Name: Nuke Danger

Title: The Radioactive Menace

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Jack Of All Stats

Status: Online



Nuke Danger is a robot assembled by Victor "Vic" Hernandez, Erik Hernandez's brother. After he created Hollow War and Gabriela created Gaby, Vic decided to join them, building his own robot too. He got to salvage Blac Jac Gold's torso and Bio War's left arm. The rest of Nuke's parts are replicas Vic built himself. He then started fighting in the Underworld, gaining popularity quite fast. His first fights were tough, since Vic was never into robot boxing until he saw his brother do so, but he has managed to keep a 12-0 career so far, having defeated robots like Noisy Boy, Wild Fire, and even Midas. He is not as advanced as Hollow War or Gaby since he doesn't have their Bio-Tech Hybridism, but he definitely is not left behind since his speed and strength allow him to be up to any challenge.

Announcer's Quote: "Introducing the Radioactive Menace! Here's Nuke Danger!"



Armor: 80/100

Power: 80/100

Speed: 80/100

RS Champions

Health: 3455

Attack: 361

Critical: 1052

Special: 745

RGN: 551

Boost: Full Defense


Nuke Danger 001

Origin: USA

Ability: Reconstruction

Weight: 380 kg

Height: 2.55 meters

Feature: Neptunium Core

Element: Fire

Special Moves:

1.- Meltdown (Original)

2.- Super Meltdown (Original)

3.- Ultra Meltdown (Original)


Nuke Danger 003

Nuke Danger has parts of many robots, but because of his head, he mainly resembles Midas. He also has Blac Jac Gold's torso (Armadillo's in Real Steel: Champions), Cardinal Chaos' right arm and left leg, Bio War's left arm and Noisy Boy Gold's right leg. He has a neptunium core, which means he has a higher level of radiation than Touch Down, but it also allows him to work more efficiently. He is quite the dirty fighter, since he tends to use his elbows and knees a lot, and also deals a lot of low blows, he doesn't really kick, though. His fighting style was based on OG Underworld fighters' moves like Midas, Metro, Bio War and Blacktop. Despite having a rough start, he is now one of the favorite faces to see in the Crash Palace, which is the arena he always fights in and therefore, his home. His head is based on Midas' Stage 7 head, which has a fin-like piece in the middle of the mohawk. His massive fists based on Cardinal Chaos' and Bio War's help him deal a lot of damage, but his light assembly makes him extremely fast. Just like Midas, Nuke Danger most likely won't ever go to the WRB, since Vic feels neither of them belong there, plus he really enjoys and loves being in the Underworld.


Nuke Danger 002

Head: Midas (Gold Grade)

Torso: Armadillo (Silver Grade, Blac Jac Gold in iOS)

Right Arm: Noisy Boy (Gold Grade, Cardinal in iOS)

Left Arm: Bio War (Bronze Grade)

Right Leg: Noisy Boy (Bronze Grade, Cardinal in iOS)

Left Leg: Noisy Boy (Bronze Grade, Noisy Boy Gold in iOS)


Nuke Danger 004

Intro: Midas

Heavy Attacks: Jaw Breaker, Sidewinder, High Kick, Power Jab

Special Move: Tomahawk Blow

Finisher: Camelot (Blac Jac in iOS)

Win: Gridlock


Base: Gold 3

Body: Black 3

Accent: White 1



  • Vic, just like Artie, doesn't wanna be invited to the WRB.
  • Nuke (ironically) seems to have a special hatred for the Gold versions of the robots, since every time he fights one of them, his fighting style turns even dirtier.
  • It's unlikely that he'll ever face Zeus, Tri-Gore or Asura, and if he does, it'll be out of the WRB.
  • Despite being created by the brother of Hollow War's creator, he doesn't have Bio-Tech Hybridism.
  • His neptunium core enhances his strength and speed and fuels his Reconstruction.
  • His RS iOS and Champions versions look a little different from one another.
  • His RS iOS version doesn't have any paint.
  • Despite having really big feet, he very rarely kicks when fighting.
  • Formerly he used to have Atom Gold's right arm and Blac Jac's left leg, but these were replaced by the current pieces in order to increase his stats.
  • It's unlikely that he'll ever face Hollow War or Gaby.
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