Noisy boy by paintoart-d7tnlg5


Charlie drove to Crash Palace, way after its closing time. He took a ladder and was able to take Noisy Boy's head off the entrance. He then walked back to his truck and put Noisy's head on the passengers seat. It was there. No light, a lot of scratches and dents from Midas. After about 30 minutes he got back to the gym. He then placed his head on Noisy's torso. He then got his tools to get Noisy Boy's head back on. It took the whole day to get Noisy Boy's head and arm back on. He also fixed broken lights, dents, and scratches. He made him stand up and constructed a new controller since his headset now belongs to Atom. He then activated him. He looked exactly the same when he first bought him. Noisy had a new armor module instead of his plastic one. He then tested his punches out, it was pretty fast and very strong. He then used used spinning fists out. They worked perfectly. He then called Max down. He was rubbing eyes since it was still very early in the morning. He then opened his eyes and looked up. He shouted "WOAH!", and then walked around him in awe. He said, "How'd you get his head from Crash Palace?" Charlie responded with "I took it.", smiling. Max said "Lets get him a fight at Crash Palace and fight Midas for revenge!" But Charlie said, "No, no, no, lets get him an easy fight, maybe with Aquabot." 


They drove to Crash Palace, people were gathering around the Area wondering where Noisy Boy's head was. He then drove up to Crash Palace and activated Noisy Boy, his armor popped out and then started walking to the entrance, Charlie and Max heard someone yell "LOOK! IT'S NOISY BOY!" people looked and ran foward creating a huge mob around him, all talking at once, some people were touching and others were just checking him out. Charlie broke up the crowd so Noisy Boy can walk foward. He went to the front room to set up a fight against Aquabot, the Destroyer From The Deep. Finn stared at the new Noisy Boy. But Charlie quickly set a fight against Aquabot before Finn can say anything. Noisy Boy then walked to the ring and into his corner, and Aquabot into his.


The bell ringed. And Noisy Boy landed the first punch, denting Aqua pretty badly. Aqua tried to hit back but Noisy dodged it. He then did his signature "SHOGUN TRINITY" he was destroying Aquabot, and then did his special "SOUTHPAW PAIN REVOLUTION" Aqua's eye came out and Noisy did a powerful uppercut. Destroying Aqua's head. The Bell rang, Noisy finished off Aqua, he got a prize of $12,000. He then did a one-two punch and a right uppercut.


Max and Charlie exited Crash Palace. Max was ecstatic, he said "THAT FIGHT WAS AWESOME! LET'S DO MORE!" Charile smiled, he then looked down and said "Slow down there, buddy" messing up his hair, annoyed, Max took Charlie's hand off his head. They then put Noisy Boy in his crate, and then into the truck, they drove home. Max helped Charlie add a few upgrades, better armor, stonger punches, and speed upgrade. 


After a few days they returned, for revenge. He got Noisy out of the truck, Max and Charlie entered, not looking happy, but instead, mad. They were mad for their devastating defeat against Midas, they were ready for revenge, oily revenge. They set a fight fsater than ever before, and walked to the ring. Artie was laughing ready to destroy this bot.


Noisy Boy walked to the ring, and Midas ran to the ring, ready to destroy the legendary robot again. Midas ran foward and did fast punches, too fast to dodge, but Noisy was fast enough to counter his punches, he then did "
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SHOGUN TRINITY" thumb|400px|link=File:Noisy_Boy_vs_Midas.jpgMidas then kicked his leg, causing the bot to slouch, Midas then crouched and hit his torso. Noisy thenk kicked him back he sent him across the ring. Midas was knocked out. Noisy Boy then stomped on Midas, and was destroying his torso armor. Midas grabbed his leg and threw Noisy Boy off. Noisy Boy got into the corner but quickly escaped. Noisy then did his finisher. He ripped off both arms, and then did a roundhouse to take off his head. Noisy got his revenge, Charlie didn't collect his money, he just left. Artie then walked up to Noisy Boy and spit on his steel foot, Charlie shoved Artie back, Artie then walked foward and punched Charlie, HARD but since Charlie used to be a league boxer, beating Artie wasn't hard. He knocked Artie out, leaving him there, Max looked over his shoulder, looking at Artie, he was lying there. They then returned to the garage to fix dents and scratches. Noisy suffered a broken right eye light. They then had to repair that. And in no time, Noisy Boy was ready to fight again. He then took up a fight with Fiend.


Charlie looked at Fiend's controller and walked up saying, look at your Unicorn bot, Fiend shoved Charlie back. Fiend's controller responded saying "Oh, yeah? Bring your crappy scrapbot" Charlie walked away, and bring back Noisy Boy, Fiend's controller gulped, he then said, "He won't last a round with Fiend" Charlie responded with "What's he gonna do use his Rainbow Attack?" Fiend's controller then said "Whatever..." and left. 


Then bell rang, Fiend was slow so he wasn't hard to dodge. Fiend landed the first punch, he caused a major dent and scratch, parts of his head came off because of the spikes. Noisy Boy then used Southpaw Pain Revolution, but was blocked a punched. Noisy then dodged his Spinning Spikes, and used Body Slam Uptown, sending Fiend across the ring, he then jumped back up, and scratched Noisy, pretty badly. He then ripped off his elbow down. And then rammed Noisy Boy, using his horn. Sending Noisy Boy across the ring. Noisy Boy was sitting down, knocked out, Charlie looked as if he was pressing random buttons to get him back, up, after 9 seconds he was back up. He then started using his legs and one arm to fight. He was denting Fiend's head and torso. And took off a fist. He then started Shogun Trinity and Fiend was knocked out. He got back up, Fiend was very powerful, but he wasn't so good with armor since his power makes up for that. So destroying Fiend wasn't that hard. Fiend's arm was destroyed. And Noisy Boy won. 


Charlie took Noisy Boy's fist out the ring to get his arm repaired. He then checked the mail which contained a letter from a Anonymous sender, it said "Nice fight with Fiend, come to the Bing Arena and fight any robot, your choice."


They returned to the WRB, this time without Atom. The crowd stopped focusing on Zeus walking to the entrance, they then ran to Noisy Boy. Tak Mashido then took off his sunglasses, and stared wide eyed at Noisy Boy, and then put them back on and walked to the entrance with Zeus. Charlie set up a fight with Axelrod, a rebuilt version. 


The bell rang. Noisy ran foward, thanks to his amazing speed. He quickly landed the first punch. Axel tried to punch back, but Noisy dodged. He then started punching fast. Axel's light started flickering after each punch. Axel then punched back, and Noisy got stunned. He took a few steps back and started to block. Axel was punching. He was relentless, throwing blow after blow! Noisy Boy couldn't react quickly enough to Axel's combos, and after an uppercut he went down. Noisy got up quickly, with no major damage. Soon after he got up, Noisy started charging up the Wakizashi Straight. However the round ended before he could use it, leaving it for the next round. 


When the next round began. Axel threw the first punch. 

This was a mistake. 

Noisy Boy's agility allowed him to dodge the straight punch. Quickly countering with an upset punch to the body, Noisy started to work from the bottom. He started off with a kick to the shin, then threw an uppercut to make Axel stay upright. Following that Noisy initiated 3 hooks to the body. Although Axel saw the attacks coming, Noisy Boy's combos were so fast that Axel's programming could not track his arms down. Axel tried to fight back with a 2 punch combo to the head, but before getting the chance to even do so, Noisy triggered the Shogun Trinity, knocking Axelrod straight to his corner. Noisy Boy took his time to generate his Wakizashi Straight, and within moments Axelrod's head was knocked straight off.  

Winning the fight, Charlie and Max received 95,000 dollars, as well as Axelrod's parts. The owner of Axelrod was retiring, so he gave away his controller, too. "Charlie, d'you know what I'm thinking?" Max asked.  


Recoloured Noisy Boy

"Let's upgrade Noisy Boy!  

As soon as Charlie heard this, He had a GREAT idea. First, he   

(the next part is made by me, Lonelyasian3,Note that i'm just adding a small portion of it, here we go)  

added some of the metal from AxelRod and repainted it, he used whats left of Ambush for metal on Axelrod for A sparring bot just like Atom, but this time it is actually for sparring, they decided to work on Axel later and set up a fight with Asura, Asura has 4 arms and a tiger like face, which might be a challenge for Noisyboy.  


Charlie and Max Drive to Minnesota with Noisyboy, A little scared,and cold, "it's cold here" Max says, they Enter the stadium to fight Asura They Find out That Asura has survived with Zeus Before, Meanwhile Tak Mashido and Farra Lemkova has front row Seats, "we got this right?" Max asks "Let's hope so" Charlie says


The bell rang, Asura took the first 2 hits, Noisyboy managed to dodge one of the punches but got heavily injure dby one of em, Noisyboy then recovers and delivers a heavy blow, Asura blocks it with his bottom arm and right crosses Noisyboy, luckily he manages to block it and uses his Shogun Trinity which is too fast for Asura to block or dodge, "WooHoo" Charlie says "Try not to get to Cocky Charlie" Max replies, Noisyboy uses his Wakizashi Straight and manages to rip off his top right arm, Asura Knocked Noisyboy to the ground, Almost ripping off an arm, but Noisy has been reinforced, After 8 seconds he finally got up, Asura was about to Crush NoisyBoy into aluminum foil then the round ended. The Owner of Asura had to forfeit cause by round 4 the repairs would be too much, they ended up winning 125000 (End of Lonelyasian3s Short part)

-The Shogun-  

Charlie and Max enter the stadium to fight Shogun, "Didn't we see that bot in crash palace?" Max says, "Yeah and he is WRB rank now, they were upgrading them in Crash Palace" Charlie says 


The bell rings, Shogun sprinting towards NoisyBoy and doing a one-two punch and uppercut combo knocking down NoisyBoy, NoisyBoy gets up and does his Wakizashi Hook early in the match and made a huge dent on Shogun's face, he then was going to use Nukitsuke but the match ended and it was left to the next round.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


NoisyBoy doing the same strategy as the last match, uses Wakizashi Hook early, almost causing a oil leakage in Shogun's torso, Shogun was in the corner for a while but he got up after a few seconds, "He's a one tough bot aint he?" Says Charlie, "Yeah!" Says Max while the battle rages on, NoisyBoy being relentless, wave after wave of punches to Shogun, he was knocked out for 10 seconds and Max and Charlie won 100,000 thousand dollars.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Max surprised said "Woah! That's Cardinal Chaos! That match in 2021 between Cosmobot had rolling!" Charlie replied with "Yeah. But nothing NoisyBoy cant handle!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Bell sounds off and the robots walking to eachother, Noisyboy and Cardinal Chaos sending a punch to eachother at the same time as they are the same in agility, NoisyBoy throws Cardinal to the corner stunned and NoisyBoy sending his Wakizashi Hook on Cardinal knocking him out. It was an easy match as Cardinal didnt have much speed so NoisyBoy could Handle, Charlie and Max heading home with over 500 grand in their hands.*from the shogun to now was all made from Wookiedingleberry!*


Dangerzone Was Crushed by Noisyboy very easily And they won 280.000 Dollars and invested some of it into Tallets gym (sorry for the short Paragraph, I refreshed and lost all the Work i did) (lonelyasian3) 


Charlie and Max confidently entering the Paranomic Center for a match with Albino didn't realize it would be the end for Noisyboy.


Ring, went the bell. Noisyboy trapping Albino in the corner sending wave after wave on Albino's upper body. Albino trying to fight back, Albino used both of his hands and hit both of Noisyboy's shoulders paralyzing Noisyboy's arm so Albino took this opportunity to uppercut Noisyboy and like that, Noisyboy fell. But he was saved from the bell.


Noisyboy rushing over the Albino like a bull and did the Wakazashi Hook but accidently hit the ring's corner because Albino had quickly dodged his attack with his ability to move his head and did his signature punch. The same punch Albino did to Max in Crash Palace. Through this moment, memories of Albino flushed into Max's head and he remembered Albino. Max thinking about this didn't see that Noisyboy had an oil leakage in his face. Max kept screaming to end the match like Charlie did in the fight with Ambush. Father like son right? By then Albino had made oil leakages in Noisyboy all over, somehow Albino made this only with his speed. Albino had HUGE dents in his upper body region and some oil from Noisyboy's face. Albino is not known for power nor armor. Actually he was known for his speed. Back to the match Albino damaged Noisyboy so much that his arms were about to fall off, only hanging with wires, and his head was really leaking oil and piece of his "hat" had been shattered. Albino did a charged up uppercut and launched Noisyboy into the air and back onto the ground with brute force. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!" said the referee.

Noisyboy had lost to Albino.


Charlie stayed up overnight repairing with golden pieces and Max trying hard to sleep but having trouble because Max kept thinking of Albino knocking the new version of Noisyboy. Back to Charlie, he had sucessfully made Noisyboy gold, more durable armor, higher speed. The only disadvantage was that it was a bit less stronger than the original.


W.I.P. (Noisyboy's falling until Goldshine had been made by wookiedingleberry!)

NoisyBoy Gold was all shiny with new 24k parts, but WAY more heavier than intended, but with Bulk it can withstand even the strongest of punches, Charlie replaced the shine of the gold on the fists and his Leg armor with matte purple and a streak of Matte yellow, his mid chest also has a slight tint of purple

Noisy Boys Return

After a long 3 months of repairing and relaxing, Noisy Boy Gold was ready to fight, Tak Mashido's response to his own bot is that he wants to challenge Noisy with Zeus and winner takes a whopping 1,000,000 bet. Max and Charlie hearing this, take on that challenge

The Way Of The Samurai

Charlie and Max drive to the Bing center once more to fight Zeus and quite possibly win 1 million dollars,

As the announcer says "Never beaten, and never threatened, Bow down to the Mighty! Zeus!"

Zeus Jumps in the ring to meet his challenger

And the announcer says to introduce Noisy Boy "Coming back from faded glory, Its Noisy Boy!!!!"

Half of the center cheer for noisy as the new underdog, Noisy Boy walks to his corner, and straight jabs the air to intimidate, but Zeus wasn't threatened

Round 1 and they both engage and Zeus Jabs Noisy Boys head, Noisy just shakes it off, Tak stunned on how Noisy Boy wasn't down after the punch. Noisy Boy responds with a Wakizashi Straight and stuns Zeus, but Zeus Starts Piston Jabbing Noisy Boy, Which scrapes the gold shine off Noisy and then it becomes an all out brawl. Just before the bell Zeus uppercuts Noisy Boy and he falls, and Noisy is saved by the bell,

The Kings Challenge

Round 2 comes in and Noisy Boy uppercuts Zeus into a stun and hooks from right and left causing Zeus to spiral into the corner. The judges say that Zeus's Double Duty has been turned on him. After a huge left uppercut by Noisy, Zeus falls to his Knees causing it to be a knock down, Charlie finally realized the Zeus and Noisy Boys speed are almost evenly matched and he can take advantage of it. After Zeus got up, Zeus Quickly right hooked Noisy Boys chest, causing part of the armor to come right off. With the core exposing, Charlie had no choice but to tell Noisy to constantly Block his midsection. Zeus keeps pounding Noisy's head until Noisy performs a 1,2 Uppercut, and stuns Zeus once again. Right after the round ends

Between the rounds, Charlie repairs Noisy Boys chest and hopes to win this fight

All out brawl

Round 3 starts and Zeus comes in and Knocks down Noisy Boy to the floor, after 7 seconds Noisy got up, and did a quick jab towards Zeus and stuns Zeus for a bit. Noisy charged at Zeus but Zeus threw Noisy towards the ground. Zeus charged up towards Noisy and Noisy also charged toward Zeus and they both collided into eachother, both got up and Zeus pushed Noisy towards the corner and relentlessly started jabbing and uppercutting Noisy. But Noisy did an upper cut and Zeus fell. Zeus eventually got up and punched NoisyBoy's chest cause a slight oil leakage. But Noisy started to punch Zeus' head and caused shatters and eventually, Zeus fell. Zeus got up and was about to throw Noisy but just as Zeus was about to punch Noisy, Noisy caught the arm and spun Zeus then uppercutted Zeus. And on the 9th count Zeus got up and started throwing waves and waves of punches towards Noisy, but Noisy quickly let down his arms and did a uppercut causing one of Zeus' eye to malfunction and stop glowing. Noisy kept punching and intentionally jabbing Zeus' right arm to paralyze Zeus' right arm. Zeus' right arm eventually stopped working and was working with the left arm. But Zeus got a hefty punch towards Noisy's head and broke off a large piece of NoisyBoy's 'hat'. But the bell rung and both Noisy and Zeus were majorly damaged by the round ended.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...

Zeus's right arm was slightly repaired and worked very badly but it still worked. Meanwhile Noisyboy just got minor fixes. And the round started and Noisyboy immediately got pushed onto the corner. Zeus kept punching Noisy shattering pieces of Noisyboy's head. Noisy punched Zeus' head and did a Wakizashi Straight and got Zeus stunned and just when Zeus got his sights on Noisy again, Noisyboy had already charged up a Wakizashi Hook and knocked down Zeus. Zeus got up but Noisyboy did another Wakizashi Hook. This cycle repeated until the 6th wakizashi hook. When Noisyboy did the 6th wakizashi hook, Zeus' neck wires stopped responding and the chip in Zeus' head controlling the body's movement had longer no access to rest of the body and Zeus shutdown. Tak Mashido screamed in anger while the referee counted. "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!" the referee said and Charlie and Max counting under their breaths. "WE DID IT!" said Charlie.

Noisyboy had become the new World Robot Boxing Champion.

People after the fight said that Zeus hasn't felt pain since Atom's challenge


When Charlie was fixing Noisyboy, Charlie got a call from an unknown number. The caller ordered Charlie to come to the arena


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