.

The fight was set, and started quite normally. Midas started off more aggressive than usual, immediately running at his opponent and starting to attack him. Panzerfaust fought more defensively here, he did not want to fail due to an opponent's speed again. After some time he found a good moment to strike. he his his left hand right into Midas' face, and followed with his right. Suddenly Midas grabbed his arm and started to hit it, trying to break it off. After about ten seconds Panzerfaust realised he cannot escape like this, and got a new plan. He trapped Midas' right leg in his foot claw, and continued to slowly close it more and more, crushing Midas' leg with his foot. Midas let go of him, trying to free his leg, but it was futile. A loud snapping noise was heard as Midas' leg got snapped off his body. Midas lost his balance, and thus dug his own grave. Panzerfaust did not wait a millisecond and immediately smashed his left fist into modas face. Midas was pushed into the corner with no way of escape. Panzerfaust slowly walked towards the defenseless robot, knowing very well this victory was his. Midas tried to defense himself, striking panzerfaust with a strong right uppercut. With a single quick move Panzerfaust trapped Midas' arm and proceeded to strike it until it broke off. Midas seemed to fall, but Panzerfaust grabbed him at his neck, showing he's not done with him just now. While holding up Midas' defenseless body he performed the very same gesture of decapitation for which Midas is famous, only to launch a single charged hit into Midas' head, scraping away it's right side. Scraps flew across the room, leaving people in shock. The king of the underworld, Midas, got his right side completely scraped off, a finishing move so brutal barely anyone had ever thought of it as possible.

This fight quickly got around in people's mouths, and after only a handful of days Panzerfaust got his invitation in the WRB.

Welcome to the WRB

Panzerfaust was finally invited into the WRB, the major league of robot boxing. His first opponent shall be Abandon, a strong and famous robot boxer. This shall be a test of worth, if Panzerfaust is worthy of fighting in the top league.

Unlike previous fights Panzerfaust immediately charged his attacks. He knew he had to destroy Abandon. The faster he made himself a name up here, the sooner he would be challenged to fight the mighty Zeus. The King of robots was the only one worth of deciding his fate, no other robot would stand in his way from now on. Abandon on the other hand did not seem to care about that too much, all he was fighting for was some money. Panzerfaust attacked abandon with a charged uppercut, which he barely managed to dodge. Abandon countered with a rush of attacks, and Panzerfaust answered punches, carefully planned counters, hitting Abandons fists head on. After roughly a minute of attack rushes both robots fists collided, causing both to stop. Abandon hit with a wide uppercut, while Panzerfaust countered it with a quick jab combo, outspeeding his opponent. Abandon was staggered, leaving enough room for a strong right punch from Panzerfaust, causing severe damage to his head. Abandon only slowly found his balance, and Panzerfaust used this time for a single uppercut, breaking Abandons face. Abandon fell, and after about seven seconds he stood again. Panzerfaust knew he had to hold back a little. The media recorded his fighting. He could not allow himself any illegal moves, and neither should he show too many of his special moves. He had to keep those secret, and surprise his final opponent, Zeus, with these to win. He let Abandon regain his posture, and as soon as he walked again, he hit through his guard with another carefully planned move, breaking more parts of his head, leaving Abandon on the floor, unable to stand up again.

He won and made his name in the WRB, now it would only be a matter of time until he would have his fight with Zeus.

One left to go

Panzerfaust had received a challenge from another WRB fighter. He would fight Twin Cities, the two headed tyrant, in a match of five rounds.

When the fight started, something unexpected happened. Twin cities was able to easily outspeed Panzerfaust and leave him pretty much unable to defend himself. After merely half a minute he was already knocked out for the first time. It took about six seconds for Panzerfaust to get up again, but shortly after he was pummeled down again. Round one was quickly over, Panzerfaust seemed to be far inferior to his opponent.

Round two started off a lot different, Panzerfaust ran at his opponent the moment the fight began, and landed a hit straight on Twin Cities' face. Twin Cities was only slightly damaged, not enough for him to lose his posture. Twin Cities was just as though as he was strong, and countered within the blink of an eye. This time however, Panzerfaust would not tank it, but instead focus on his defense. Twin cities kept on beating on his defense while Panzerfaust just blocked, both looking for a weak spot the opponent had. The bell was heard, and round two was over. When Twin Cities turned around, Panzerfaust's owner noticed a slightly strange movement in his shoulder, as he suddenly remembered the fight between Atom and Twin Cities. Back then he found some error in Twin Cities matrix, which allowed him to react. He could not see what it was, but he would abuse it in every way he could.

Round three was when things got interesting. Panzerfaust charged his left hand, and waited for Twin cities to attack. However Twin Cities noticed something was going on, and like this both circled each other, waiting for the opponent to do a first move. Then suddenly Panzerfaust attacked with his right hand. Twin cities dodged this move and started a counterattack, walking right into the fangs of the beast. Panzerfaust knew Twin cities would dodge this attack, and as Twin Cities attacked with his left, he shot his charged left fist into his broken joint. A loud snap was heard as Twin Cities' left arm was snapped off,leaving him wide open on his left. At this moment Panzerfaust fully awakened, attacking Twin Cities from both sides, smashing his two heads against one another. This one move damaged Twin Cities' controls for merely two seconds, yet long enough for Panzerfaust to do this once more. Twin Cities Blocked His left arm, but the right head got hit again. Twin Cities lost his posture and tried to regain his balance, but Panzerfaust kept smashing his two heads together, sending scraps across the arena. Then after roughly eight hits a loud crashing noise filled the room. Panzerfaust ceased his attacks, and Twin Cities was defeated. His two heads crushed, his left arm blown off.

This fight was when Panzerfaust officially got acknowledged by Tak Mashido, and got his offer to fight Zeus. Panzerfaust made his Throne of scrap and oil, his path of broken robots. Now finally he was standing high enough to face his one judge, the King of all robots.

Grand Final

The day of judgement had arrived, Panzerfaust would face the ruler of robots. The one who would decide if his fate shall be life or death.This fight shall be based on five rounds.

The first round started and both opponents started circling each other. The two slowly got closer to each other, carefully studying each others moves. Zeus got the first blow. Panzerfaust didn't dodge in time, and some of his facial armor got scraped off. Panzerfaust countered with a strong left uppercut. Zeus blocked it and attacked with a combo. Panzerfaust got driven into a corner, and Zeus attacked with his iconic Double Duty move. Panzerfaust blocked, but his arm protection slowly but surely started to break. He knew he had to come up with something or he would fall. He could not do any illegal moves here, meaning he cannot use things such as his foot claw. Then suddenly he got an idea: He would ignore the next attack, and go for a hit straight into Zeus' face. He lowered his guard, taking a hit straight into his torso. However his blow into eus' face had enough impact to not only get out of the corner, but to even land a second hit in Zeus' face. A third hit was sent into Zeus Torso, cracking parts of his protection, but the bell rang, saving Zeus from further damage.

The second round started, both opponents ready to fight again. Panzerfaust went to strike Zeus and damage him further, but Zeus dodged his attack and sent a nuke fist right into his stomach. Loud metal shattering was heard, and Panzerfausts protection started to break. He sent another blow to Zeus' chest, cracking open the armor. Both opponents took a few steps back, and started to play more defensively. After some time, Zeus started another attack, and Panzerfaust did not seem to even consider dodging. Suddenly his fist was blown right into the crack in Zeus Armor, breaking it open and revealing Zeus' core. Zeus countered this non lethal attack with another Nukefist right into Panzerfaust's left arm, causing severe damage to it. Another Nukefist hit his head, causing him to fall over. After about five seconds he stood again, sending Zeus to the corner with a charged right strike. Zeus got back up and attacked Panzerfaust. Panzerfaust dodged, and the Bell rang.

The third round was probably the least spectacular. Zeus and Panzerfaust were mostly fighting defensively, trying to bait the other into attacking and walking into a trap. After some time Panzerfaust went in to attack Zeus head on, but Zeus blocked. Panzerfaust followed with a quick combination of attacks, slowly but surely scraping off his arms protection. Zeus countered with a hit straight into Panzerfausts face, knocking him over just as the Bell rang and round three was over.

Round four started, and like this also one of the most spectacular moments in the history of robot boxing. Zeus and Panzerfaust slowly approached each other, carefully observing the opponent. Then suddenly both attacked with a right punch. Not long after, both started to throw attack rushes at each other, causing in lots of destruction on both robots. Then suddenly a loud cracking noise was heard, followed by a crackling noise, and some smoke. Panzerfaust seemed to have taken major damage on his core, an not only that. His Left arm was barely still holding onto his torso. Zeus was charging for the finishing move, a death sentence, a trial for the one who dared opposing him. Then something very unexpected happened. Panzerfaust landed a strike right into his face, shattering parts of Zeus' armor. Zeus lost his balance, and Panzerfaust started attacking him again, using his last power left. Dark smoke started to emerge from his body, and a burning smell was lying in the air. Panzerfaust used rotation of his upper body to move his almost broken left arm, while violently beating Zeus with his right. Zeus was slowly regaining his balance, and Panzerfaust started to enlighten in fire. However he did not stop attacking, and like this Zeus broke off Panzerfaust's left arm, being exposed to his attacks. Panzerfaust turned away from Zeus, as said made a decapitation gesture, loading his right arm in order to end Panzerfaust once and for all. Then Panzerfaust turned his direction again, and launched off his warhead fist, charged with electricity, right into Zeus' core. The impact did not only throw Zeus back, but made him break out of the bounds of the arena. Zeus was defeated, and Panzerfaust stood up straight, victorious yet broken down by the battle. His entire body was burning, and he barely stood. After ten seconds Zeus did not stand up, and Panzerfaust collapsed, his mechanics burned down.

Although Panzerfaust won the battle, there was no victory. He had burned down, nothing but an empty shell was left remaining, and there was no meaning behind this defeat.

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