Name: Noisibush

Title: The Afterlife Avenger

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online



Noisibush is a robot created with Noisy Boy's and Ambush's parts replicas. He's considerably light and is quite the hitter. He was created by Jorge Perez in Mexico after being told that Noisy Boy and Ambush had been destroyed, to keep their legacy alive. He's a deadly Underworld warrior and currently has a 15-0 career. He has fought robots like Nitro, Blacktop, Blockbuster and Six Shooter, having defeated all of them. His main goal is to defeat Midas to avenge Noisy Boy and also Jorge is even trying to find a way to make Ricky get him a fight against Black Thunder to avenge Ambush. Since Jorge is Erik's best friend is quite possible that sometime in the future they team up in a 2v2 fight. He then was upgraded to Technoboy by Erik and Jorge working together.

Announcer's Quote: "Back from the Land of the Dead, he's the Afterlife Avenger! Make some noise for Noisibush!"


Health: 2616

Attack: 145

Critical: 938

Special: 299

RGN 1: 257

Boost: Full Health


Noisibush 001

Origin: Mexico

Ability: Corrosive Fists

Weight: 350 kg

Height: 2.45 meters

Feature: Ectoplasma Core

Element: Fire

Special Moves:

1.- Haunting (Original)

2.- Super Haunting (Original)

3.- Ultra Haunting (Original)


Noisibush 003

Noisibush has the same amount of parts of Noisy Boy and Ambush, so he resembles them both a lot, but still resembles Noisy a little bit more because of the head. He keeps Noisy Boy's massive fists which allow him to deal a lot of damage when fighting and Ambush's legs that help him to move swiftly through the arena. He has fought in a lot of places of the Underworld such as the Crash Palace, The Zoo, the Parking Lot and many places more. He is a common face to see in Underworld fights, and has even been recently invited to a WRB event. He is painted in scarlet red and black with white lights and trimmings. He keeps Noisy Boy's massive fists and shogun helmet, along with Ambush's "muscular" torso and legs. He was built with the purpose of avenging both Noisy and Ambush. He uses his legs a lot when fighting, proper of an Underworld warrior. Just like Nuke Danger, he also uses his feet, knees and elbows a lot, which help him deal a bit more of damage. He also has three little spikes on each shoulder, although this aren't really meant to be used to attack, but as mere decoration instead.


Noisibush 002

Head: Noisy Boy (Bronze Grade)

Torso: Ambush (Bronze Grade)

Right Arm: Noisy Boy (Bronze Grade)

Left Arm: Noisy Boy (Bronze Grade)

Right Leg: Ambush (Bronze Grade)

Left Leg: Ambush (Bronze Grade)


Noisibush 004

Intro: Midas

Heavy Attacks: Jaw Breaker, Sidewinder, High Kick, Power Jab

Special Move: Shock And Awe

Finisher: Touch Down

Win: Noisy Boy


Base: Red 2

Body: Black 3

Accent: White 1



  • Despite being extremely effective in Real Steel Champions, he would be really weak in Real Steel iOS, unless you used Noisy Boy Gold and Ambush Gold parts.
  • The "ectoplasma" in his core is only called that way to fit with his afterlife theming.
  • He has an electromagnetic backup core in case his main core gets depleted.
  • Jorge based on Charlie's idea to combine Noisy Boy and Ambush after Midas destroyed Noisy.
  • He then evolves into Technoboy.
  • Despite wanting revenge on Midas, Noisibush's intro is based on his.
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