This is the official list of bot types.

Jack of All Stats

Generally shortened to "Jack". It has the most balanced stats, but not necessarily the best stats. Almost all starting characters are Jacks. Examples: BlacktopTwin Cities

Fragile Speedster

Speed is king for this guy. While his attacks are weak, the sheer amount that he puts out can equal a single blast from a glass cannon. He can't take any hits, but his speed generally renders it moot. Example: Aquabot

Glass Cannon

His attacks generally fall under one hit KO, so he doesn't bother with armor. His speed is rather average, but its enough to get his cannon into position. Example: Bio War

Stone Wall

No speed, little attack, but this guy can take a pounding. Example: Fat Boy, The Omegas

Mighty Glacier

This one will bear down on you with the millstone of God. However, just as in the poem, it can take a long while before that killing blow comes. Not as defensive as a Stone Wall, but much less frustrating to fight with. Example: Camelot

Blitz Cannon

Not as powerful as a Glass Cannon, but his speed has been boosted to atone for his blasphemy against armoring up. Though he usually doesn't OHKO people, his one-two punch is rather deadly. Example: Cosmobot

Demon Wall

He's as fast as a locomotive, and just as subtle, too. Somewhat of an anomaly, as his speed isn't threatened by his armor. Example: Touchdown, The Sarge

Lightning Bruiser

He was once a Jack of all Stats, but now he has been upgraded. High attack, defense and speed values let him curb-stomp most mid to low level opponents. Example: Block Buster, Axelrod, Noisy Boy

Game Breaker

This build turns all stats Up To  Twenty. Every opponent, when they see him, immediately assume the curb-stomping position.  Examples: Zeus ,Blac Jac


This guy hangs out with "Unnamed Arrow" in the dictionary. His strategy can be boiled down to "if opponent is standing, then swing." A word of warning: corners are his friends. They will hold you while he asks you politely to curl up and die. Example: Excavator, Showoff


More subtle than the Brawler, but it's the difference between using a nuke or a cannonball to kill a mouse. They tend to save the Tech moves for appropriate moments, rather than the Brawler who will Tech himself out because it looks cool. Example: Kong Tron


Big honkin' hammers. If it catches you, the referee will simply start carving your tombstone. Try to avoid getting caught. It's big, slow, and it just crushes you. Block and one-two low heavy punches are the keys. Example: Metro

Sparring Bot

Typically a 'bot meant to take a hit, not to dish it out. However, with the advent of Atom, this changes. Example: Atom

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