The Prologue

"General Schukov here. I heard that you want to talk to me."

"Yes I do. And it is very important."

"Alright, Captain. Tell me the news. Are the bots dead yet?"

"Unfortunately no. It is very hard to take them down. We do not want to use anything other than infantry to conserve. We cannot just lob a bunch of missiles in their way. It will also destroy everything. Sgt. Kovas has spotted some Scourge members crossing the bridge, but he was alone, and he did not have a gun. So he let them escape for now."

"That's sad. What do we do now?"

"This is why I called you in the first place, Schukov. Report to HQ this information. And relay it to the handlers of the robot boxers."

"Robot.....boxers? Quick, tell me everything."

"The Death Scourge is a group of robots with the desire of destroying everything and anything. They want to take over.

The UN has dispatched soldiers to mitigate the threat, but they ultimately failed.

It seemed like all hope was lost. Everything will be theirs. They got all they wanted.

One by one, the DS invaded and occupied numerous areas and suburbs. However, they also have the capability to occupy cities and beyond.

That's why the armies have proposed a solution: to use boxing bots to wipe out the threat. It looked like the bots are the best bet, because they are strong and can cause terror to the DS robots.

But this will be a hard and long task. This won't be easy."

"Alright, Higgins. I got it. I will report this to HQ as fast as possible."

"Thanks Schukov. And make it quick, for the Scourge has something planned."

Data Leaks

Captain Higgins: We have some leaks about the Death Scourge. Read them if you wish. There is a chance that there may be still details that are not yet leaked.

Head of the Scourge: "Wraith"

We only know it as "Wraith". Wraith is a robot who created the Scourge. Its will is to take over everything and kill all opposing entities.

(Alleged) General: "Zage"

Zage apparently is a robot who is banned from robot boxing because of his sheer firepower. Learn more about it here.

S7-E Robot

The main battle robot of the Scourge. Equipped with spikefists, the unit is mainly used for attacks up close. It is also used in mass amounts. Has the highest agility out of every unit, but also has the least armor.


Equipped with wrist-mounted concussion rockets, the S7-D robot is used to clear waves of enemies. Less agile than S7-E, but not slow. In the middle for armor.


The S7-X is the elite unit of the Scourge. With an energy shotgun mounted to its arm, and a back jet that propels it forward when needed, the unit is the strongest out of the three. Least mobility without using the jetpack, but the highest armor.

Army Special Tools - Robots

Captain Higgins: To combat this arising threat, our army has developed some weapons that should fit perfectly to your robots.

Shoulder Mounted Laser Projector

Our scientists have developed a shoulder mounted device that fires lasers forward. Be wary though, as this is inaccurate.

Overclocking Device

This is a consumable to your robot. This powers up the robot for around 30 minutes to twice its maximum potential. We only have a few of these at storage.

Shield Projector

This extraordinary object is still in production. This projector projects a shield around your robot, which protects it from ranged fire.

Army Special Tools - Human

Captain Higgins: These tools are usable by you, and not your robots.

Hacking Chip

This chip hacks the robot for info. Only usable on a disabled (not destroyed or ripped off) Scourge units. We have not tested these out yet, but I believe that it can hack an S7-E unit pretty quickly.

Submit your robots here! Minimum of 5 non-Tribound bots to start.

Just leave your robot down in the comments. Make sure it has a wiki page here.

Fan Made

- Argon (Tribound)

- Crypton (Tribound)

- Nytemoth (Tribound)

- Shadow (Little Springtrap)

- Titan (Subnauticatracer)

- Twilight (TRSF)

- Xecutor (Tribound)

Other Bots

- Abandon

- Albino

- Bio War

- Cosmobot

- Shogun

- Tri Gore

Chapter One - Enlistment

STATUS: Was offline for a long while. Still accepting enlistments. Once again, you may leave your robot's name down below in the comments (as long as the bot has a wiki page). -Tribound

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