Vital statistics
Title None
Generation 3
Bot Type Brawler
Status Working

NAME: Nummskull


BOT TYPE: Brawler



It seems that either his fists are too big or his head is to small. One of his tech moves is spinning around six times, swinging his fists with him. He may look big, but he sure ain't slow. Which is strange, because his armor is ridiculously durable. He uses Tech Moves just for fun, though. So wait for him to tire out, then deliver your final strike. When it comes to conservation, he sure is a numb-skull (Get it. Because his name...nevermind)

Real Steel Game

He is ranked #3 on the DLC Stage 3, unless your robot beats him, as of then he is #4.


A big brute, with a series of durable parts and huge gloves. He glows yellow, and is mostly red and blue. It's almost like his colors refer to carnival colors, red, blue, and yellow. His head has four "eyes" similar to Fluxcore. His fists look like real boxing gloves, just on a disproportionate scale.


Strength: 81/100

Speed: 46/100

Intelligence: 56/100

Special Moves: 50/100

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 5973
Core HP 4250
Power Charge 1858
Total Attack 5247
Total Defense 3666
Resilience 10
Damage Recovery 4
Power Recovery 9
Average Punch Speed 6
Movement Speed 6
Mobility 7


He seems to have carnival styled colors. His fists are oversized.

He has 2 downloadable tech moves: Cyclone Clothesline and Kung Fu Tackle.

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