Name: Noise Maker

Title: The Rising Legend

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


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Noise Maker is the bot Axel purchased from Junkyard Scraps. He got his name as a homage to the bot he's based on, Noisy Boy, and because of the loud squeaks from the joints as well as the electronic whistles of the upgraded motor.


Health: 6780

Attack: 347

Critical: 2381

Special: 716

RNG: 601


Origin: Japan

Ability: -

Weight: 830 lbs

Height: 8'0"

Feature: Upgraded Modified Motor

Special Moves:

1.- Base Drop (Original)

2.- Super Base Drop (Metro)

3.- Ultra Base Drop (Atom)


Noise Maker 003.PNG

Axel was about to start building his custom bot "Nemesis", when he realized his garage was raided and all that was left were his industrial 3D printer, scrap, and a few paint cans. As a result, he went to the nearest shop he could find, which happened to also be part junkyard.

Axel: "This looks like a nice place. Ok, Junkyard Scraps, let's see what you've got."

An hour of shopping later...

Axel: "Ok. I've spent all I've got, but I think it was worth it. Not nearly enough to finish it though..."

That's when Axel stumbled upon a section called "Pre-Made Robots".

Then, a guy called Johnny John Johnson appeared. He was the owner of the store. J.J.J. approached to Axel.

J.J.J: "Hey, since you're my second customer I'll give you one bot for free. Just have a look around."

Axel: "Ok then. How about this one?" Axel replied.

J.J.J: "That's the Lighting Bruiser. It's based on Noisy Boy."

Axel: "Nice, I'll take him."

Back at his garage...

Axel: "Well, since I'm basically broke I guess I'll use you to rack up some cash. But first, I'll have to paint you."

He only had a white primer at the time. But luckily, when he was looking around his now-almost-empty garage, he still had some paint laying around. He then painted the name "Noise Maker" on the right arm of the bot.

Crash Palace

Noise Maker 002.PNG

Chapter 1 - The Bet

Axel goes to Crash palace for some undercard fights. His first fight was with Bio war. It was Axel's first time controlling a robot boxer, but since he watched a lot of Noisy Boy's old fights, he knew his bot's moves. Bio War's handler laughed at Noise Maker, calling him a "Noisy Knockoff" (Noise Maker made a lot more noise than the original Noisy Boy). Axel felt confident. He would be able to win with Noise Maker, so he made a bet with Bio War's handler.

Axel: "I'll bet you my bot that I will tear off Bio war's head by the fifth round."

Angered by Axel's cocky bet, Bio war's handler replied

BW's Handler: "Ok, I'll take that bet. I'll even give an extra 5 grand."

They both simultaneously said "Deal."

The announcer starts to introduce the bots.

Axel *Thinks to himself* "Why did I do that?"

Announcer: "Introducing THE NOISE MAKER!

Axel: "Welp, too late."

Noise Maker 005.PNG

The fight starts. Bio War pins Noise Maker and starts to grind at his face. Noise Maker hits Bio War with a massive left hook.


What followed was basically Axel spamming light punches until Bio War let go of Noise Maker's right arm. Getting a good look at Noise Maker's face, which was significantly scraped, Axel was pissed off.


Noise Maker pins Bio War with his left arm, and his right arm hits Bio War with a brutal drop elbow, followed by three knees to the head. Before Bio War could respond, Noise Maker breaks Bio War's right elbow.

Axel: "Try and use that oversized meat grinder now!"

Axel was finally calming down. Bio War's handler screaming furiously as Bio War's lower arm falls to the floor. Bio War steps on Noise Maker's foot, trying to slow his opponent's movements.

*The bell rings*

As a furious handler bitterly tries to repair his bot, he catches a glimpse of Axel with a smug look on his face.

BW's Handler: "WHATS SO FUNNY KID?!"

Axel responds with a throat slicing motion.

Axel: "I STILL HAVE FOUR ROUNDS! He won't be standing by the next round!"

Noise Maker 006.PNG

*The bell rings*

Axel, still angry about the fact his new bot will need to have it's head repaired, starts a merciless assault on Bio War. The crowd roars as loud mechanical screeches and electronic whistles fill the halls of Crash Palace. Then Noise Maker rips off Bio War's left arm, knocks him to his knees and with both hands snaps of Bio War's head, ending the match.

Reward: $850+5000

Chapter 1 Ends

Noise Maker 001.PNG

Chapter 2 - From Bankrupt and Back

After that first fight, the next three were a brease. Axel took the time to program some new moves before his next series of fights the following night.

Axel: "Since I'm planning to keep Noise Maker in the Underworld, I'll add some illegal moves to the commands."

He was so immensely focused on Noise Maker he didn't think much about Nemesis, which at the time was a skeleton with the legs and a quarter of the torso completed.

Axel: "Well, I guess I forgot about you, didn't I buddy..."

He decided to start saving money for himself.

Axel: "Let's see... $5850 from the bet, plus the other $3000, minus the repair and programming cost, that's about $6700 left. I need around $20,000 to finish it. At least I'm not broke anymore."

The next night, he walks to the ring ready to face his next opponent, Blacktop.

Noise Maker 004.PNG

Chapter 3 - A Lot Of Fighting

Axel was having a good night, he knocked out Blacktop in one round, and he dismantled Six Shooter. However, Six Shooter's handler was really salty about it (a real sore loser). He would follow Axel around Crash Palace and antagonize him. After the fight with Blockbuster, he went to grab some food, but while he was eating he was called out by the handler. The man was clearly drunk. Axel tried to stay calm as the guy yelled on and on.

SS's Handler: "That fight was rigged! You sabotaged my bot! YOU'RE GONNA PAY! YA HEAR ME?!"

Then the handler started insulting him, and when Axel couldn't take it anymore it escalated into a big fight. Axel trained in martial arts, so the handler ended up getting thrown to the ground and choked out.

Axel: *Mumbles to himself* "That's probably going to bite me later..."

Aside from that, the night went great.


Blacktop (Win) $1200

Six Shooter (Win) $2500

Fat Boy (Win) $2000

Blockbuster (Win) $2500

King of the Crash Palace

After two long weeks, he finally got to fight the king of the Crash Palace, Midas.

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