− Info and Origin: Overkill was made by scrap parts bought by a desperate boxer named Shawn Shucks. He had a famous and skilled mechanist turn the scrap parts into Overkill. He implemented a high-tech core(which almost made him broke) that allowed Overkill to scan his enemy, almost always being stronger than his foe. −

− Height: 8"5 − −

Pounds: 800 lb. − −

Special Feature: High tech core, incredibly fast speed − −

Origin: USA − −

Nickname: The Robot Executioner − −

Intro: It's the executioner of robots, bow down to Overkill ! − −

Outro: Another robot falls at the hands of Overkill. That my folks is the true meaning of fear, destruction, and carnage! − −

Stats (Without scanning) − −

Strength: 97/100 − −

Speed: 98/100 − −

Intelligence: 100/100 (well duh) − −

Armor: 85/100 − −

Special: 100/100 − −

Overall: 97/100 − −

Battle Rating: 5712 − − (Upgraded stats will appear later) − −

Fighting Style: Overkill mainly relies on his speedy punches. His armor also provides good defense. − −

Special: Bring Down the Pain- Swift punches with a finishing uppercut. − −

Rip off: Noisy Boy's ripoff (in Real Steel WRB) − −

Special Features: − −

High tech scanner-Overkill has a scanner that detects strengths and weaknesses, it also makes him stronger than his foe. − −

Pistons- Overkill has pistons for added strength and jumping power. − −

Seasons (AKA bunch of Chapters that you'll probably hate.)

− −

Season 1

− −

The Underworld

− Fights (Story will appear later if you even want to read it.) − − vs Aquabot Win Reward: 1000

vs Bluebot Win Reward: 1000 − −

vs Shogun (In the Real Steel movie he appears in the Underworld, look carefully.)

Win Reward: 5000 − −

vs Six Shooter Win Reward: 2000 − −

vs Blacktop Win Reward: 3000 − −

vs Hollowjack Win Reward: 7000 − −

vs Blockbuster Win Reward: 3000 − −

vs Metro Win Reward: 10k − −

vs Midas (Scanner not allowed) Win Reward: 20k − −


− The Destroyer of the Deep, Aquabot stood before Shawn. The boxer gritted his teeth, he was hoping that Overkill won this fight. Overkill had been tested, but it didn't work out well. The match began and Aquabot immediately fired low punches that lived up to his namesake. Overkill was suffering from the firing blows sent by one of the weakest and most disrespected bots ever. Shawn suddenly activated Overkill's scanning ability, looking for a weakness. He found one in Aquabot's left leg. A swift kick combo brutally injured Aquabot, and two chops ripped off Aquabot's left and right arms. Shawn was ready to put the icing on the cake with a double kick that ripped off Aquabot's head. Overkill had won. − − His next match would be against Bluebot, a weak warrior that relied on his heavy defense. Shawn had hoped that Overkill would get through his defense with his rapid punches. Overkill towered after Shawn, and they walked into the ring to greet their next victim. The match ended in a blur, just as Shawn had hoped, Overkill's speedy punches were too much for Bluebot. His next two opponents were Blacktop and Six Shooter. Six Shooter was beaten down in a flash and a quick uppercut easily brought down Blacktop's defenses. Blockbuster dealt some damage to Overkill but that was easily repaired. Hollowjack, a legendary robot with skills almost comparable to Metro now stood before Overkill. A quick scan easily allowed Overkill to carve into the robot that carved. Hollowjack was destroyed. Next was Metro, a robot with such power that he was known even by the WRB league fighters. If he beat the bot, he would be legendary. Metro's thick defenses allowed him to be heavily protected and Overkill's punches just couldn't seem to make it through. Metro attacked, a blow that barely even injured Overkill. Not even the strongest attacks sent by Metro could faze Overkill and pretty soon, the bot found Metro's weakness. Aiming carefully with a uppercut, he sent Metro staggering back. He used a rip off just like how he did with Aquabot, ending Metro. The final challenger of the Underworld would be Midas. − − The Gold Blooded Killer walked onto the ring. This was one of Overkill's biggest matches. The brutal Midas struck first, with several blows that knocked Overkill back. The scanner wasn't allowed for this match. The Executioner of Robots replied with several blows that sent Midas staggering back. Overkill planned to show his fans why he was called the Robot Executioner. Several uppercuts knocked Midas back along with five speedy punches. The champion had no time to react and was hit face-on with a kick sent by Overkill. The robot fired more blows at Midas and ended it like he always did. Midas's head fell off. The new champion of the Underworld had arrived. Artie Baker, the owner of Midas muttered a cuss word. He was obviously pissed at the defeat of his best robot. Overkill had made it to the WRB. − −

Season 2

− −


− Fights (Like above and no scanners allowed) − −

vs Axelrod Win Reward: 7000 − −

vs Camelot Win Reward: 5000 − −

vs Gridlock Win Reward: 5000 − −

vs Cosmobot Win Reward: 8000 − −

vs Spitfire/Danger Zone Win Reward: 7000 − − vs Blacjac Win Reward: 8000 − − vs Twin Cities Win Reward: 30k − − vs Albino Win Reward: 7000 − − vs Fiend (Visitor to WRB, will appear later) Lose Reward: 1000 for trying − − vs Abandon Win Reward: 7000 − − vs Excavator Win Reward: 7000 − − vs Touchdown Win Reward: 70k − − vs Zeus Win Reward: 100k (Overkill is almost destroyed) − − vs Sparky Draw Reward: 5 mil (for story on fight visit Sparky page) − −


− Overkill made his entrance to the WRB known by beating Axelrod, Camelot, Gridlock, and Cosmobot. He has gathered the attention of the World War II fighter, Spitfire. The boxer started out with his signature, the Dive Bomb. It didn't faze Overkill at all. Now was Overkill's turn. He unleashed his special, Bring Down the Pain, which weakened Spitfire. Overkill then finished the bot off the ol' fashioned way. He continued his win streak and fought Twin Cities. The Double Tower of Power went on the offensive, starting out with a Hypnotic Fury and then striking Overkill with multiple jabs and uppercuts. Overkill emerged with mild injuries. Now was his turn. Overkill struck incredibly fast. The Hammerfall Partners had no time to react. Before they knew it, Twin Cities was down. − − Overkill continued his win streak and eventually had an encounter with a visiting Fiend. The Apex Predator allowed Overkill to strike first. Overkill struc hdrgsurigrsiugreugegrirk with immense strength but the Apex Predator returned with a Jacked Up attack. It knocked Overkill down and Fiend struck him again, rotating his fists to add power and force into his blows. Overkill fought valiantly, hitting Fiend every time he got but a brutal uppercut from the bot defeated Overkill. This was his first loss. − − Zeus, the King of all Robots, beaten by Atom (and pretty much all the custom bots out there). The towering giant stood before Overkill. Shawn was nervous about the fight, if Zeus got the upper hand, he would likely destroy Overkill. Overkill walked into the ring, it shook with every step took by the Executioner. Shawn had the heads of almost all the robots, getting Zeus's would be a special reward. The battle suddenly began, Overkill dealt the first blow. Another uppercut and a ten hit combo hit Zeus. The champion staggered back and returned with a Brainstorm that injured Overkill. The robot had been upgraded after the Fiend battle. He hoped that the new armor would withstand Zeus's explosive blows. A special unleashed by Overkill was followed up with a twenty hit combo. It was obvious that Shawn was giving this fight everything he got. Another blow by Overkill struck Zeus, followed by ten brutal jawbreaking hits. Zeus was not down yet. Another Brainstorm was unleashed and it was obvious that Overkill couldn't keep this up anymore. Shawn growled, trying a rip off. He aimed his attack at Zeus's head and the champion staggered back. He finished Zeus off. Sean was more than happy. Zeus still remained active but was beaten by the new champion, Overkill. − −

Overkill's New Stats:

− Strength: 97/100 − − Speed: 100/100 − − Intelligence: 100/100 − − Armor: 97/100 − − Special: 100/100 − − Overall: 99/100 − − Battle Rating: 5722 − −

Season 3

− −

Beyond the WRB (No scanner for most of these)

− vs Gold Twin Cities Win Reward: 90k − − vs Gold Six Shooter Win Reward: 70k − − vs Denster Draw (Controllers dropped) − − vs Gold Noisy Boy Win Reward: 70k − − vs Phantom Albino Win Reward: 90k − − vs Gold Axelrod Win Reward: 90k − − vs Gold Blacjac Win Reward: 50k − − vs Bio War (in my opinion he's not Underworld league) Win Reward: 200k − − vs Gambit Win Reward: 100k − − vs Nitro Win Reward: 110k − − vs Tackle Win Reward: 100k − − vs Crimson Carnage Win Reward: 110k − − vs Fiend Win Reward: 200k − − vs Atom Win Reward: 300k − − vs Ravagor Draw Reward: 5,000,000 (split with Ravagor) − − vs Ambush 2.0 Draw − − vs Trojan Draw Reward: 50 million − − vs Denster Lose Reward: None − − vs Denster Win Reward: 999 hundred thousand, 77,000 MRB points, and Titanium Chestplate − − Tag Team with Denster vs Shredder and Ravagor Lose − − vs Zeus V2.0 Win 10 mil (Took Zeus V2.0 as his own) − − vs Doom Win Reward: 10 mil (Bought Doom for 500 mil) − − vs Platinum: 100 bil − − vs Devastation Loss − − vs Patriot Draw − − with V2.0s and Doom vs Tribound's robots Draw − − if you want to challenge my bot for any season just comment. − −


− Ever since Overkill defeated Zeus, there's been word of a massive overhaul of bots stronger than Zeus. A lot of bots, once dismantled have been coming back.Twin Cities, Six Shooter, Noisy Boy, Albino, Axelrod, and Blacjac have been coming back with upgrades that make them stronger than ever! Interested and curious as to how the bots grew that strong, Shawn decides to investigate. He tracks down the owner of the new gold Twin Cities which is still the Hammerfall Partners. The two partners are hostile towards Shawn because of how he humiliated Twin Cities and refuse to tell him how Twin Cities turned gold. Shawn demands for them to tell him and they said, "After you fight our new upgraded Twin Cities, 90k for winning, no consolation prize." Shawn agrees and summons Overkill. The two instantly fight. Twin Cities had obviously improved and now, his blows were stronger then the blows of the great Zeus himself. Twin Cities struck with a Hypnotic Fury. The attack was much more power than the special that the original Twin Cities had. Shawn growled, he had to give this battle everything he's got. He fired a Bring Down the Pain, finished with a uppercut and punch spam. Twin Cities staggered back as the Hammerfall Partners prepared their next attack. Twin Cities slammed into Overkill, knocking the robot back a bit. Overkill fired another punch, this one struck one of Twin Cities's heads and it fell off. The Hammerfall Partners were more desperate then ever. Overkill was having the upper hand and demolished the gold Twin Cities. The Hammerfall Partners growled but didn't forget their bet, "Ambush has a different story but for us, a golden rocket came. It blasted through the remaining parts of Twin Cities and rebuilt him, giving him immense power but also giving him a shine." Shawn growled, "What of the new robots that have rose to heights greater than Zeus." The Hammerfall Partners growled, "Them? I don't know, when that accursed robot Fiend arrived to visit, I knew something was wrong." − − With that, Overkill and Shawn went over to see the new Gold Noisy Boy. Luckily, they passed the WRB arena and saw Gold Noisy Boy fighting against Zeus. The owner was Tak Mashido, who was testing Gold Noisy Boy with a fight against Zeus. Lemkova was controlling Zeus. Gold Noisy Boy dealt a powerful Shogun Trinity attack that hit Zeus. Another blow dealt by Noisy Boy sent Zeus staggering back and the champion was met with a kick. Midway however, he saw a poster that said something about a bot named Sparky. He saw the bot fight against Patriot, a bot with similar abilities to his. Shawn growled, "I have to beat this Sparky." Going back to fighting the gold bots, Overkill confronted Gold Six Shooter. The new and improved robot was demonstrating his gun barrel punch move which shoots out at the speed of light and with the power of a real bullet. Overkill interrupted the demonstration and suddenly punched Gold Six Shooter. The gold bot staggered back a few steps and Overkill rewarded him with a kick. Six Shooter's armor had been upgraded. The powerful gold robot struck Overkill with another punch. The punch could have easily knocked out any Fragile Speedsters. Overkill staggered back but returned with a kick. The great attacker returned with five more blows, each hitting Six Shooter right in the chassis. A final kick destroyed the robot once and for all. Overkill finished the match with a rip off, destroying Six Shooter. − −


− A new bot, one known as Denster has arrived, taking the world by storm. Shawn decided to add the Overkill core, a core that adds immense power, boosting each of Overkill's stats to levels never reached before. He used the earnings he received fighting Zeus to add the Reconstruction ability. Whenever Overkill was injured, he would just regenerate his systems at rapid speeds. The first match ended in a draw. However, Blake Herman requested another match against Overkill. Shawn agreed to do the match. (Story on Denster page). − After his near defeat at the hands of Denster, Overkill went on to search for the golden warriors. He found Gold Noisy Boy, the same bot that had so effortlessly defeated Zeus and challenged him to a fight. The fight began with Gold Noisy Boy landing a Shogun Trinity. The attack didn't even faze Overkill. Shawn laughed wildly, "My turn!" Overkill did swift jabs, each injuring Gold Noisy Boy and he finished him off with a kick. − − Next was Phantom Albino. Albino had been credited for surviving his fight against Zeus. Now he is reborn, stronger, faster, and tougher. The fight began with Albino punching rapidly. The armor of Overkill was easily enough to withstand the blows. Overkill returned the blows with his own, and in no time, Albino was defeated. − − His last two gold opponents were Axelrod and Blacjac, who were all too easy to defeat. Now was time to fight the others. − −

Team Mech

− Eventually, Shawn was invited into Team Mech, a group of powerful robots. − −


− Bio War was Overkill's next foe. This bot didn't mess around, his rotating fists added extra power to his blows. The match started with Overkill using his superspeed punches. Bio War actually survived. This robot had extreme armor unlike the goldens. Bio War struck back, rotating his fists to add power. Overkill kicked Bio War two times and ended it with a jab. He ended it with a rip-off. − Eventually, Overkill finished all the bots and destroyed Fiend as revenge. He encountered Ravagor and got a draw, he got a draw with Ambush 2.0, and Trojan. Blake Herman challenged Overkill to a rematch, first rematch, Blake won, second rematch Overkill won. The judges counted Overkill as the winner. A devastating loss occured when Overkill and Denster fought Ravagor and Shredder. The match began with Overkill charging at Ravagor, knocking him down for 2 seconds. Shredder punched Denster but the Immortal Bot returned the blow with his own. Ravagor suddenly activated his special and Shawn, due to his lack of experience against Mark's experience could do nothing. He tried Overkill's special but suddenly, Shredder and Ravagor let a double special, knocking Overkill out. Denster beat out Shredder and tried to hit Ravagor but it was too late, Ravagor and Shredder won. − − Tak Mashido growled, "Zeus loses again, again, and again! When will he get his revenge?!" He rebuilt Zeus into Zeus V2.0, and decided to test the robot out. He easily dominated the WRB fighters leaving Overkill left. Tak challenged him to an incredible high stake battle, no restrictions. The no restrictions rule would be Tak's biggest mistake. The winner took the loser's bot home. The match began with Overkill swinging his fist at Zeus V2.0, the gigantic champion returned with a Super Brainstorm and activated Electro Mode. He started beating the hell out of Overkill until Shawn activated his scanner and knocked out Zeus, he took Zeus V2.0 as his own. − Overkill later suffered a loss against Devastation but still fought. − −

Season 4

− −

Cardinal's Crown

− vs Cardinal Chaos Win Reward: 100k − − vs Earth Draw − − vs Mech-a-Claus Win Reward: a ton of money + Avalanche − −

Totally Epic New Christmas Update!

− Shawn was reading the newpaper until he saw a an interesting topic, it read, "Cardinal Chaos, a new bot challenges WRB league fighters to fight against him. Participate in the Cardinal's Crown arena now!" Shawn smiled, "That robot's gonna be scrap after Overkill's done with him." So they entered the Cardinal's Crown arena, where the list was: − − Overkill vs Danger Zone − − Cardinal Chaos vs Gridlock − − Camelot vs Nitro − − and the last fight was Fiend vs Gambit − − The bell rang as Overkill ran into the ring, instantly jabbing Danger Zone. Spitifre tried to land a blow but failed due to Overkill's tremendous speed. Overkill knocked Spitfire down as the ten-count began. Soon, Overkill had won. − − Next was Cardinal Chaos vs Gridlock. The match instantly began with Cardinal Chaos landing a shocking blow to Gridlock's face, knocking pieces of it out. CC later stomped on poor Gridlock's chassis and finished the bot off with a rip-off. − − Then Camelot fought Nitro, it was pretty obvious that Nitro wins. − − Fiend won against Gambit, leading to the semi-finals. − − The most important match was Overkill vs Cardinal Chaos, Fiend won against Nitro. The fight began with CC landing powerful jabs to Overkill. Then Overkill activated his special, dealing a ton of damage to CC. Overkill grabbed CC's hand and ripped it off. He then slammed the hand straight into CC's core. Ironically, CC was destroyed by his own hand. − − Later Overkill challenged Earth in an even match, the result was a draw. − − Overkill soon beat Mech-A-Claus and win the bot Avalanche. − −

Season 5

− −


− Vs The Axe Win − − vs Ambush 2.0 Lose − − Shawn was invited to the AOBC, his first foe was The Axe. Overkill jabbed Axe several times But Axe returned the blow. Shawn was desperate and used the scanner, he found Axe's weak part and crushed it, defeating and destroying The Axe. − − Later, Shawn fought against Ambush 2.0. The fight began with Overkill launching a multitude of punches at Ambush, severely denting the robot's chest. Ambush 2.0 sent a Bushwhack 2.0. Overkill sent more blows at Ambush 2.0 but John saw an opening and struck Overkill, knocking him out for ten counts. − − After Season 5 I will have weekly updates! − −

The Rise and Fall of Anthony Brooks (Movie)

− Shawn Shucks was fuming. Literally. His childhood arch-enemy, Anthony Brooks, had beaten Overkill with his supercharged bot, Destructor. And now, he returned home to find his bot, Devastation, dismantled, and a few parts missing. He was sure that Anthony Brooks had broke into his house, but he had no way to figure out how. Shawn sighed. He would go to Team Mech HQ to discuss it with his friends.

The next day, Shawn was sitting in Mark Hedhon's office, explaining the situation. "Hmmmm." said Mark. "Maybe we should call the cops." "No." replied Shawn. "We don't have any courtroom proof." Mark said,"Then how about we beat his bots up?" "That would be cool." admitted Shawn. "But I don't think he will agree." "He will. He's a die hard robot boxing psycho, right?" − − 2 days later, the entire Team Mech was on the road. A convoy of trucks with the occasional sports car or luxury limo. Finn, owner of Crash Palace, ran out. As Mark Hedhon got out of his big Peterbuilt, and Raf Kent stepped out from his EBot Maybach, Finn confronted both of them. "Look guys, we don't have any parking space." Then he looked up, and a EBot sky-blue chopper, with a green WASSUP? and a smile face spray-painted on the bottom landed. John Maxwell and Lance Reynolds stepped out, laughing. Finn glared at them."Do you guys even know what the government's gonna do with choppers landing on public roads?" Lance shrugged."Double parking fees?" Finn looked furious. " Dude, do you even have a license?" "No." "You are SO off my Christmas present list." "Well I have this  awesome leather recliner-" "Shut up, guys." intervened Kelichi Akamine and Flynn McHuildier." We got some jerk butts to whup." "I hope that's a figure of speech." said John." The more I hear about this Anthony character, the more I think he's got some kind of diarrhea." Even Finn chuckled. "I don't want Mr.Brooks crapping over my place." Shawn appeared, deadly serious."Oh he won't, Finn. I imagine that the prison plumbing will take quite a battering after Mr. Brooks arrives." "Oh-ho," said Finn, "I'll be imagining that today will be quite a spectacle." Taylor Srinwest, handler of Showoff, grinned behind his shades. "Oh, I'm sure it will be." Then a black jeep with a trailer skidded up and scraped the paint job off Blake Berman's Maserati. "Oh, could it be Mr. Intestine Problems?" asked John as Blake Berman called Lance. "Gimme one of your guns. Now. I spent like, 500k on that paint." "You can't just seriously kil-" "I'm not going to kill him. Holding guns is a comfort thing." Lance sighed as the Hummer's door opened and a man wearing a leather jacket and a suspicous, pistol sized blip stepped out. "On second thoughts, I'll hold onto my gun. It's a self-defense thing." muttered Lance."Damn, I forgot mine." muttered John as he took a gun from Lance. "Hi, gents. Now f**k off and get out of my way." said Anthony as he tried to walk inside the Palace. Then he noticed Shawn glaring at him. "Oi, amigo, tell your friends to get out of my way." Taylor Srinwest groaned. "Oh, great, guys. We just needed another cocky enemy." "You got a problem with me? Then you got a problem with life. And if you got a problem with life, maybe I can fix it." "Great grandstanding. Now in as a matter of fact, I think you're the one who needs psychotherapy." "Let's see. Where's your robot?" "Oh, right there. You want a fight?" "Definitely."

− − So the first fight between Team Mech and Anthony Brooks turned out to be Destructor VS Showoff. "And, ladies and gentlemen, there's a grudge match!" said Finn as he went into position. "YEAHHH!!!" went the people as they flooded the balconies. "Grudge match, my ass." grumbled Taylor as he activated Showoff's controls. Anthony stood on the other corner, looking smug. "Three...Two...One....Fight!!!" went Finn as Showoff and Destructor probed each other. Showoff landed a hook, but before he could deliver another, Destructor caught Showoff's arm and hurled him into a corner. "Ouch. Really? Man you're so screwed." went Taylor as Showoff stood up again. Destructor headbutted Showoff and delivered a double uppercut into the torso. The fists plowed straight through. Mark frowned. That couldn't happen. Not even Ravagor had suceeded in puncturing Showoff's torso that way. Then he remembered something. On The Handler's Daily, a weekly newspaper for robot handlers, an article had come out that a banned prototype hydraulic booster and fluid had been stolen from Whitlex Labs by a unknown boxing robot handler. He had seen pics of the fluid and it was a acidic green. "Taylor, try to bust the bot's hydraulics." "On it." said Taylor. Showoff managed to land a double fisted blow to Destructor that stunned him, then began to slam mercilessly at the arm hydraulics. Then Destructor recovered and body-slammed into Showoff, knocking both of them over. However, Taylor managed to land in a positon that Destructor's arm would take damage, and the momentum of two bots were enough to rupture Destructor's left arm hydarulics. Mark raised an eyebrow. The fluid was acidic green. Just then, Destructor threw Showoff to the ground and knocked him down for ten counts. "Sh*t!" yelled Taylor. He threw down his controller, which somehow revived Showoff.

Meanwhile, Mark was trying to get a sample of the acidic green fluid when Anthony walked up and sucked the fluid in a compression bottle. He then put it in his pocket and walked away."Oh no, you're not going to get that.""Dammit." thought Mark. − − Shawn was in Mark's office again."So, you think Anthony is using the stolen fluid?" Well, yeah. But I don't have any evidence. The guy took the fluid." "So what?" "So we should spill a lot of it." "Meaning?" "Team matches." Shawn rubbed his hands. "I'll be looking forward to it." − − Lance Reynolds held his hand up. "I'm in." Then he looked at John Maxwell. "Which means you too, cuz I'll take back that gun if you don't." "Here we go." −

− The next day started quickly, with Global Mech agreeing to team up and trash Anthony. Mark addressed the group, "Alright, so the fight's gonna be split up into three parts, one against Devastator, one against Destructor," when he said this, Taylor cracked his fists with pleasure, "and one against Destruction." − − Shawn spoke, "I think we'll all agree not to take on any of them one by one, if Ant insists on cheating, we'll do the same--Dirty vs Dirty, understood?" −

− They arrived back at Crash Palace with Taylor scowling for revenge. Seeing them, Anthony sneered, "Oh, so you and your bit***ches are back for more." − − Taylor raised his fist, "You motherf-." − − Anthony laughed again, "Language kid," as Mark and Blake held him back. − − Finn went up to Global Mech and asked, "Booking a match?" − − Shawn looked back at Global Mech, "Devastator's the strongest, who's up for this?" − − All the members raised their hands, and Shawn picked, "Blake, John, Lance, and Mark." − − The four members nodded as Finn yelled, "What? You can't go 5V1!" − − Shawn replied, "I think our little friend Ant will agree on the match terms." − − Ant gave him a smirk, "I'll whoop all your a****." − − Finn nodded, "Alright, the first match will begin, on the left hand side we have Overkill, Denster, Ambush 2.0, Shredder, and Ravagor!" A chorus of cheers erupted, "And on the right side we have Devastator!" − − Devastator walked up to the five robots. Anthony sneered, "Ready when you are." − − Shawn smirked, "Oh yeah? Rematch time." − − Before anyone could react, Overkill charged towards Devastator. Faster than the eye could see, Devastator dodged and rammed its fist into Overkill's head. Denster and Ravagor cornered Devastator, and both raised their fists, Devastator dodged, allowing both attacks to collide with the opposite bot. Shawn sneezed. Shredder and Ambush 2.0 rushed up, both ramming their fists into Devastator. − − Overkill stared at Devastator and scanned. Shawn growled, "What the f***! No weakness!" − − Devastator saw this and grabbed Shredder. The superbot threw Shredder straight into Overkill, causing critical damage to both bots. Ambush 2.0 unleashed a Bushwhack, causing only minor damage on Devastator. − − Shawn yelled, "Overkill, enter Overkill mode!" − − Blake joined in, "Denster, activate Sterdrive!" "Superman, super mode!" said a random kid from New Zealand− − The two powered-up robots landed multiple blows off of Devastator, but each felt like they reflected easily off of the bot's chassis. Anthony smirked, "Is that all?" − − Devastator grabbed Overkill and slammed the bot's mace hand into Denster, who fell down. Denster got up and rushed to get revenge on Devastator. Devastator knocked Denster down but Ravagor rammed its fist into Devastator. The super fluid came out of Devastator's mouth. Anthony yelled, "No!" − − Mark smirked, "Ha, once all the super serum's out, Devastator'll be a sitting duck, guys, aim for the hydraulics." − − Anthony yelled, "Destructor and Destruction, come out!" − − Both superbots quickly came to Devastator's rescue with Finn whining out it breaking the rules. Finn McHuilder yelled, "Sparky!" − − The powerful absorbing bot ran out into the battlefield, Shawn unleashed his army of Collector's bots, and Blake called on Ravage. Ambush 2.0 took this chance to aim a powerful blow which directly hit Devastator's hydraulics, draining the bot of its super serum. Destructor and Destruction knocked back Ravagor, both charged a powerful blow, but at the last second, Overkill took the blows. − − A current of sadness rushed over Shawn, he yelled, "NOOOO!!!" − − There was nothing anyone could do, Overkill fell down, his reconstruction systems broken. Anthony laughed, "In your face!" − − Mark yelled, "You scumbag!" − − Ravagor charged a fist and aimed it towards Devastator, who fell down. The Global Mech users were all paralyzed by shock. Overkill's eye shined one last time, and fell dim. Shawn yelled, "You little piece of sh**! You'll pay for this, Avalanche!" − − The icy bot rushed to Shawn's rescue, assisting Ravagor. Destruction blocked a blow from Avalanche and slammed the bot on the ground. Taylor summoned Showoff and the bot aimed a surprise blow at Destruction. Destructor rushed to Destruction's rescue but was cut off by Shredder and Ambush 2.0, who both smashed the bot's hydraulics. The bots of Global Mech raised their fists and destroyed the last bot. − − They had won, with Anthony cussing as the cops arrested him. Shawn felt nothing so bad, the legacy of Overkill was gone. −_ −

The Fall of a Legend

− Shawn Shucks was never the same after the fight. He brought Overkill home, seeing parts thay broke off of his exoskeleton, his body-armor was beyond repair, but Shawn had another idea in mind. That, is the end of Overkill. − −

Special Thanks

− I would like to give thanks to all the members of Global Mech for adding to the story and allowing me use their bots for the movie. Thanks guys! − − The story continues in [[[Gigakill]]

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