Over Flamed is a bot designed and built in India. His parts list include:

Head : Visor

Body : Retro

Arms : Retro

Fists : Bruiser Gloves

Legs : Spire

Motherboard : Stock Circuitboard

Generator : Worker X19

Hydraulic Fluid : Bargain Fluid
Over Flamed

A WRB bot designed ans built in India.

His fave taunt is the Muscleman and ShadowBoxer. Battle rating is 689 but this is not a bot to be underestimated; he took out Kong Tron in less than 1 round. He turned Scrapbot in to scrap metal with a swift tough middle kick. His fighting style is unorthodox but infused with middle eastern martial arts. As his newbie owner learns the ropes expect to see further upgrades and and title challenges from this bot.

Anyone wanna take him on - send a request to PurplePatch2010 on the PSNetwork.

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