Vital statistics
Title The Millstone of God
Generation Generation 3
Bot Type Mighty Glacier
Status Working
Name: Paladin

Generation: G3

Handler: Heidar Fuscina

Robot Frame: xxxCLASSIFIEDxxx

Robot Power Core: xxxCLASSIFIEDxxx

Robot Motherboard: Xtreme 42-x (From Junkyard Scraps)


Armour : 80/100

Power : 60/100

Speed : 80/100

Intelligence: 50/100

BOT TYPE: Mighty Glacier

Announcer's Quote:"Hailing from the depths of War, and will bear down on you like the millstone of God, here stands Paladin!"

Style : Paladin's fighting style is a mix of kickboxing, heavyweight boxing and bar fighting, having access to both fast, swift strike and slow, pinning hits while fighting dirty. Basically a faster, more professional Metro. Paladin is an extremely offensive fighter and tends to keep his enemy on the defensive. He'll bear down on you, HARD, but like any traditional Might Glaciers, it'll take time for him to give you the killing blow. He'll also challenge you in terms of stamina and energy, since his energy drainplay is huge. Fighting dirty such as stepping on your feet and smacking you to the poles/ropes/floor/anythingwithinthearena is a very common thing. Don't cross him if you're used to professional fights.

Special Features

"Magnetic Fists": Paladin's fists are magnetic. When his hand connects the opponent's body, it sends out a magnetic pulse, forcing the metal in contact stuck to Paladin's fists. The fist must be in contact with the body for 0.3 seconds in order to trigger the pulse, so quick jabs and retracting punches won't activate it's function. It also reinforce his grip, making it nigh-impossible to escape from Paladin's grasp. The pulses are also somewhat useful in disturbing energy supplies if close enough, giving it a huge energy drainplay advantage.

"Foot Spikes": Paladin has three long spike in his feet each. This helps in trapping his opponent. Are retractable.

"Ult/;a'p1od":' 'xsUsedd 3by ae 42-ains s/,tats whe'n dmaged dum sat gain d"of 13O o3n a4ll $t@t$.


Unique Moves

"Magnetic Punch" : A simple punch which is slower than usual and pins the opponent.

"Centurion's March" : Paladin's code generates a repeating number of random moves. The moves are easily blocked but rather hard to stop or counter. This is to keep the pressure on the opponent and fulfill his purpose as a Mighty Glacier.

"Trident Steps" : Paladin traps the opponents foot by using his foot spikes.


"Crowd Pleaser": A dashing dodge followed by a diagonal uppercut. One of Paladin's most popular and recognised moves. Paladin fans tend to cheer loudly at the sight of this move.

"Fuscina Pummel" : Paladin headbutts the opponent, traps the opponent's foot with a Trident Step and let out a flurry of punches.

"Legion Stampede" : Paladin sprints towards the opponent and does a straight punch while sprinting. The punch will be magnetic and Paladin keeps moving, taking and slamming them at the ropes. Paladin does one more sucker punch to their face. There is a variant called "Your blind, my dear!" Which is used as a safety move in case Legion Stampede missed, in which throws a large haymaker upwards into the opponent's face afterwards.

"Gladius Hiltstrike " : Paladin does a magnetic grab and follow up with multiple strikes onto the opponent's side of the neck. This does not do lethal damage, but drains a large amount of the opponent's energy since the neck usually holds a large supply of energy supply lines.


"Parry Counter" : Paladin counters an incoming attack, grabs the back of the neck of the opponent , drag them down and greet them with a knee in the face.

"Deflect Skewer" : Paladin positions his arm elbow first parallel to the incoming fist and let it slides off, hence deflecting it. While the opponent is recovering Paladin follows up with "The Skewer", where he grabs the chest, where the power core is located and sends out a massive magnetic pulse, draining up to 60% of their power. The move is quite tricky to perform and only works well againist one, strong attack.

Signature Moves

"The Trident Strike " : Paladin's ultimate move. He grabs the opponent with his right hand and pulls the opponent towards him. He then does a reverse left hook to their face and steps on their right foot. This makes them unable to escape the following left uppercut, knocking them out. It usually leave the opponents foot twisted and disabled. Only usable in the Underworld since it's illegal.

"The Fortune of Mars " : Paladin's legal finisher move. He grabs the opponent and throws them to the ropes. The opponent bounces back and Paladin finishes with a haymaking backhand to the head. It bears a resemblance to Tornado Clothesline but only the arm is involved in moving. Inspired by Metro.

"The Skewer" : Paladin grabs the opponent's chest, where the power core is located and sends out a massive magnetic pulse, draining up to 60% of their power. Very slow.






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Entry Number: ONE

Connecting to generator server....

Connected! ./

>@SERVER -Imported.

>SERVER.authenticate (PALADIN)

>Response: (PALADIN) Authenticated.








You watch the footage, the footage is in HD, which is lucky for you. It shows a fight between Paladin and Midas, the location is Crash Palace.

The first punch glanced Paladin’s chin. He noticed too late that it was a feint, though, when the second punch doubled him over. Midas advanced and followed up with an uppercut. Paladin barely blocked it and fell back to the ropes. Paladin, not wanting to stay in the ropes, threw a haymaker, and tried to feint it. The haymaker was too fast to feint and instead landed a hook on Midas. It seems that Paladin's owner is not used to the speed of Paladin and is making him pay dearly. Lucky for him, Paladin's armor is strong enough to take a beating, so he'll last a bit longer.

The fight soon timed out and ended as a draw, both unable to take each other out. With Paladin struggling to use combos, which some of them worked, and Midas trying to knockout Paladin, which is not working that well since Paladin is tanky as hell and his owner is pretty good at blocking.

Some of the crowd booed, but still, Paladin seem to have made a little fame for himself in Crash Palace.


Entry Number: TWO

You check the access point again, it's seems that Paladin has uploaded another fight. You sighed as you realised your patience of two months has not been wasted.

This time the footage is in 480p. It's a fight between Paladin and Albino.

Paladin seems more battle-worn now, a bit of dent and scratches here and there. But he does seem a lot experienced now. A powerful robot like Paladin with experience ages like fine wine, and he has blossomed into a mighty warrior.

Unlucky for you, it seems that the fight is already at an end. Both bots are weary. In a final attack attempt, Albino threw out a graceful combo, effectively driving Paladin into a corner. The Great White Hope decided the copper bot was finished and started to go reckless with haymakers. Barely standing, Paladin intercepted one of the haymakers and grabbed the back of Albino’s neck. His enemy whirled and tried to shake it off, but Paladin has an iron grip. He pulled him down and knee-ed him in the face, destroying his “eyes” and knocking him out. This footage ended shortly after Paladin doing his victory pose.

Entry Number: THREE

You check the access point, but realised it has been removed. Sulking, you went online and searched for a solution, but your efforts are fruitless. You decided to try the access point by using your own programming skills, your DID manage to find the access point in the first place.

Opening port 423245


Port 423245 opened successfully.

Encrypting connection: open_ssl_aes256(;


Connection encrypted successfully.

[root@]$ import server files /usr/ect/kernel/server/config.json

Importing config.json


‘config.json’ file has been imported successfully.

De-obfuscating server config files.


Files de-obfuscated successfully.

Decrypting server configuration files.


Configurations files are now imported and readable.

[root@]$ edit_config -access “true” inv undefined

Open server configurations files in edit mode.


Configurations files is now open in edit mode.

Change ACCESS to “TRUE”.

100% Access changed successfully.

Close configuration file.

100% Configuration file is now closed.

[root@]$ save_config -S -v /usr/ect/kernel/sever/config.json

Exporting temporary configuration file to main server.


Failed to export configuration file, anti-human verification system detected potential bot.

Trying again to export configuration files.


Failed to export configuration file, bot detected.

Trying one last time to export configuration files.


Export Success

your disappointment, the third footage is not about robot boxing. But you’re interested anyways.

To your horror, it shows a weary man tied onto a chair, facing a tall man that sat right in front of him. He must be important.

The tall man spoke first “It’s very impressive of you, to have made a name for yourself this quickly. You even forced me to see you myself, you should be very proud.”  The man in the chair spoke “What do you want from me? I’ll just return the bot and that’s it!” The tall man sighed “To be honest, the company never really wanted to sell it to a bunch of rich bastards who only wanted it as a decoration. I bet they don’t even know anything about boxing. But peer pressure is simply to strong….” “So you’re happy about me having it?” “In a way, but of course, we would not want a great bot with such potential to go to waste.” The man in the chair seems a little bit more relaxed. “So…you’ll let me go?” “On some conditions.” “I’m listening.” “One, no one can know about this. If the public knows, they would not accept a company who happily gives their bots to a criminal. Two, you will share 5% of your winnings to us in every official match.” The man in the chair said “That’s it? Seems too good to be true.” The tall man laughs, “Of course it’s not that easy, the third thing is the tournament…..”

The footage ends here. A wave of confusion washes over you, tournament? Bot company? What a cliff hanger….

Excerpt from The Arcade

Two figures entered from the entrance of The Arcade. A lean man and a bronze robot. Their footstep echoed around the empty place. "Your late again, Heidar." the brother of the leader of Scrap X, Fred Johnson said, "Come in, my bro wants to see you."

The rest of ScrapX waited impatiently for Heidar. Johnny, the spunky leader. Fred, who lead him in. Axel, the owner of the Arcade. And the other guy, who Heidar doesn't really know his name becuase he's silent most of the time.

" ready for our spar?" "Hell yes I am." Johnny looked at Axel, "Where're we doing this?" Axel grinned, "Oh I'll take you there, just don't be suprised."

Axel lead them to a mysterious place of The Arcade, which they've never seen before. "My finest work." Axel grinned, "Complete replica of the WRB arena, 98 percent realistic compared to the real thing! You two ready?"

"Never better."

"Let's rock!"

Paladin charged and punched with the force of a stampede, Paradox sidestepped in order to dodge it, but was unable to avoid the haymaking uppercut that follows. "Your blind, my dear!" chuckled Heidar as Paradox smashed againist the ropes by the force of the punch. Paladin proceeded to advance, throwing a right hook. The hook grazed Paradox's chin. Johnny quickly used this moment to counter-attack, doing a left hook to Paladin's exposed side and another left roundhouse to the head, almost knocking him down. "Now now, don't get cocky. Show him some speed, shall we?" Johnny grinned. Swapping to his speed core, Paradox dashed left and right, giving Paladin curving hooks. After the second one connected, Paradox did a mix-up combo, chaining his punch into an uppercut, knocking Paladin backwards. Johnny smirked and followed it up with a spinning backhand roundhouse. "Too reckless!" shouted Heidar, and he was right. Paladin easily deflected it, and grabbed the back of Paradox's neck. Putting power into gears, he forcefully pulled down Paradox and kneesmacked him in the face, effectively leaving him stumbling back.

"Aaand that's one round!" Axel yelled, stopping the sparring match. Johnny and Heidar both relaxed. "That was good!" "You too brah."

The members of ScrapX went back to the "living room" of The Arcade, where the employee brought them drinks. Heidar caught one of the girls eyeing him and quickly left when they made eye contact. "Hed, how much you've earned this month?" "About 5K, not too much." "I did 6K." "Not good this month, 3.5K" "I earned 4K" "Whatever, everyone has to give out 1K out for the team." Johnny finished, putting 1K worth of cash onto the coffee table. "For the team." the rest said in unison, putting out their cash onto the table. "And now, let's order some pizza!" "And some fried chicken!" "I want burgers." "Where's the beer stack?"

That night, the members of ScrapX drank till they're silly and sang into the night. Surviving in these harsh streets is hard afterall, and sometimes having a place to hide in the world is one of the best places you can have.

The Ballad of the Underworld

Fight One: Return of the Scythe

"The roar of the crowd can be intoxicating. It can give you the edge you need to defeat an opponent. It can also seal your fate should you lose favor.”

The crowd roared in approval as a dark-colored bot stormed into the ring. “So, this is supposed to be the Returning Scythe, isn’t it?” Heidar thought, “This punk better got something to offer.”

Paladin stood in the centre of the arena, looking high and haughty, this is the event that the underworld has been talking about recently. Packed with promoters, gamblers, fans of all types. His opponent, who stood at the edge opposite his own, cast a long shadow in the bright lights.

The crowd waited for the announcer to finish his quote, and it’s finally time.

“Gentlemen,” he paused a bit, “Begin!”

The first punch struck Paladin like a mallet. It was a heck of a shot, sending the copper bot right back to his corner. Heidar winced slightly as his opponent grinned and the crowd cheered. Getting back in control, his bot took a lurching step, swiftly reversed their postions. Rapye looked slightly surprised, then resumed his assault. Paladin swung under a forceful roundhouse, but was unable to dodge his way out of the upcoming straight. Heidar managed to parry it just in time, and responded with a diagonal backswing. The crowd cheered, yelling words of encouragement.

Paladin quickly covered the distance between them……..Vrooooom. The arch shot missed metal by an inch, Heidar swore it would have knocked Paladin out for good. Quickly, a hand went to grab the back of Rapye’s neck and The Scythe tasted the metal of Paladin’s knee. Paladin went on to land a Gladius Hiltstrike and finished it with a curving sucker punch. Rapye fell.

But he stood up.

It was unreal, almost like a dream. Rapye standing up after that is not something he would like to see. The crowd shied back as the Scythe leapt eagle-like from the ledge, swinging his fists multiple times before touching down on the roof again.

Paladin stumbled back as a flying hook and knee struck him like thunder. The roar of the crowd is intoxicating. Paladin is starting to lose his concentration. Two more hits connected and Paladin fell.

He barely got up, the rise is the pure determination and pride he had left, rather than a second wind. He got up just in time as hands reached for him, greedy for a piece of his neck. Heidar knew there is no chance of winning at this point, his only hope is to stand until the bell.

Metal creaks as Rapye tighten his grip around the neck. Paladin can only reach for Rapye’s arms in order for a non-existence chance to pry open his hands. “What can I do?” Heidar thought, “Maybe I should try a magnetic grip? It wouldn’t do any harm.”

To his surprise, it did work. He could see Rapye’s grip loosen a little, now he can stand until the bell! Heidar has never been so relieved at the end of the match. The fight timed out and was counted as a draw. He didn’t really mind since he still got money and Paladin is still in one piece. He couldn’t stop marvelling at his own intelligence.

Little did he know, Paladin’s strength at that moment is next to useless, what saved him is that the pulses disturbed the energy supply, causing Rapye to lose his grip. But nonetheless, one less lost is one less lost.

Entry Number: FOUR

As you turned on your computer, you connected to a live footage of Crash Palace through a VPN address. This must be the fight your boss has been talking about. With this, you might be able to find out clues about the whereabouts of the Centurion.

To your surprise, this looks nothing like Crash Palace, but then you realised the boss told you about the private ring in CP, where the handlers remained anonymous. Two bot are standing at each corner, one copper, one black with a red tint. The black one looks suspicious, but the copper one looks oddly familiar….

Heidar looks eagerly out of his one way window, installed to keep his privacy. This is the next step to find out the mastermind behind the bots involved in the crime of Centurion. Damn that black, red tinted excuse of metalwork, it almost got him…

Focusing back to the ring, he made Paladin do a taunt. He couldn’t hear the crowd cheer, mainly because he’s in a soundproof room, but he could feel their excitement. He knew that this fight is different from his usual, money-making matches. The arena is not a battlefield. The thrill of the fight has waned. But how will Paladin fare in a dance to the death?

Paladin and Black Shuck circled each other. Old enemies meet again, trapped in an arena with one another. Time for revenge!

The first clash of steel sent Paladin stumbling back as Absorb steadied himself in a couple of steps. Black Shuck leap gracefully towards the copper bot, removing his shoulder armor with a Hell Kick. With no intent to stop his assault, Black Shuck unleashed a skilful hook combo, slowly driving Paladin to a corner. The crowd tensed up, with Black Shuck fans cheering and Paladin fans groaning.

In a sudden, between the arms a headbutt came out of the blue, forcing the Vampire to back off.

Taking the advantages of on the offense, Heidar quickly input commands, trapping and penetrating the Illusion Bot’s foot with Paladin’s foot spikes. With his opponent unable to escape, the knightly bot showed us the true definition of a Mighty Glacier, pummelling the Vampire and draining it’s energy. Paladin’s energy went down quickly.

Wait, both?

Heidar quickly checked, and double-checked and noticed a power leak in the foot. The foot that’s trapping Black Shuck, he is absorbing energy through the foot spikes! No wonder why he feels that Black Shuck isn’t really affected by Paladin’s energy drain. At that moment, the Illusion bot’s face seems like it’s taunting him, even a bit of….mocking?

Heidar quickly let go and and retracted Paladin’s foot spikes. Sensing freedom, the energy vampire dashed back with the assist of it’s jump jets.

Every small change affect the battle, if even a little surprise. Absorb hesitated for a fraction of a second, wondering why the jump jets are weaker than usual. In fraction of a second could have knocked away Paladin’s grab. Even if Absorb has anti magnetic armor, Paladin’s grip is still above average, slamming Black Shuck face first into the corner stud.

Recovering quickly, Black Shuck quickly shoved Paladin off and flew high into the air, right up the celling……”Deadly Dive” Heidar has anticipated this move for a long time.

Positioning his elbow, Paladin got ready to deflect, just as Black Shuck’s foot started to come down. The crowd gasped as two limbs fell on the floor.

With no time to waste, Heidar command Paladin to grab Shucks chest with his remaining arm as he went past and sent out a huge pulse, reducing his energy similar to him’s.

The two circled each other again, but this time as two wounded beasts. They were preparing to launch a second volley of attack just as three robot crashed into the ring.

Even a baby could guess that they are with Black Shuck, given the similar style. Heidar his heart beating, along with Paladin he wanted to leave the arena out of fear.

You paused the screen and thought about, who were they? Who are their owners? Why had they interrupted the fight? Without an answer, you decided to call your boss. “Hello Boss? I observed the most interesting things in Crash Palace……

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