Name: Outback

Generation: 3

Height: 8'8

Weight: 920 lbs

Reach: 4'0

Bot Type: Demolisher

Strengths: 3 heads, massively damaging punches, wide footing

Weaknesses: Slow, heavy

Outback, owned by Australian trainer James Mundy, is the three-headed beast of the bot-fighting world.


At the age of 17, James Mundy's rather wealthy parents were both killed in a car crash, leaving him orphaned. With his parents money now his, James bought a truck and set out to follow the dream his parents had prohibited him from pusring. Thus, Outback was born.

Taking inspiration from the best robots ever built, Outback was given three heads, powerful hydraulic arms, tall stature, and a wide footing. Although, James doubted his own skill, and built in a simple AI system that would be able to defend itself in case of a problem with the remote or if Outback was taking a serious beating.

--Fight Record (First Year)--

Outback vs. Fat Boy (Win)

Bio War vs. Outback (Win)

Fat Boy vs. Outback- Rematch (Loss by cards)

Outback vs. Ambush (Win by cards)

Outback vs. Metro (Win)

Outback vs. Metro- Rematch (Win)

Ambush vs. Outback- Rematch (Loss)


After a 5-2 year, Outback's name was beginning to get some ground to it, and James began to expect better competitors. Outback's onboard AI was heavily upgraded, and became able to give bits of advice during fights, Outback's feet were redone, allowing him to pin opponents (As noticed by James whilst fighting Metro) and the hydraulics were reworked to be more reliable.

--Fight Record (Second Year)--

Outback vs. Pitchfork (Win)

Midas vs. Outback (Loss by cards)

Outback vs. Midas- Rematch (Win)

Outback vs. Blacktop (Win)

Gambit vs. Outback (Win)

Outback vs. Bluebot (Loss)

Outback vs. Bluebot- Rematch (Win)

Fireball vs. Outback (Win)

Outback vs. Fat Boy (Win)

Fireball vs. Outback- Rematch (Loss)

Bio War vs. Outback (Win)


Completing a solid 8-3 year, Outback's name was now feared throughout the underworld. James, now with twice the money he started with, improved the plating and armor of Outback, as well as adding some cosmetic upgrades. An earthy paint job later, and Outback looked as though it belonged in the WRB league. After the first fight of Outback's third year, a man approached James, offering a league fight versus Axelrod. James accepted.

--Fight Record (Third Year)--

Outback vs. Metro (Win)

Outback vs. Axelrod (Win by cards)

Twin Cities vs. Outback (Win)

Outback vs. Blac Jac (Loss by cards)

Cardinal Chaos vs. Outback (Win)

Outback vs. Noisy Boy (Loss)

Outback vs. Turbo (Loss by Cards)

Touchdown vs. Outback (Win)

Outback vs. Zues (Loss)


After fighting Zues, Outback was repaired and sold, as James, now 20 years old and engaged, decided that he could not support a family and fight robots at the same time. However, any time a league fight is aires on television, James's family gathers round to watch. James's son, Matthew, can't wait to grow up to be just like his daddy.

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